Important notice about Aromaleigh Lip Products: We will be discontinuing all Aromaleigh Lip Products so that we can most effectively, intelligently and efficiently focus our creative and colorful efforts on those products that you overwhelmingly purchase…

As samples and full sizes sell out, we will not be replenishing stock.

Aromaleigh balms are some of my favorite, and my go to under eye treatment!!Ā  Stock up now while you can!

ETA: Don’t forget to use the code HONEY20 for 20% off your order!!


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  1. Oh no, thanks for the heads up! There’s a few colors I have my eye on.

    • I wear them almost daily, keep one in my purse, and recommend them a lot. I like how easy they are and inexpensive.

  2. Oh boo šŸ˜¦ I haven’t tried any yet!

  3. I JUST finished placing an order for some of their lippies, which, uh, happen to be some of my FAVOURITE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.


    I’m already going through withdrawal pangs šŸ˜„

  4. Just as I read this, I bought four tubes. I’ve been using the samples I got from a while ago (I ordered the Down Under Healing Balm, but the flavor was kinda gross so I threw it out and kept the samples) and I’ve been itching to get a different flavor, but I’ve been low on money and need it to buy costume stuff. Reading this, I said “screw it” and stocked up. I got the Vanilla, the Blood Orange, the Java, and I think the Mint. I would’ve gotten the Mocha instead of the Java, but it’s sold out…

    I still have some of my eye cream left, but I may use the vanilla one under my eye after I’m done. just to try it out. Not like I don’t use my lip products for other things to save money (Company issues and formula aside, the only thing LC’s Cosmopop is good for is an undereye concealer to put beneath my foundation).

    Thank God I read your blog, Grey. ā¤

    • I love most of the flavors, but yeah, the Down Under one was wonky. All the others I’ve tried have been great, my favorite is Teaberry or Gingersnap.

      • Of the samples I got, I really liked Delicate Vanilla Bean, Key Lime Pie, and Creamsicle dream. I would’ve bought the creamsicle one, but I wanted to try the blood orange one instead. Change it up. Key lime pie was sold out, sadly.

        What is Teaberry like? I was debating whether or not I should get that one, but bought the mint one instead… I’d try gingersnap, but ginger and I don’t seem to mix well.

  5. I’m SO SAD ;A; Their lipbalms literally saved my lips – my lips here always chapped and dry despite living in a humid climate… but I tried these one day and BAM. Soft, pillowy lips. I can’t believe how sad I feel over lip products šŸ˜¦ I’m going to buy a TON for myself… maybe keep them in the fridge to preserve them as I go through them.

    • I totally agree, they are great balms! I use them on my lips and my eyes and have had GREAT results. I keep mine in the fridge, too!

  6. Aaaaaaah! Melancholia is already all sold out! So sad. *pouts*

  7. That makes me so sad, but I understand why Kristen is doing it. It makes good business sense. Still, those are my holy grail lip balms. Seriously. Nothing has ever compared for me. They’re fantastic.

  8. I stopped buying from Aromaleigh because I couldn’t stand Kirsten’s drama but I couldn’t resist buying her lip products because I love them so much. Karma and Melancholia are my go-to lip products. And now Melancholia is sold out before we ever get warning and I’m not even going to both to stock up on Karma because it goes bad within a year. My old lipsticks had to be thrown out before I ever finished them. I’m not happy about it and I don’t understand why Kirsten feels the need to discontinue EVERY lip product. I’m done with Aromaleigh. The lip glosses were discontinued for bad sales, I got that. But you can’t honestly tell me that the lip products sell so horribly. I understand they’re time consuming, but they’re great products. Of course, Kirsten won’t even make a blog post about this whole thing so people can comment. Go figure.

    • Wow what is your problem with Kristen (honestly asking)? I’ve never heard anything but good when it comes to Aromaleigh and her. I’ve also placed several orders with them and never any problems *knock on wood*.

    • I wonder why you feel any needs to explain what they are doing with their business to anyone in the first place and why you would NEED to comment?

      I’m honestly curious as to why you’re practically demanding more of an explanation.

    • If you go to the site it’s clearly stated in the lip section that the lippies are being discontinued. My guess is that it makes the best sense for her business to discontinue them. Businesses can’t continue to make a product if there’s no market for it, or they don’t sell well. It only makes sense to get rid of what isn’t working and focus on what is working.

    • Ironically, I don’t understand what drama you’re speaking of, but your comment comes off like you’re trying to stir some up.

      I have yet to hear of Kristen being harassing and downright rude to people, like some other company owners. In fact, I just found out from another blogger that one company owner was “pissed” at her for her not-so-stellar review, and I’m not sure you guys would believe me if I told you who it was, but it’s enough to make sure I never buy from that company.

  9. No no no! Crap!

    I have a petroleum allergy, and beeswax lipbalm is just yucky IMO. You can guess how many products that leaves me with that I can use.

    • And of course, the ones I really like, like Key Lime Pie, are gone already! Dangit!

      When did they get marked as discontinued? I don’t remember hearing an announcement or anything, and I definately would’ve ordered sooner had I known.

