Sugarpill – A Review


The Sugarpill site is gorgeous.  It doesn’t just look good, though, its navigation and organization are clean and easy.  Basic navigation runs across the top, and when you’re in the shop portion of the site, the product navigation runs across the left.  It’s not a ‘stock’ shop customized with the company’s logo, it’s well branded and the theme is well carried out.

The site maintains it’s own integrated checkout system so you can easily keep track of your cart on the very top of the page.

Right now Sugarpill offers pressed shadow singles and quads as well as loose, chrome finished, shadows, false lashes, and stickers.  Her prices are competitive.  Her loose shadows are 12$ for a full 5 grams.  The pressed singles are 12$ and her quads are 34$.

I ordered :

Sweetheart Palette Quad

For the sake of disclosure I must mention I also received several pressed single shadows as well as an assortment of loose shadows to review.


Shipping is a flat 5$ for all US orders, free on orders over 75$.  There is no additional shipping or handling charge.

International shipping is very affordable.

Orders under $20 ship for $6
Orders up to $40 ship for $8
Orders up to $60 ship for $10
Orders up to $75 ship for $12

I placed my pre-order on the evening the site launched (I think I was the 16th person to order) I received my order on February 18th.  Even with the slight delay between launches, the shipping time was quick.


My order came in a little flat white box with the Sugarpill logo (with the kitty) stamped on the front.  Inside my order was wrapped carefully in several sheets of bright pink tissue.  Also included was my invoice with a personal message from Amy as well as several business cards and stickers.


It’s going to be hard not to rave about the packaging.  Designed by Miss Kika, the little boxes are delightful little works of art.

The Quad-

I don’t think you’ll find a more professionally printed quad out there right now from an indie or a major company.  It’s gorgeous, very well made, and substantial.  It’s not a flimsy ‘carton’, although it is made from cardboard.  Inside is a mirror and the whole thing is magnetized to stay shut.  The palette itself is magnetized so you can take each shadow out and move them around (or move them to the mega-palette that’s coming soon, I hope).

The front is printed with the company crest, and the logo silver foiled.  The back contains the company info as well as the ‘line’ the quad is from, in this case, Addicted to Pretty, although it doesn’t have the product colors on the back, I had to go back to the site to check which ones I had.

The shades themselves are bright.  BRIGHT.  Although they are non-complex shades (no special finish, color shift, sparkle, etc etc) they are crisp and clear.

My swatches stayed in place most of the night after I tested them, and applying them the shadows go on very opaque, smooth, and blend out really well.  One way I test a new company is do my eye makeup and then go soak in a hot tub, just to see how it holds up to the steam, etc etc.  I was honestly surprised these stayed nice and bright and didn’t look wilted.

The Singles –

The red, Love +, stole my heart.  It’s a clear red and very bright and true and simply amazing.  It’s a nice almost matte color that works well with my collection of loose red shadows.  It’s very opaque and I can’t get over it.  I’m a total sucker for red shadow and I have to admit this is the one shade I’d been looking forward to most, and it did not disappoint.

The purple, Poison Plum, is a deep purple.  It’s formula is the same as the other pressed shadows.  I’ll admit it’s sort of a ‘familiar’ shade, but none the less, I think it’s pretty.  It’s very pigmented and bright.

The packaging on the singles is just as impressive as on the quads.  The clear lids are imprinted with the company logo and the back printed with the little kitty as well as the color, line, and company info.  The little pots are not as complex as ones from MAC, they are sleeker and f-latter.  The pans are also larger (in both the singles as well as the quads) then the standard MAC pan.  I’m not sure if you’d want to depot them, I don’t know how I’d do it at this point.  So I won’t recommend it.

The Loose Shadows –

Let me state most emphatically these are not repackaged in any way shape or form.

The jars are large, like the OLD MAC jars, but totally unique to Sugarpill.  You get a full 5 grams of product.  Not a full 5 gram jar, a full 5 grams of ACTUAL product.  Again the lids are heat stamped with the company logo and name and the bottom sticker contains the color, company info, ingredients, and volume.

