Best in Show

I ran into MAC today and just about fell over myself when I ran into this small display.  It’s the display from the Riveting Collection.  You can see it’s obviously been very picked over.  But if you know me, and I know you do, you know exactly what I was looking at.

See it there, in the upper left hand corner?

Show Orchid lipstick is described as :

Vivid hot pink (Amplified Creme)

But wait.  No.  That’s not all it is.  It’s got just the tiniest hit of a blue/purple shimmery/duochrome to it.  It’s also Limited Edition, so I’m telling you get up and go get it.  Or just, you know, click on the link up there and go to the MAC site and order it.  I love the Amplified Creme formula from MAC, and I they might have recently improved it.  It goes on so lovely and smooth and lasts.  It doesn’t dry your lips out a bit.

This picture does not do it justice.  I need a better camera.


21 Responses to “Best in Show”

  1. that a super pretty pink. wish i could get it, but i spent all my money at aromaleigh 😦

  2. How does it compare to Azalea? I’ve thought about buying it, but since I love Morgana’s Azalea, I wasn’t sure how close they were?

  3. I’ve always loooooved MAC lipsticks, vegan or not. Isn’t Show Orchid pretty? I picked it up at my MAC counter last week in addition to the lip glass and blush. 🙂 Fuschia overload!

    Did you try the Gaga and Cyndi lipsticks? Love those two as well!

    • I looked at the Gaga and Cyndi colors, but I hate Lady Gaga. Can’t stand her. So it turned me right off the colors 😦

  4. I swear, I love/hate MAC because they keep coming out with GORGEOUS Amplified Creme shades and I can’t wear them (I can’t ingest gluten, and the amps have wheat in them, which has gluten). I am definetly telling my best friend to get this though (and I’ll have to check out Azalea to see if I can wear it).

    It looks lovely on you though! And thank you so much for swatching Azalea, now I know I have a close alternative.

    • Dang you MAC, I’ll shake my fist angrily at them for you.

      I’m sure Azalea is a great alternative, I JUST saw she was making a version of it with a blue sheen, too!!

  5. That’s really funny! My eye was immediately drawn to the bright, hot pink blush. I am a blush fiend though- especially bright, sheer washes of colour.

    • I don’t often wear blush. Like at all. I have a bunch of it, and it’s either this clear red from AL or nothing at all. I really like the pale BLANK look of no blush on me. For some reason I don’t really wear it well, so I skip it, but even *I * was tempted by that blush…

  6. I’ve got that one, i love it!!

  7. Oh man! Thanks for letting me know Show Orchid is LE! I didn’t know that. D: Now I’m going to buy 2 of them.


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