Are You Sitting Down?

You might want to.

I placed another order from Archetype.  I KNOW!!  After the terrible experience and NO customer service from them, I was curious.  I was talking to Ana about things and I ended up placing a 20$ on December 20th for JUST samples.  Samples are so cheep, I got all of the colors A-C and then W-Z.

And then I just let it go and waited.

I was stunned when my order arrived on February 25th, 9 weeks later.

Two colors were missing, but I was so shocked to get ANYTHING I’m not going to complain, plus, who would actually reply to my email anyway?  I swatched some of the colors and it truly makes me sad that this isn’t a more reliable company.  I would order full sizes of a TON of these if I ever thought I’d get them or ever hear about them again.

From top to bottom, left to right : Apocalypse Meow, Cicatrix, Ash Flower, Back to the Sea, Bettie’s Bangs, Artemesia, Chubby Skeleton, Zaljana, Conjunction

Since I have about 40 more colors to swatch, I hope to be able to post some of those in the coming days as I work through the little stash.  So you can expect more of those plus a report on how they wear.  Swatching them I can see they are soft and really rather creatively blended.  Some are fairly unique, although my guess it they are all going to have the same sheer ‘shiny’ finish.


30 Responses to “Are You Sitting Down?”

  1. I have a full size of Bette’s Bangs. I like it. Most of their shadows are complex but sheer, so you need a sticky colored base that corresponds with the shadow to truly appreciate them.

    I’m still mad that I got NO RESPONSE to any of my 7 plus emails sent, or my letter sent via postal mail.

    • Did you send the letter registered or certified or whatever it is, where they actually confirm the person got it with a signature? She would either have to sign, and you’d know she got it, or she’d have to actually refuse to take it, which you would then find out she refused it, down to the day she did, and you would get it back.

      • No, I did not. I was at work and I mailed it out from my office after I wrote the letter. However, I also sent several emails, from both my work email and personal email, and got no response, either.

  2. Try Weeping Willow as a highlighter for green looks, I LAV it. I pressed mine.

    They work great over epoxy, but yeah. It just kinda makes your chest hurt to think of it, because ordering with them is like russian roulette.

    • I have a very small baggie of it, but I haven’t swatched it.

      I feel like I won the lottery or something and ordering online should never be like that.

      Also, got my first part of my “Space Cowboy” look…

  3. Oooh your brave to order from them again!! I’ve thought about it, but I’m too worried I won’t receive my order. I also love their shadows. My favourites are ‘Witching hour’ and ‘Spook’ so far. You gotta wonder what the heck they do with their time….I’ve never seen such bad customer service in my life!

    • It was more of a test, not an actual want of product, or to actually see what the shadows were like, which is why I didn’t actually pick colors out, I just ordered…

  4. Ahhhh!!! Torture!!!!

    But no matter how nice your swatches are, I don’t think I’ll ever purchase from that comany.


  5. Sigh you are so lucky.. I just recently made a post about my horror story regarding my experience with that company here:

    I had to wait over 5 months to get my order. D: I’m really happy you received your order so promptly (lol compared to the 3 month wait I’ve been hearing about as their average). Their CS would have to improve substantially before I even think about placing another order with them again, which is so unfortunate. Those are very lovely, enticing swatches, haha!

  6. Are the colors unique enough for that kind of stress to be worth it? I mean… I guess on one hand; if the shipping takes that long, I’d most likely forget I ever placed the order and receiving it in the mail would be a nice surprise. On the other hand… if she kept refusing to respond to my emails, I would have requested a refund from Paypal and called it a day. Sorry, but if someone disappeared with my money for 2 months, I’d assume they stole it. Service delayed is service denied.

    • I will never order from them again, but can you imagine my shock when I actually GOT this order? I figured it was worth 20$ just to test my theory…

  7. I reviewed this company and wished I could be positive, because the colors are gorgeous. Queen of the Nile is like molten gold, Valley of the Kings is a vibrant orange, Chubby Skellinton is so complex…but God, the awful customer service! I just can not promote a company that’s so fickle, no matter how great their products are. :/

  8. I was just reading a blogpost an hour ago about how they must have started stepping up their customer service (I think it was on a blog that the Fyrinnae dude linked on twitter?), so this is a coincidence XD

    • HUGE coincidence. I only ordered again because Ana said SHE’D gotten her order AFTER I placed mine and I was all dsijfa;idjpaoer?!?

