For the Horde!

Occasionally I get asked how I store my MM.  I started using these flat Sterilite stacking containers.  I have one for Aromaleigh, one for Fyrinnae, one for the other assorted companies I use, and one for rejects.  The reject box just sifted through as cousins or friends come over, and it’s never organized…

This is my Fryinnae box.  It’s smaller then the others, mostly because I have mostly samples and little Lustres.  It’s packed so that all I need to do is look at the side to see what I’m trying to find color wise.  Not all my shades are in there, they rotate about a dozen or so in and out of the bathroom as I’m using color sets.

This is my Aromaleigh box.  I folded and fit in those little dividers to keep the shadows organized by collection.  Again, not all of my stuff is in here.  I have a few foundations, a concealer and about a dozen other shadows in the bathroom right now, too.  I keep all my lip products in a totally separate little container, so a lot of my Aromaleigh lip products are in that.

This is the box of miscellaneous companies I use, like Mixology, Morgana, and Hi-Fi.  Actually most of my Morgana are in the bathroom, I seem to be using those a lot lately.

I’m not sure this is the best way to sort and store things, but its what works with me.  I can see everything at a glance both through the containers and once opened, since the jars are stored on their sides, I can see the color.

These are the other small boxes.  The one on top is my ‘misc’ box, slowly becoming the reject box.  It’s sort of full of dupes and cake mixes, that sort of thing.  My cousin Jessica was just over going through it and found some stuff to take from it, so it’s not as organized as it was, or could be.  The bottom left is my lip products.  The bottom right are all my little Aromaleigh samples.  They fit in the little box perfectly.  Most of my other samples, apart from a few, don’t really get used and go in a ‘give away’ box and they get added into give-aways, etc etc.

Tomorrow, how I store my accessories and what my make up area looks like.  It’s a mess…


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  1. Looks nice 🙂
    My make up is so messy right now. My mom and I just share a basket. I’ve been telling myself that I will go buy myself a make up box. But then I buy more make up and have no money for it…

  2. It looks a lot more organized than what I do! I can’t store things away like that, since I have a habit about forgetting about things I don’t see. Instead, all my makeup stuff is spread around on my counter/shelves/in a little box where I can see them all. It’s a mess, but it works!

    • I’m really sort of anal, things need to be organized or I have to organize it before I can do anything else.

  3. Pretty, pretty 🙂 All my makeup fits in a caboodle + a MAC makeup bag I got for Christmas a couple years ago, so I don’t have a whole lot – yet – all my guy friends tell me I have enough makeup to do drag on the side 😛

    I wish I had a cousin that had a bunch of extra makeup to give away all the time! For the most part that person with extra makeup winds up being me – with my 2 older sisters being the benefactors (they know I tend to buy makeup whenever someone is having a 2 for 1 sale).

    • I have a Caboodle. It’s full of hair stuff. I’ve had it since I was 13. I’m not even joking.

      • I love my Caboodle! The organization nut in me is kept happy by all the little compartments that keep everything in their place. I’ve had it since junior high too.

        The bathroom door nail polish display seems like a good idea, but I’d be worried that if the lip of the shelf didn’t come up high enough, stuff would be getting smashed every time someone closed the door. I like how you can see everything though!

  4. I love your title 😉

  5. Wow. Just…. wow. I only have a few full sizes; most of my eyeshadows are samples. I can fit everything including lippies and glosses into a little tin that used to contain Yoku Moku biscuits. 🙂

  6. Woo hoo! Horde! I play an undead priest (^_^)

    I took xsparkage’s idea and store mine on my wall in a nail polish display. It’s super awesome for the Aromaleigh, and I stack those shadows 4 high… Fyrinnae though it’s harder for me to see through the side so I have those in a little pyramid pattern. And my TKB samples, I put all of those into 10 gram containers (I think anyway, it’s been a while) and they don’t fit sitting upright like I’d hoped. However, they do lay nicely enough on their sides to work for now. Overall I really like the nail polish display idea, and I’m glad I had the wall space to try it 🙂

    • Ohhh, that’s a good idea. I just like to be able to move mine around and store them out of sight. I might see about one of those for the back of the bathroom door, though. I can see it being handy for the ‘currently in use’ stuff.

  7. Very nice! I am a big fan of storing the jars on their sides. I currently have my Aromaleigh shadows stored like this, organized by collection now, but one day it might be nice to do them by color. I need to find some of those Sterilite boxes.

    • I keep wanting to organize them by color, like a rainbow, but I think I like them by collection, cause then the ‘finishes’ are all the same.

  8. Yay, my phrase caught on!

    I’m Alliance, though… maybe I shouldn’t even be reading this? If you don’t mind me asking, what server(s) do you play on?

  9. i keep my mineral makeup on their sides in cutlery organizers like these i can fit 2 rows of eleven 10gram jars in each compartment and it keeps them lovely and organized and accessible.

  10. Oh wow, i love these sort of posts, i’m so nosey 😀 i’m incredibly jealous of your amazing stash! I’m so looking forward to seeing your accessories!

  11. I could have sworn I posted a comment on this, but maybe it got lost somewhere in the internet. Guess I’ll just have to recreate it. xD

    I love how practical your organization system is, with all the clear containers, so it’s easy to see what’s in them! I’ve just run out of room in my huge tacklebox to store all my makeup, and need to look into getting something like what you have, as well as a sample binder for all my bag samples, since I haven’t been using those as much, since they’re a pain to sort through. Currently, though, my makeup is scattered all over my desk (since I don’t actually use it as a desk, I use it as a vanity). And even though more of it could fit in my tacklebox, I keep forgetting to put it away after I use it. >.>

    • I don’t have a vanity either. I have a shelf in the little downstairs bathroom. The downstrais bathroom has the best light, so I put on my makeup down here, rather then up in my bedroom, but I store the majority of my makeup in the upstairs bathroom cabinet. Which explains why I like my stash to be as portable as possible.

      I ordered a Scents by the Sea sampler the other day, I’m really excited!

      • Yeah, my desk has this fluorescent light right above it, attached to the underside of a shelf, so I love the light that I get there, it’s probably the best lightsource I’ve ever had for makeup.

        Oh, yay! I hope you like them. Which sampler did you order? I’m planning on doing a day by day review on my Tumblr the scents as I try them, and so far, I’ve loved 2 out of 3 of the ones I’ve tried on my skin.

  12. oOo Your boxes make my stash look like vomit. Okay not actual vomit, but if a makeup monster came tromping by and he threw up makeup jars, you’d have my collection 😀

  13. I seriously need to get my crap together! Haha. I have them in boxes, too…organized, but at the same time a little messy at the moment. My personal makeup is messy, but my kit isn’t..cause that’d be unprofessional! Haha. I’m trying to find a better way of storing mine, though. I always love to see how/where people put their makeup!

  14. Awesome. I think i need to switch to storing them on their side as right now i spend a good ten minutes looking for a certain shade .

  15. hahaha! Ok, I envy your AL collection a lot…
    And I might soon envy your Fyrinnae too!

    I’m always organizing my stuff to mess it up one minute later…

    I have a box for samples, a box for mineral eyeshadow and lipsticks, a box for traditional make-up…
    In the end of the day, everything is messed up.

    • I’m just sort of weird about keeping things organized. I want to be able to find that gold eyeshadow and now have to settle for that ‘other’ gold one when I have a specific look in mind. I’m anal, but I’m also stubborn 🙂