    • They’re a really great vegan balm! You don’t find much without beeswax these days since using beeswax is so much cheaper.

      • Do the lip balms crystallize in the fridge? Has anybody tried freezing them for hoarding? I’m looking at the ingredients trying to figure out what would crystallize — probably the beeswax and the butters?

        Ingredients: Prunis dulcis Oil, Apis mellifera (Beeswax), Butyrospermun parkii (Shea) Butter, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Butter, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Limnanthes alba (Meadowfoam) Oil, Oenothers biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, Persea americana (Avocado) Butter, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rosa mosqueta (Rosehip) Oil, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe) Oil, Fragrance

        Without ever having experienced teaberry in my life, I’m considering buying a tube because it seems like a rare lip balm flavor.

        • I’m also interested in knowing if they freeze well. Someone mentioned it on the AL forum but I’ve never heard of freezing lip balm! Unfortunately I’ll probably use them up before I get a chance to freeze them. Maybe someone could divulge and/or replicate the formula? I’d love to make my own alternative.

  10. Noooooo!!! I don’t think I can survive without my AL lip balm. I am most definitely hoarding. How many are you gonna get?

    • I got four balms and a lipsticks, but I JUST placed two orders in the last week and both had glosses in them (yeah, I ordered about four times from AL in the last week). I have two almost new ones right now, and I do keep them in the fridge, cause I use them on my eyes, but also to help extend the shelf life. These will be going in there as well.!

  11. Booo, they’re out of the one I wanted. šŸ˜¦ I got a sample of it a little while ago and LOVED IT and planned on buying a full-size and now I can’t.

    This makes me sad. :’/

  12. ARGH! Wish I’d known about this 3 days ago when I placed an order. I don’t have a credit card, so by the time I transfer money into my paypal it’s pretty likely that what I want will be gone. Oh well, I was planning on getting about 10 lipstick samples from Morgana anyway. I would have only been getting nudes from AL, hopefully Watermelon or Coraline’s kiss will do the trick for me.

  13. I’d been planning to try these out for a while but never had the money. Well, just ordered she’s a knockout and blank generation! Thanks for the heads up.

  14. Oh my god that’s the worst news I’ve heard in a while, lol. Well not BAD.. cause with change comes more good things from Aromaleigh from my experience. Sadface… guess I gotta go balm hoarding too.

  15. Aww — that is terrible to lose the lippies, but understandable. I adore the Italian Blood Orange balm, meself.
    Grey, out of curiosity (and due to the fact that my Mario Badescu chamomile eye cream is nearly done for), which aromatherapy balms do you use under your eyes? I’m guessing the “Just The Balm, Ma’am?”

    • Right now I’m using Teaberry. I was using Gingersnap. Honestly doesn’t matter šŸ™‚ I’ve never actually bought the plain one…

  16. I’m confused, why would it go under your eye?

    • Its a wonderful emollient with a lot of great oils and stuff in it that works as an under eye cream. In stead of spending big money on ‘fancy’ products I use this under my eyes at night and have had amazing results. It does the same for the delicate skin under your eyes as it does on your lips. Repairs, moisturizes, and protects.

  17. How clever! I’m so glad that I ordered two lip balms now (Yuzu and Blood Orange). Does it help with dark circles?

    • I honestly couldn’t tell you cause I’m lucky enough not to have that problem. But I’m sure someone wandering by the comments might be able to tell you!!

  18. Jules Noctambule March 4, 2010 at 10:50 am


    This is all my fault — whenever I decide something is a product I Must Have, it’s discontinued. Every. Damn. Time. My apologies to all the other fans out there!

  19. I had two Aromaleigh related near heart attacks this week–the first when she said she was closing shop (for her honeymoon ^_^ ) and now because of the lippies. šŸ˜¦
    I love all of them! They’re so wearable! I want to hoard so of them, esp. gala and lollypop, but that wouldn’t be a good idea because of the shelf life, right?
    Does anyone have any tips for extending the shelf life?

    • Put ’em in the fridge…and disinfecting them with alcohol to kill any bacteria on the surface.

      In my experience, though, I never have to do any of that because I use up their lip products rather quickly šŸ˜¦

  20. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I placed two orders two weeks ago because of the Rocks! clearance but now the balms?! Augh! Must! Stock! Up!

  21. I’m pretty diassapointed myself and i don’t know if I will continue doing business with aromaleigh as sad as that makes me. I have never really minded the owners attitude as i’ve always had great customer service in the years i’ve been buying from them but honestly I have over 100 full size eyeshadows and more than that in samples…i will never use them all up lol…and i don’t buy limited edition colors (the concept kind of bugs me). The things that kept me coming back were the face products (loved the serum even though I know she didn’t make it) and the lippies, I use the balms and rocks tints and gothic lolita colors regularly and its a shame they are being discontinued…without them I don’t have much reason to go there…i have no interest/need for more brushes which sounds like the next thing she is coming out with…thats too bad…this is the second independent shop this year that I had must have products from that either closed down completely or stopped an entire line of products…oh well now I will have to search for another place for balm and glosses. I am not very comfortable with her no explanation explanation anyway…one of the things I like about buying from small businesses is the feeling of closeness and yes being told why things are happening…i think its a great thing and makes consumers loyal and more invested in the company. I understand she is the business owner and has the right to make any decisions she wants without a word about it to her consumers and thats fine…as a consumer i have a right to be irritated and dissapointed and no longer purchase from her shop…it just sucks is all šŸ™‚

  22. Personally I was never impressed by Aromaleigh’s lipsticks, and only found out why much after I bought the samples that the problem was related to a massive reformulation a few years back (this would explain why the samples were more like tinted lipbalm than real lipstick).