In general the loose formula is great.  The colors are opaque and offer good coverage and adhere well.  They blend out and into each other easily.

Magpie is an amazing black teal color that makes an amazing base for a smokey eye.

Starling is a bright clear turquoise that goes really well with Magpie.

Asylum is a gorgeous chrome red with red shimmer.  I’ll admit that a lot of MM reds contain the same basic ingredients, that’s just how the industry makes red, but Asylum is a stand out for it’s finish and adhesion.

Hysteric is a really unique purple shot through with a green shimmer.  I’ve been wearing this one for a while, actually, having gotten a sample of it a while ago.

From top to bottom, left to right : Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, Tako, Love +, and Poison Plum

From left to right : Magpie, Asylum, Starling, Hysteric

As bright and as pigmented as the shadows are, they do remove easily with my usual eye makeup remover (BiFacial) and they don’t stain.  The loose shadows work best with a primer, applied dry they are a little light, I wouldn’t call them sheer, but the added base makes the color pop.

There is also no need to layer the shadows on, they go on bright fairly easily, so they are not for the faint of heart.  While I LOVE these shades, I know they won’t be for everyone.


Would I order from Sugarpill again?  Yes.

  • The line is stunning, the color choices she chose to include are beautiful and the quality is there.
  • Her packaging is hands down some of the best out there.  It’s so well made and designed.
  • The Sugarpill site is well designed and easy to use.
  • Shipping was reasonable and quick.
  • Most (not all) of her shades are vegan.

~There was a lot of hype about this line, and I’m so happy to say that in my eyes it’s really stood up to it well.  Amy (Shrinkle) has been working on this line for years and it’s so obvious she didn’t just slap some stickers on some jars and call her shadows amazing.  In fact, she doesn’t claim she makes them herself, but proudly oversees the production.  Her design aesthetic might not be for everyone, granted, but you have to admit what she does, she does well.

~There was also a little concern expressed about some of the dyes and ingredients listed being FDA approved, Amy says :

The lab did tell me that a lot of things in the “may contain” section just means it was manufactured on equipment that may have touched those ingredients before, and it may very well not be in the shadows at all.

Just to be safe they are included in the ingredient list.  I spoke to an FDA official who advises me this is proper procedure and that in most of the cases of the ‘may contain’ listings, the item doesn’t contain anything remotely listed, but a responsible company will include the list.

~Another topic I want to talk about is the packaging.  I can name a few other companies with similar quads and little pots for their shadows.  It’s because this sort of item is a SUPPLY and not a PRODUCT.  Sugarpill may be using ‘basic’ packaging products, but they are taking them way beyond ordinary with all the custom print work done on them to make them unique.

~All this being said I struggle as to where to classify Sugarpill, I don’t think it’s a ‘indie’ company.  It’s got amazing hand touches to it, from the design to the focus of the collection, but it’s just NOT handmade.  I’m not in any way counting that against it.  I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.


I figured I would post some more swatches, now that it’s slightly brighter out.  This is the loose chrome shadows over Pixie Epoxy.

Top to bottom, left to right : Asylum, Hysteric, Magpie, and Starling

The following are swatches of the pressed shadows over UD Eden PP.  The swatches in the main post were done on bare skin.

From top to bottom, left to right : Afterparty, Midori, Love +, Dollipop, Tako, and Poison Plum

54 Responses to “Sugarpill – A Review”

  1. Amazing. I love Dollipop and Afterparty… and I just love the brand design too (I hope I’m using the correct term here). The font, the colours… Yesss.

    • Yes, the brand design is stunning. It must have taken so much work, I’m really impressed.

      Normally I take everything out of boxes and toss them, and I can’t bring myself to do it.

      • You could stick them on your wall like a little installation art piece 😀 I would totally do that if I got my hands on some Sugarpill cosmetics… or even just the boxes themselves!

  2. Yay! I loved the gold shadow I tried and the silver was ok 🙂 I placed an order from Sugarpill recently, so I will hopefully receive that soon. I agree with you on the site, it’s perfect and I love it. I’m really impressed on the full size of those jars, too.

