Your Body is a Wonderland

Every Alice look should start with a good pair of black Mary Janes.  I got mine this summer from Target.  Pair them up with a checked pair of thigh highs for the perfectly quirky beginning to an Awesomely Alice look.  Chess anyone?

Searching Etsy I stumbled across this White Rabbit ring from Untamed Menagerie. I have to admit, each time I’ve ordered from UM my order arrived with problems.  My first peice, a broach, was broken.  They were quick to fix the problem and it left me confident to order again, which led to this ring.  However when it arrived it was in no way shape or means the size I ordered.  The reply I got from them was it ‘seemed impossible’ they’d even made one that size, but they apologized and sent a replacement.  In the end I now have TWO lovely White Rabbit rings, and one could be yours!

I thought this called for a bold bracelet.  After much back and forth I finally ordered this one from Kim Smith on Etsy.  When it arrived words couldn’t contain my glee at how simply perfect it fell into my Alice theme.  It’s black and white and red, like a deck of cards and festooned with silver hearts.

With so much going on, I wanted something easy, but sweet, for in my hair.  I found these little girl’s barrettes in black and white.  They’re wrapped around clips so you can place them virtually anyplace you want, no matter how you wear your hair.  Alice requires a set of bows.

Quirky is definitely the way to go with your makeup with this one.  I would suggest using Aromaleigh’s Glissade foundation in Alabaster for a porcelain and pale finish to your skin.  Either skip the blush or use a true matte pink just to tickle the apples of your cheeks.

Using Chesire Cat Grin from Fyrinnae (From their Mad Tea Party collection) wet line it into dramatic cat eyes.  The bright bold blue is the PERFECT compliment to the rest of the colors, or lack there in, in this Alice look.  Leave the lid bare and highlight the brow with a frosty white.

Be wary, though, of a colored lip.  With the blue eye, anything red, like you might be tempted to use, would be more Uncle Sam then Mad Hatter.  So go for a nude sheer shade, such as Darling, one of Aromaleigh’s Color Infusion Botanical Lipsticks.

On your nail you can go bold red.  In fact OPI’s come out with an Alice in Wonderland collection and it’s Thanks so Muchness red is perfect.

Eat me, drink me… smell me?  Finish off this look with a soft mysterious scent, Cinema Rouge from Scents by the Sea.

Ready for your trip through the looking glass?  One lucky commenter will be drawn at random to win the White Rabbit Ring featured in this look!


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  1. Love UntamedMenagerie! (and haven’t personally had any problems with them)

    • I might try them again. It just seems like such bad coincidence that both times I ordered have been problems…

  2. Because of the new movie I’ve seen so many Alice looks but I have to say yours is one of my favorites!

  3. Love those shoes and tigh highs!

  4. Glad you’re liking Scent by the Sea. ❤ I WANT that bracelet, it's absolutely adorable.

    • I LOVE Scent by the Sea. I’m SO glad you recommended them. I actually ust ordered the other sampler set.

      Kim on Etsy makes a TON of gorgeous bracelets!!

  5. Jules Noctambule February 25, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Oh, those shoes! *covet*
    I miss being able to wear really high, sexy heels, but after I dislocated my knee for the third time I was forced to face reality. Not that I paid reality much attention at the time — that came when I was on my way to a party and had to be half-carried down the stairs after my knee locked up! I couldn’t even bend over to take off the shoes that got me in that predicament in the first place.

    • These aren’t as high as some I wear! But they were under 20$ on clearance when I got them, it was probably the best shoe deal I’ve gotten in a while!

  6. I love it all. What else is new?

  7. this is all so gorgeous! I love that charm bracelet; so cute!!

  8. Wow! Pretty pretty look… I love the checker tights and the bunny ring!!

  9. OMG im jut drooling over that bracelet! its sooo cute and the tights are perfect!

  10. The AiW OPI collection is my favorite. Mad as a Hatter is just pure awesomeness. (Except when taking off. :P) Never heard of Scents by the Sea. Have you tried Moon Bride?

    • Ug, the glitter is so tricky. I had to use acetone instead of remover and it was horrible. But it looks so pretty on!

      I have not tried Moon Bride, can you post a link?

  11. I’m a little scared of the Alice movie. In theory, it’s chock full of people and concepts I adore, but it’s being marketed so aggressively to “over-the-counter culture” Hot Topic teens. I know I’ll either end up seeing it 13 times (and decorating a pair of 3D glasses) or run screaming from the theatre.

