Sugarpill Follow Up

It’s been a few more days since I’ve had my order, and I’ve been using my shadows more and more.


I’m still just as impressed, if not more so, then when I first got them.  Yesterday I wore my reds and they stayed bright and vivid, no creasing, no fading, nothing all day.  I was out at 9am for a meeting and didn’t manage to get around to washing my makeup off (it was a crazy day) until after 7pm.

While yeah, I had to powder my nose a time for two, my eyes looked like I had just applied my shadows hours later.


I’ve also been emailed, commented, and forwarded what people are trying to tell me are ‘clues’ as to Sugarpill’s repackaged base.

One suggestion, Le Femme, was quickly discredited due to it’s origin.  The wide spread suggestion that it’s Lady Burd is absurd for a lot of reasons… I won’t even go into it.

And the third suggestion I was able to speak to the company themselves and they ‘only do neutrals’ and the manager sort of laughed at the suggestion his company was involved.  Certainly even these wholesalers are aware of the growing interest in them.

I realize that right now everyone is really quick to point fingers.  We’re sad and disgruntled that several companies we’d been looking to for unique, groundbreaking products HAVE fooled us by repackaging and doing things on the cheep.

This is certainly NOT the case with Sugarpill.  In my experience with Amy she’s been nothing but up front and honest.  When I had a question about a color and some ingredients, she didn’t hide behind a giant puff of sparkle, she very honestly told me what was what.  I appreciate her honesty and candor.

So I think I need to take a few moments to explain the difference between private label wholesale repackaging and small lab production.

Certainly, SOMEONE makes Sugarpill’s makeup.  Amy has NEVER claimed she formulates it or mixes it herself.  She’s been very honest about working with people.

However, it’s NOT private label repackaged wholesale product.  It’s NOT Lady Burd (for example) with a different company logo over it (like B*Slap or Medusa).

Sugarpill is most probably made in an independent small cosmetics lab which is contracted to formulate and run her products exclusively for her.  Yes, it’s a little more expensive to do it this way, rather then just purchasing wholesale and relabeling.

Just simply comparing the quality of a repackaged wholesale item to something from Sugarpill there is NO comparison.  It’s certainly the work of a small independent lab.

There is no question that expense was not spared to put out a good product with good packaging and a professional site.  The entire concept of Sugarpill is so well done it’s ludicrous to think she’d be silly enough to ruin it all with a simple repackaged product.  It would, in today’s makeup ‘climate’ be discovered quickly and sully her reputation.  I’m pretty sure I’m safe in saying that’s below the company and the person behind it.

I’m not “blindingly standing behind someone who’s trying to wow (me) with pretty packaging and a handful of fairy dust…” as one of the more creative anonymous comments has said.  I don’t just get a pretty color and have someone throw me a compliment to write a good review.  I’m an educated writer, as in I have several degrees and this is what I actually do for a living to support myself (not this blog, but in general).  I have always been up front about the fact I call companies to double check facts, I know someone at the FDA who’ll talk to me when I have questions, and I have a family member who DOES work in a lab to answer ingredient and production questions.  I have never been paid for either a good or a bad review.

25 Responses to “Sugarpill Follow Up”

  1. The fact that people think Amy’s Sugarpill would be repackaged is just absurd, especially when she was asking for feedback on the samples she sent out to try and improve the texture, blendability, pigmentation, etc!!!!

    • I know. I know. But not many people apparently paid attention to that.

      So when I get a ridiculous number of comments and emails asking for my ‘honest’ opinion when I thought I gave it, I always felt like a follow up was required.

  2. Oh man you had me worried there about something bad going on with the line.

    I hate how so many repackagers have made many customers so cynical about a new line of makeup. It is completely possible to create a truly innovative line and it sucks to think that people are quick to point towards guilt before innocence.

    • I’ve gotten a lot of emails saying… “I haven’t actually tried Sugarpill but it looks exactly like XXX. And then I go look at XXX and it’s NOTHING like that.”

      It’s sort of sad so many people are afraid to try new things now because of a few shady resellers.

      • Maybe it’s just me that finds this funny, but with indie brands getting such a bad rap for being repackaged, I don’t think others are realizing that more popular brands can play that card too.

        Example- Napolean Perdis Sparkle Dusts=La Femme Sparkle Dusts

  3. It is so sad that so many companies are dishonest that the few honest companies get lumped in with the rest.

    But I think that’s where Amy has always shone. Conan O’ Brien said it best on his last show:

    “All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism — it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

    You build a loyal customer following based on a good product and good costumer service. People may initially jump on the bandwagon of the next best thing, but no one will stay there if the product is inferior and there is something better.

