Tarina Tarantino Follow Up

After getting a chance to go over the TT display at my local Sephora, I’m going to have to say that my initial observations stand.

The colors of the Eye Dream Hypershadow’s SEEM nice and bright, but when swatched are pretty dull and soft.  The shadow consistency wise is soft, I mean it’s not a HARD shadow, it’s a similar density as a MAC shadow, the color payoff just isn’t there.  I swatched the three brightest shades on the display and they were still very soft (muted) shades.

From left to right : Peacock Pearl, Ribbon, and Sweetzer

The mattes just don’t blend well.  I did get a chance to try some of the shimmers and there was more play and blendability.

The Dollskin Cheek blushes were splotchy.  They didn’t want to seem to go on sheer, and I swear I looked like a clown.  I took it off right away and the ‘Consultant’ seemed upset I was unhappy.  But I was trying to explain to her it was the product, not her application.

The Eye Dream Hyperliners go on REALLY creamy and soft.  Because they are so soft the line is really hard to get precise, but once they are on, they are on.  They’re very smudge proof.

The Doll Finish face powder is probably the most awkward product I tried.  It’s a pressed powder that boasts a ‘creamy’ application.  On my face it just felt greasy, and the ‘Doll Finish’ they were going for must have been that Barbie plastic sheen.

The Dollskin Powder contains a micronization process that allows for controlled, buildable coverage, which ranges from sheer to full. It glides on and smoothes out the skintone, producing a flawless, even-looking complexion.

I tried a few different colors of the Gem Glosses, but they all seemed to have the same splotchyness problems on my lips.  The lighter ones were not so obvious, but it was still nothing I felt comfortable spending nearly 20$ on.  At this point I was so aggravated I didn’t even bother trying the actual lipsticks, which I’m told are ‘sheer’

The big selling point of the TT line in the stores is the Sparklicity Powder.  It’s basically a shimmery finishing powder that so many indie MM companies no doubt make better and cheaper.

They also have a small collection of bracelets and hair gems.  However, none of them were startlingly unique.

When all was said and swatched I ended up just returning my items for store credit.  On top of not really liking anything from the TT line to switch them with, nothing at the Sephora store was jumping out at me after the disappointing session.  Not even the OPI collection tempted me.

Checking the Sephora site I see there are several new small TT collections due out as well.  They look cute, they follow the more ‘punk/goth’ style of her branding, although I’m sure the quality of the product is similar.

To quote a wiseman :

All the $ was put into the packaging, which is a huge investment. Mediocre product inside. WalMart-esque display.

I apologize for the poor quality pictures, I took them on my phone, my Consultant was ‘unsure’ if I was allowed to take pictures in the store.


14 Responses to “Tarina Tarantino Follow Up”

  1. well that sucks.
    all the money was put into the packaging indeed

    though i don’t like the look of the packaging much, looks kinda tacky imo

  2. On one hand, it’s nice to know that the line is not worth the Barbie Pink plastic it comes in.

    On the other hand, it would have been great if just a few random colors had issues, or bad batches, or something, rather than the whole freakin’ line.

    I’m still not surprised, and I still say this line is so completely overhyped that there was no way it was going to live up to the claims.

  3. That is disappointing, it seems like such a waste to have pretty packaging but utter crap inside. I don’t care about hand placed gems if the product is the quality of dollar store eyeshadow.

    • Not quite 1$ store quality, more like drug store quality. But I wouldn’t say it was counter quality…

  4. teeheeheee I knowz your wiseman quoter 🙂 Hot dude I must say 😀

    I shant be buying any!

  5. Yarr, the collections look so wonderful! If only the product quality matched the packaging look, this stuff could be the most epic cosmetics ever.

    • It’s *nice* stuff it’s just not OMGNICE stuff. It’s really not the quality I was expecting.

  6. Well, I will just continue my spending spree at Aromaleigh. No great loss for TT, really I’m sure that the packaging and the publicity will bring in many, many naive customers. But will this line get repeat customers?

    I seem to remember other celeb brands that have come and gone.

    • I’m not sure how long it will be around, really. The few people I was talking to at Sephora said it hasn’t been selling well and mine wasn’t the first return 😦

  7. I’m actually really glad that you disliked it all so much. I love the packaging so much and had put a lot of it onto my list of things from Sephora i want if i ever make it to the US 😛 did you try the sparkly stuff with the puff applicator? That’s my favourite looking thing.

    • I did try it. It’s just a sparkly finishing powder which AL or Morgana, or many others sell, plus a few extra chemically ingredients, in a fancy bottle. Really not worth the money IMO since I do already have so many sparkly veils.