    • I know I jumped the gun with this review. I should have waited a little, but like I said, I’ve had a few of the loose shadows for a while and I wore my samples OUT, so I know the loose shadows are quality.

      And the pressed colors were sort of a shock. I went into this review sort of skeptical. I mean I knew Amy worked her @$$ off, but how much better of a pressed shadow can there be? And I found out…

      In the past when I’ve ordered from Shrinkle I know I’ve gotten amazing customer service and quick shipping, it’s hard to imagine she’d do anything different with this company, you know?

  3. Yay! That Asylum pigment is so pretty. Red eyeshadows tend to make me look like I got punched in the face because of all the pinky/purpley undertones, but that looks like it might work!

  4. I just drooled a bit on my laptop. Her packaging is DIVINE. I’m very excited to see her line expand!

  5. Oh, this makes it so very, very tempting to order, but I’m making myself hold out because of the prices. There is no doubt in my mind that they’re worth every penny, but I’ve been spoiled by the less expensive indie companies (plus, I’ve always been very price conscious), but I think I might have to buy Hysteric, and either Love + or Asylum as a treat for myself.

    • Her loose shadows are about 2.2.5 times as much as you’d get from an indie company, so the price is pretty comparative.

      I’m trying to justify a lot more colors, myself 🙂

    • Not only are these cheaper than indie companies- they’re cheaper than MAC. The Sugarpill pressed shadows break down to $3.00 a gram, MAC’s are $9.67/g. As a matter of fact, even if you have a MAC Pro card and buy MAC’s Pro refill pans with your discount, you’re still paying $4.40/g. Shocking but true, so i hope Amy keeps the goodness coming!

  6. I’m so glad to hear good things about Sugarpill! I got a sample of the gold loose shadow with an Ebay order a little while ago, so I had big hopes! I look forward to purchasing a palette and a few loose shadows when I get some spare money again~
    I /love/ the packaging design. It looks stunning!
    A quick question: are the swatches of the pressed shadows over a base or is that just how pigmented they are? 😮

  7. So excited to get my order from them. 🙂 Seeing more and more positive reviews (and seeing the swatches in action) is just fantastic!

    “it’s so obvious she didn’t just slap some stickers on some jars and call her shadows amazing”

    Dollipop and Tako look so faboo — definitely my next order.

    Fantastic review. Well informative.

    • Thanks very much!!

      I love the colors, the swatches barely do them justice, but it’s been a tad gloomy out!

  8. Man I don’t even know how I would wear the pressed red but I so want it.

    I have a question, did you do finger swipes with the pressed shadows or did you apply it with a brush wet/dry?

  9. Ack… you are making my heart race, and I am loving the red eyeshadow more and more!

    I bought one of the quads and yellow pressed eyeshadow. I really wanted one of the pressed pigments but I don’t know.. I thought yellow would be a good choice for Spring.

    • I’m hoping to try the yellow. Sometimes it looks good on me, sometimes it looks like a bruise is healing…

  10. I’ve been pressing my purple eyeshadows all morning, and each one reminds me that the absolute last thing I need is MORE purple eyeshadow, but I still totally want Poison Plum and Hysteric. FFFFF.

  11. That pressed shadow is amazing! Can’t want to see it in more colors-I need an excuse for that pretty box!

  12. Amaaaazing! I don’t really care for reds but Love + is so intriguingly beautiful to me. What a perfect red.

  13. Wow.

    I was kinda leery about spending *too* much when I placed my Sugarpill order, but I seriously cannot wait for mypackage. I just purchased the absinthe and lumi loose shadows, but I’m totally snagging up one of those quads next time. It’s just WAY too awesome!

    • Those are two shades on my ‘want’ list right now. I’m trying to wait, though. Pretend like I have some self control…

  14. Oh gosh I’m so excited now! I ordered a few of the loose eyeshadows as soon as Sugarpill opened. Now it looks like I definitely won’t be disappointed 🙂 I definitely agree with your comments about the site aesthetic and functionality, too.

