Silk and Pearls

Right around New Years my Mom asked me if I would have her a powder for her face.  She’s a stroke survivor and is finally to the point in her recovery that she’s able to care for her appearance on her own again, something she always took great pride in.  Thanks to amazing genetics, the women in my family never look their age, and unfortunately the stroke made the years stack up against my Mom fairly quickly.

I set about to formulate a simple powder finish for her that would help with her skin as well as be easy to apply.  Although pearl and silk are not my thing, they do wonders when combined.

I placed a small order from TKB for Allantoin (to heal heal her skin), Silica (to add a bit of soft focus), Micronized Pearl Powder (to help lighten age spots and unevenness), C-Smax (for slip and wear), and Micronized Fine Silk Powder.  I even used a little Kaolin Clay for absorption, in case she gets caught in a hot flash.

In total the order was around 20$, including two jars with self applicators, which I thought would be easier for her to use then an open jar and a brush.

It took a little bit of formulation, a lot of back and forth, before I found a consistency I was pleased with and filled her jar and sent it to her.  It ended up being equal parts pearl and silk comprising about 70% of the powder, with the remaining ingredients being CSMax, Silica, Kaolin, and Allatoin in decreasing amounts making the remainder of the formula.

It’s been about a month and her younger sister, my Aunt, called me asking if I could make HER some, she says it works amazingly!!  I have more then enough supplies left to make both my Mom and Aunt finishing powder for the year.

I’ve seen this same sort of ‘blend’ used as a primer (as well as a finishing powder) sold for quite a few $$ by a few mineral makeup companies.  But since there is no real chemistry (the only thing to be aware of is that Allantoin must be used as 5% or less of the finished product) and no color blending, etc etc, there is no reason to pay crazy prices for basic ingredients.  On top of that, you can use the left over bits to add to your existing mineral foundations, etc etc.  I added some pearl to some of my sun loving cousin’s foundation to help even out her blotchy-ness.

Remember that when you are working with mineral makeup ingredients that your workspace must be sterile.  You should clean your equipment (spoons, mixers, bowls, etc) with alcohol before you use them and always wear a mask and gloves.


15 Responses to “Silk and Pearls”

  1. I have been reading your blog for a few months now. I’ve never commented before but I have to say, EVERY TIME that I read a post I come away astonished by how much knowledge I’ve gained. It’s amazing how much you know about makeup, it’s separate components and the science of how it works together. Thanks for the lessons and all the reviews.

    And PS, The Gudunya stuff just killed me. How rude! I will never order from them, thanks for the warning.

    • Thanks for your compliment!

      My cousin recently tried to order from them as well, and I guess because we’re in the same city he won’t sell to her now, either.

  2. This is a fantastic post! I really really want to learn to make my own mineral makeup, when can afford it i’m going to invest in as many instruction books about the subject as i can 🙂

  3. Wow, that sounds amazing! Since coming to the US my skin has changed (from super oily to oily+dry which is weird) and I’m wondering if I should – or can! – make my own stuff to use. I’m still on the lookout for a good, water-based SPF 30 moisturizer which is pretty hard…

    • Good luck with the SPF, maybe a combination of powders? There is a thing called Z coated Mica that has an SPF (the z is zinc). Maybe you could look into it?

  4. That is wonderful that you blended this powder for your mom. My dad is a stroke survivor too. It’s a long recovery. Very informative post, thank you! It got me interested in doing a little mixing of my own.

    • It’s been just over a year and things seem to go at a snails pace, but in actuality the things she’s overcome have been major. She’s just not like she was 😦

      • So true, I feel like my dad will never be the same. Recovery does seem to go very slowly, often it’s two steps forward, one step back. Best wishes to you and to your mom!

  5. Awesome post! I love that you did that for your mom and I enjoyed reading your thoughts behind it. The chemist in me really want to mix my own makeup, but I’m just too lazy.

    Any idea why you aren’t supposed to use more than 5% Allantoin?

    • Thanks!

      I think it has to do with it being an actual acid and too much would make it too strong and burn your skin.

  6. How incredibly wonderful of you to do this for your mother! Glad to hear she is coming along in her recovery. My mom is a stroke survivor as well.