New York Fashion Week – Highlights


Overall I was  really impressed with this collection, however beauty wise I think it could have been styled much cleaner.  I would snap up this dress in a heartbeat if I could.  The whole collection was lovely.

Anna Sui

Normally I would fall all over myself for Anna Sui, but for the last few years, I’ve been really uninspired.  I really had to pick through the collection to find a look that was ‘alright’.

Nanette Lepore

I was blown away with this collection.  I keep thinking of places to wear that outfit and then seeing the next and thinking the same thing.  It was very bold and her color story was f-luid.  I personally would have gone with something other then the dark tight with everything, but it’s not my aesthetic.

G Star

I was so unsure about how this was going to go after I saw the first look.  It was either brilliant or batshit insane.  And batshit insane, it was…

Christian Siriano

I am always excited to see what he comes up with.  His Fall Ready To Wear line had some strong pieces, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  While normally an all black collection would get me out of my seat, it seemed to staid instead of irreverent (ie old, rather then funky).

Betsey Johnson

Despite what certain people will claim, there is no ‘the next Betsey Johnson’.  There is only one and she still reigns supreme was the queen of quirk.  With the addition of the stunning Kelly Osborne to her show this year, her collection was an amazing standout.


Just because someone told Gwen Steffani she should design, doesn’t mean she actually COULD.  Her collection fell f-lat in my eyes as the hallmark of basement DIY gone wrong.  Add to that the fact that her styling was too severe and ‘goth’ for a heavily denim collection.


7 Responses to “New York Fashion Week – Highlights”

  1. What the hell are those yellow humpty dumpty overalls. Now that people are done bringing the 80’s back, are they trying to bring 1992 back? Do not want. I have a couple of G Star Raw pieces in my wardrobe that I love though. Normally I can’t stand when people do the whole Alex look, but I kind of really love that top Kelly is wearing. And that LAMB model looks a hot mess, but I love her hair 🙂

    • One of my favorite skirts is G Star, so I saw that show and went OMGWTF. It was…. odd.

      Kelly looked gorgeous, I wish I could find the picture of her in the black wedding gown… Wait, I’ll be back, I’m going to find it.

      I would wear that to Target.

  2. Ah! Did it again. Trying a link:

  3. Oh wow, i want that Nanette Lepore dress, i’s so gorgeous! And of course the Betsey Johnson is amazing.