  15. Oh! I think I need those reds . I seem to gravitate toward red and bright pink shades .

  16. I hate to admit that I have always been a sucker for “cute packaging”. I bought the Stilla “Barbie Loves Stilla – All Dolled Up” eyeshadow pallette just because the Barbie winks. I haven’t even used it yet. This packaging is some of the best I’ve seen in quite some time…….I can tell my pocketbook is gonna hate me (and you for tempting me). Once again, thanks for the great reviews. Sorry for the typos my keys seem to be sticking and neeed a good cleaning…one tooo many fits of laughter with sweet tea (house wine of the south) spewingg thru my nose.

  17. I cannot wait to get the stuff I ordered! It was a lot since I needed to get to $75 for free shipping 😀

  18. Ah! I really wanted love + – I’m glad it does not have the unsafe dyes….
    Poison Plum also gets my attention.

    Still, I’m saving up to buy from other companies right now!

    • Talking to the FDA I learned that some small labs don’t have enough funds or equipment to use separate stuff for each product. So if an ingredient ever touched the machine, it should be listed in every product that machine makes from then on. Most places run like colors on certain equipment and use only ‘blue’ jars for ‘blue’ items, for example. But I’m guessing in the case of Sugarpill she uses a local and smaller lab (which is awesome) to make her stuff, so being responsible Amy’s just listing all the ‘possible’s to be safe and comply.

      I’ve been wearing the red daily since I’ve gotten it and I love it 🙂

      • I’m glad to know that. It’s just a owner of a company I know twitted that the dyes might be not eye-safe, so I was worried. But now I understand what happened… it’s easy to get confused with this things! haha! ^^’

  19. I got my package on the 18th too! I got absinthe and it is sooo bright. I ♥ it. Although I don’t think I’ll be ordering from her for a while, like, until I can get more than one, because since the shipping is rate; I’d rather get a bunch instead of a few. Feels like I’m wasting my monies.

    • That’s true about the shipping. But I’m glad you’ll order again.

      Everyone keeps telling me that green is awesome. I’m going to cave one of these days…

  20. I couldn’t help it, I ordered Dollipop and Hysteric. Lately I’ve had a major craving for bright pink Dollipop looks like it delivers. Also, five grams? Gimme!

  21. Hey Grey,

    I was wondering if you would consider doing a review for this Etsy shop: Just a request, if you can do it!

  22. Ugh I need Poison Plum and Love+ RIGHT NOW.

  23. Is the turquoise/green sparkle in Hysteric really visible? I totally fell in love Fyrinnae’s Iris (boo-hoo, it’s still taken down for renaming and I only bought a sample!) which is rich purple with a grass-green sparkle/highlight… I already have some nice rich just-purples and I wouldn’t want to spend $12 on aother one.

    • It’s subtle looking right at it, but at certain angles it really pops. It’s a cool purple more then a rich purple…

      I don’t have Iris, but I will check to see how similar they are.

  24. Ho, I didn’t know your blog :). I found it on the SugarPill website. Thanks for your review. I would really want to know if Sugarpill ships abroad and the shipping costs. I should send an email. Hello from a wordpress and makeup french addict :). I’m gonna visit a bit your blog.

  25. Ahh, I’m dying for the Magpie and Starling… And everything else. The packaging is to die for, too!
    I always find your reviews very thorough and informative. Thank you for doing them. 🙂

  26. I’m so infatuated with the company Sugarpill!!! ❤ I love the concept, the image, and all the positive reviews on it. The swatches and packaging are breathtaking! It's also a plus that most of the products are vegan, with the exception of a few. It's a shame I won't be able to make an order with them until the far future =(. One day in the future when I am a working girl, I shall have my Sugarpill!

  27. do they tend to crease? cause i have oily eyelids and i love the quads but i hate creasing D: thanks 🙂

    • Applied without a primer they might. I’ve never actually worn eyeshadow without a good primer, so I honestly can’t say. But with a primer they’ll stay bright and crease free all day!