Film Noir

The heroine in our Hollywood mystery, Dotty, walks tentatively into the office of the city’s best (and most discrete) Private Eye. On her feet she wears Two Toned Spat Booties.  She pairs then with a comfortable pair of polka dot thigh highs, mimicking the pattern formed by the buttons up the spats.

Her hair is adorned with a simple hairpiece, pinned to the side of her messy up do, the dots echoing again the pattern on her shoes.  Her hair was done in haste as she hurried this morning, the memory, or lack there of, of her evening pressing on her conscious.

Around her neck she plays with her necklace, fumbling it between her fingers nervously as she waits in the doorway, her nails polished carefully.

Her face doesn’t show a bit of her anxiety, however.  Her dramatically double lined eyes (in Fyrinnae Marshmallow Puff and Kuroneko) focus her gaze towards the man in the expensive pinstripe suit sitting behind the enormous desk.

Pursing her lacquered red lips (in #635 Very Cherry), she begins with confidence, “I need you to find the man that this belongs to,” she says, walking forward to hand him a ring.


32 Responses to “Film Noir”

  1. I think what I like best about these type of posts is that the stuff you post is affordable. 😀

  2. Love the shoes, love the commentary. You’re awesome 🙂

  3. MUST have those shoes!

  4. great look!
    but the spats link is broken 😦

  5. LOVE those shoes! Hawt vegan shoes are always one of the best finds (that and safe sweet treats!). Wooonderful look 😀

    • I know, vegan shoes always seem to be too ‘earthy’ for me. I love these, and Plasticland often has cutie vegan shoes.


    Oh, low heel-tolerance. How I despise you…

    Though really, they’d be perfect if I ever wanted to be Nanami Kiryuu. But the smallest is a 6 1/2, so I don’t know if I’d be able to get/wear them anyway. Not to mention, I just blew a lot of money on Aromaleigh after yesterday’s post… Need to lay low for a bit on spending.

  7. Aw man! Everything you have is awesome! I’m gonna come over and steal ur stuffs now.

  8. I wasnt too wowed by those Maybelline lipsticks instore, but that colour looks awesome on you! 😀

    • I wasn’t sure either, but I spent a lot of time searching for THAT RED. I went to the Counter, checked Sephora, so finding it at Target was sheer luck!! It’s really great, too, love the formula.

  9. thecandiedmango March 4, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    Wait, where’s the rest of the story? You can’t leave me hanging like this!

  10. You are so awesome!

  11. Love the shoes. Those polka dotted little wonders look like they may get snagged fast, as a rule of thumb, the pretty ones always get hurt (at least when I wear thigh highs).

    Great narrative!

  12. I love that shoe/stocking combo! I would totally buy a pair of those booties, but they don’t come in my size. D:
    At least I can admire how they look on you! 😀

  13. beautiful boots! Shame I can’t walk on this heels!

  14. Those shoes are fantastic.

    Grey, I have a question. Where did you get the lovely shadows in this post?

    You keep mentioning G2 but never provide a link for it or mention where one can acquire it.

  15. I love the shoes and stockings! Gorgeous. I can’t often wear thigh highs though because my legs are too fat and create a huge muffin about the stocking top 😦
    Also i agree that you should think about selling G2 if you ever have the time 🙂