    • I agree the concept is interesting, I’ve never been an ‘Alice’ fan, though. I also ‘in theory’ love Johnny Depp, but he just isn’t the Hatter to me…

  12. One day I’ll rock the blue eyeshadow but I always end up looking like a hooker .

    • Noooo! Just blue liner, no shadow. It’s stunning. I have to think about it, I think it was @hovercatmittens that posted a look with the blue liner that I loved. It’s really pretty!

  13. This is really inspiring. Those shoes are to die for. *stares lustily at them*

  14. I really love everything you put together. I have to say I really love the tights and Mary Janes. =) Are you going to wear this look when you go watch the movie??

    • I’m actually not an Alice fan. I usually love Tim Burton, but I don’t have plans on seeing the movie in theater. I’ll wait for the DVD.

  15. I think I like your timing with this post, I’m wearing OPI’s Absolutely Alice on my nails 🙂

  16. I’ve always loved the Cheshire Cat. I love how companies are realeasing all this fun new Alice stuff! Fyrinnae’s Mad Tea Patry Collection, OPI’s collection, the Urban Decay palette! It’s all so awesome.

  17. LOVE the tights! And the Mary Janes… 🙂

  18. Cute little bows!

    I’m skipping the cinema too. I live in a college town and the place is going to be swamped with Burton and Depp fangirls. D:

  19. Wow, this is a great look collection.
    I also admire the way you pulled together a look for something you don’t love. That’s talent. 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment!! I enjoyed figuring things out, not having the concept very strong in my head made my interpretation a little loose.

  20. So adorable- I’m counting down the days till the movie!

  21. i must get that blue eyeshadow, it looks just wonderful!

    I really love the whole look, and i like how you wright about it

    • It’s one of my favorite blues. I have it in a full size 🙂 I don’t get a whole lot of shadows full sized anymore.

  22. Very fun Alice look!

  23. I love the concept! The accessories are to die for- especially the bracelet. I’m planning to see the Alice movie next weekend =). I love Alice in Wonderland!

  24. oh! i love the tights!!!! you look SO good in them!

    i have to get them now! (my poor wallet :P)

  25. Lovely! I love the tights 🙂 I have a pair of Alice-y heels but I can’t wear them before next autumn because of this operation on my knee, curses!

  26. That sucks about UM, I’ve ordered from them several times and never had a problem with them. I had to upgrade to the steel ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ necklace after I broke two acrylic ones 😦

  27. Another completely stunning ensemble. You drive me a little nuts, you know.
    Come hither. Dress me >:

  28. [someone stole my name! :(… I knew the Fyrinnae collection was way before the hype, though]

    I second… third… I join the mob of stocking-and-mary-janes love.

  29. Just had a look at the UM shop…. WOW. And dammit, I have no money.

  30. I want those barettes! Waaaah, I don’t have any hair to attach them to 😦

  31. Love love love this. I already have those stockings, but I NEED some cute Mary Janes in my life.

    I’m really leery of seeing the new Alice movie, even though it’s Tim Burton. The hype and the obnoxious (to me) soundtrack they keep pushing is turning me off a bit :/ I really hope there’s mostly Danny Elfman in the movie.

    • I hear that the pop music soundtrack (aside from the Avril Lavigne tune?) is more of an ‘inspired by’ collection. I certainly hope so, anyway. Nothing like a random blast of 3OH!3 to yank you violently out of the narrative. D:

  32. LOVE the stockings. Must have.

  33. I love Alice in Wonderland… But so not looking forward to this film. Looks like it’s going to be the Mad Hatter in Wonderland. I know Depp is good, but sometimes he needs to be brought in just a little bit- look what happened to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Horrible.

    I love those tights! I’m thinking of making myself an Alice dress- frothy white underskirt with the blue overskirt ruched in places to reveal it, a sweetheart neckline and little puffy sleeves. Got too much work to be doing at the moment for uni though, frustratingly.

  34. i love the stockings, and the way you put this all together is gorgeous! ^-^

  35. This is a wonderful look, i adore these posts, they’re so fun! I’ve bought lots from Untames Menagerie and never had anything arrive damaged or wrong, you must have been super unlucky with them! The perfume sounds delicious! 😀