    • I placed an order with them through paypal on Feb. 5th (for science) and I was shocked as well to have received my order by Feb 26th. I saw some info about the delivery time after I went back and checked the site the day I got my stuff and it had said they added some click-n-ship that was suppose to help them keep more organized. I placed a second order to see if I would get that one in the same time frame but I would still warn people to buy at their own risk.

  9. I’m thinking maybe she sends out smaller orders first? My only order had a ton of samples (more than 80 I think) so that may be why mine took forever. I still think it’s shit to put things off just because an order is large if they’ve already charged my card (even though THAT was a month after I placed the order, still took 3 months to arrive) without letting me know anything. I was completely surprised when I did finally get it though. I do know some companies will explain orders will take longer when they are bogged down, but Archetype doesn’t tell you ANYTHING!

    I’m not sure I would place another order with the shipping changes. Now it’ll cost me $11.50 in shipping whether it’s samples or not. I’ll have to put f/s in there just to make it “worth” it. That sucks 😦

    Oh well, makes it easier for me to save money. I already hurt inside because I can’t place an Aromaleigh order with her frikwicked coupon code :s

    Man I feel like I wrote a friggin novel! I’m blabby ms blabberson this morning 🙂

  10. Surprised: I just checked my Paypal for my Feb 28th order and she put a tracking # on my order….I ordered quite a bit too, guess that is from the click-n-ship they are using. Their site updated too saying they were shipping through 03/03/10 now, not sure about them responding to e-mails and stuff but maybe this is a start to them realizing people didn’t like how they were being ignored/treated as customers?

  11. I ordered from Archetype on Feb. 9th, and received the order on Monday. I actually had a PayPal claim open at the time after I failed to get any sort of response from the company whatsoever, so I was pretty surprised when the package showed up. I agree with you – I would love to order some full-sized shadows, but I can’t quite bring myself to toss money out of the window like that =/

  12. Sadly i’m still waiting on 30 dollars worth of product i ordered on july 4th 2009. I sent about 15 e-mails with no response and it was too late for me to file a paypal dispute because I waited since i know it takes several weeks to get an order. I should have learned my lesson. I placed an order (my third) with them in early November 2008 and never got it…they finally refunded my money in May of 2009. I placed another order and got in within weeks which is why I placed that order in July 09…Its sad that I have to mention the year when I talk about my orders with them since they take so long…I will not order from them again though, they still owe me 30 dollars and never responded to me 😦

    • Sarah, have you tried calling Holly? I called about 2 1/2 months of not getting a package and they took about another month to get a replacement order out to me. I had ordered a bunch of samples but she actually added quite a few 5g jars of product. Now that her shipping time is supposedly at a reasonable rate, I may risk ordering again.

      Holly is at the Star Center Antique Mall and answers the phone (since she’s at the front desk) from Thurs-Sun. (360) 568-2131 She’s actually quite nice and easy to talk to! I’ve always been tempted to ask her about the lack of customer service, but didn’t want to face any potential backlash.

  13. I placed an order last night for a 3rd order (wanted to see if they really had improved in shipping) and they already have a tracking # for it….my 2nd order just left the post office in WA…. again haven’t tried to e-mail to ask any questions so not sure how they are doing in that department but looks like maybe the new shipping system might be working? Would like to know if anyone else is testing them out though.

  14. crazyness ! After reading about your gamble I decided to try ordering . I ordered 3 small shadows and three sample . I just got them today! So maybe she’s improved ? I’m not going to hold my breath but just count myself lucky.

    • I just got the 2nd order in the mail today (everything there and they even gave me a large size Lurch LE halloween shadow instead of a small, possibly they were out of small but I was only charged for the small size) everything was there (all 33 of them+the 3 samples). I ordered this one on the 28th got a tracking # on the 5th which they probably had on the 3rd but I never looked earlier and I got the package today. I placed the 3rd order on the 4th there and got my tracking # the 5th so that should be here by Tuesday. I think they did fix their shipping time/organization. Still can’t say anything about their e-mail since I haven’t tried e-mailing them. Their site is being updated for the shipping time too.


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