    Besides, the people that started those rumors was probably really only one person. Or two… that live in the same house 😉

    • I had a feeling this was going to be the case with both the Sugarpill launch and any review I was going to do about it.

      I can’t help it. It’s a unique product. It’s not wholesale. And I love it.

      I’m far too optimistic to be a cynic, however I do snarky amazingly well…

  4. But…but….the swatches I’ve seen here and at… bright……so smooth and pigmented. How much cash would private label companies have to drop in order to make those products? I’m not saying that Lady Burd makes bad products, it’s just that from what I’ve seen Sugarpill is a cut above the standard repackaged stuff.

    • They are quality products, not the cheep stuff meant to be resold.

      I AM saying Lady Burd makes bad products. They are cheep, shear, and full of fillers.

  5. I’m sure Lime Crime fangirls are having a field day with this.

  6. Why do people think you would not call out Sugarpill repackaging over other cosmetics companies? You’ve never had a problem doing it before. For as long as I’ve been reading your blog, you’ve seemed to always give your honest opinion.
    I just don’t understand what people think you would have to gain from doing that.

    • Trust me, I’d have been the first person all over it, however completely shocked by it I would have been.

  7. I was surprised they went for the packaging angle. What do people expect Amy to do, melt and mould her own plastic and assemble palettes from cardboard in her garage? These things don’t just magically appear. Yeah, MAC and Urban Decay can afford to have custom designed pots and bottles made from scratch… but somehow I don’t think Amy’s working with that kind of budget (yet?).

  8. I’ve read about certain “comparison” photographs being anonymously circulated around the internet and having looked at them I felt insulted. Do some people think we are really that blind and dumb? The wholesale products don’t look anywhere as good as Amy’s line. I won’t get into it due to certain parties but it really disgusts me.

    And due to the good reviews, I’m now out $40 — I ordered the Burning Heart palette and I’m so excited! I’m really glad that the colours hold up so well.

    • I’ve seen nothing but good reviews. People honestly seem shocked to GET the color payoff actually promised!!

      I’m sure you’ll love your palette. I’ve got two in my cart right now…

  9. Have you seen Lillian post?
    While I won’t say anything good about the company for I haven’t ordered from them yet, I think someone might be spreading rummors…

    Or some costumers were so hurted by some companies that they can’t trust anyone anymore.

  10. Howabout they ACTUALLY place an order for some of the things and make a comparison?

    My order for Lumi and Absinthe came in, and even though I’m nowhere near as experienced at this stuff as you and other bloggers are, Sugarpill’s fo’shizzle. The blendability of these loose shadows is fantastic, they’re BOLD, even without primer, and hardly any fallout– which is beyond amazing, because that’s just what loose eyeshadows do.

    Straight-up mica doesn’t do *any* of that, and even if it was mica + base, it wouldn’t have such a lovely complexity to it.

    I will add though, the product is by weight… so my absinthe was mounded, but Lumi falls a little under the lid mark– but Lumi seems much denser to me, so it makes sense. Just saying in case people freak out over product size.

    • That was my first thought. I love the comments that started with the, …”I haven’t SEEN them, but…”

      And your completely right about weight. Some mica is ‘bigger’ then others, so the same weight would be less volume over all, just due to the chemistry of the shades.

  11. Grey, I think it’s ludicrous that anyone would think you’re a ‘shill’ for any company. The sole reason I visit here, besides all the pretty makeup, is because I KNOW that you will tell the honest truth. That kind of integrity doesn’t come overnight. You’ve earned and built that reputation by doing what you do.

    Anyone who is accusing you of being blinded etc clearly hasn’t read Le Gothique for long.

    Yea, I’m one of ‘Grey’s Gals’. Unrepentent fan girl.

    • Well, this certainly made my day 🙂 Thank you so much for your compliment, I can’t tell you how much it really means to me.

      Honestly, I sort of expected the fall out from this one, I mean, I know where it’s coming from and why. It doesn’t really bother me as much as it entertains me.

      But, I was concerned that if this info is f-loating arounf, people who don’t know the whole story might not know what to think, so I chose to post the follow up!

  12. Thank you, so much!

    I was a bit taken a back by those repackaging allegations, as i couldn’t find anything on the web to back up that they were even remotely similar to anything else out there. I completely respect the effort Amy has put into every aspect of developing this line, and when my checks clear i will deffinitely be buying a couple of palettes.

    The immense amount of work she must have put into this astounds me. Well done Amy! And well done Grey for clearing things up, your opinion is much respected

  13. oh, p.s. Are the Quad eyeshadows the same size as the singles? just trying to configure value for $ 🙂