    Anyway, it’s sad to see the lipbalms go, but I think Lauress has a good lipbalm you can wear (lightly) under lip crayons,, pencils, and lipsticks. Nothing scented I’m afraid.

  23. I’m not holding it against them that they are discontinuing their lip products I just don’t have much reason to purchase from them again. Also from all the people on this forum and others saying how much they love the lip balms/glosses I don’t really understand how they can make up such a small percentage of sales. Then again I have no part in the company other than buying its products so I don’t really know…and yes companies to discontinue products all the time but mac for example is not going to discontinue ALL lip products. I think there could have been another solution worked out…I am not being bitchy or anything kristen is the woman in charge and can do whatever she wants and I have nothing against the company personally and will happily continue to use the products I have it just left a sour taste in my mouth

  24. Good grief. I continually get accused of providing TOO much information and now I try to taper back and provide less, and I get this.

    Do you want me to make intelligent business decisions that ensure the viability and future of my company, or do you want me to just keep everything the same, never changing? That’s a sure direction for failure.

    Aromaleigh either changes with the times and evolves as a company, or we have the other option. No Aromaleigh at all.

    Which do you choose?

    I really don’t understand why people are getting all upset and heated about products that made up 1.5% of our total sales, and that were mostly given away as freebies.

    That’s the irony. When the product was available, I threw away half of each batch because it sat there, going bad waiting to be bought. Now all of a sudden the product is the best thing ever?

    It’s nice to hear compliments, but unfortunately, it’s too late.

    The only solution I can see would be that I take pre-orders for full trays of certain varieties and there are no coupons, no discounts and I charge several dollars more per tube that the current price. I doubt that would attract too may buyers, and it would still be a huge time vampire.

    I wish I was “allowed” to make a single business decision without catching hell for it. I do NOT see other MMU company owners being put through this, and that’s just really maddening.

    I’m a total introvert, I just want to live a peaceful, serene life, creating beautiful products and honoring the path my business has to take to be viable and successful. Ironically, I make a business decision and next thing you know, I’m the devil’s spawn and women are discussing which personality disorder they thing I have. Enough is enough. All I want is for the personal attacks to stop. It’s gone too far, on all ends of the internet.

    The negativity so many have could and should be put to good use.



  25. YAAAY! Aromaleigh lip products have my favorite formula so far! I was really short on money but my boyfriend offered me some money, since he knows I like the product so much (and since it does not stain his lips, hihi!) – And I got an extra Juliette and Sylvie! And I was also able to buy the creampuff I wanted to give to my friend as a birthday gift!

    I understand why Kristen is doing that! I’m sad, of course, ’cause I wanted to try other shades (always wanted to try Melancholia and blankgeneration), but I have to buy things slowly (specially now… parents don’t have their jobs anymore ^^’)! Haha! ^^ It’s a shame!
    Sad thing it only sold so little! ;__;

    But… well! I also love their eyeshades and face products! ^^

    I hope it’ll help her business to grow and help her having more time to rest!

    At least I was able to get extra Juliette! *does the happy dance* (I use mine everyday hahaah!)

  26. I don’t think Miss K should have to explain her business decisions and no one has the right to demand a reason. It is unfair to attack her for her hard work and for ensuring that her business has a future. If you aren’t going to purchase from Aromaleigh because of the discontinuation of one product line then that’s your prerogative, but complaining, and especially insulting Miss K, is definitely not the way to express your disapproval.

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t sell well enough to be continued but I trust that we’ll be pleasantly surprised this year by Miss K’s ingenuity. She’s an honest and good-hearted business owner and I support her decision.

  27. I’m sad that the lip products are discontinued but no business can afford to make products that end up sitting on the shelves. I don’t think Kristen owes any explanation on her business decisions. The business is hers, not ours, and although us customers have some impact on how things may or may not be handled, it’s about another person’s livelyhood. We can’t just expect business owners to live on the thought that they’re thriving to make us happy with their products. Heck, although I like to hear praise if I’ve done a good job, I still like and need to get my paycheck.

    I hate the cattiness of some women. Why is it that if you stand up for yourself you’re labelled as a class A beyotch? I’ve never seen or heard Kristen behave in an unbecoming manner. In fact, when I received a D&C letter and some quite disturbing e-mails from another MMU company owner, Kristen was kind enough to offer her support to me when I e-mailed her and asked what I should do. To me, that really says something about a person. Mainly that she’s kind-hearted and is looking out for her customers.