La Vie en Rose

Yesterday was sort of an amazing mail day.  I got TWO new lip colors that are just amazing.

Remember last week when I posted about MAC’s Show Orchid?  Down in the comments we were comparing it to Morgana Mineral’s Azalea, which we determined was just a little different.  A day or so later Melissa from Morgana offered ten tubes of Azalea Blue on her Message Board.

I pretty much pounced all over that.  I love Morgana’s vegan lipsticks, they are an amazing consistency and have such a vibrant range of colors.  It arrived yesterday, much to my surprise!

Then when I opened my Fyrinnae order I found a tube of their new Lustre, Trickster.   I’d seen it on Phyrra’s blog and pretty much had to have it.  It’s the same pink/blue combination that I’m crazy for.

From left to right : MAC Show Orchid, Morgana Mineral’s Azalea Blue, Fyrinnae’s Trickser

Show Orchid

Azalea Blue


They are all very beautiful and slightly different.  MAC’s color, while Limited Edition in store, is a permanent PRO color.  If I had known Morgana was coming out with Azalea Blue, I might have skipped Show Orchid, preferring vegan lipsticks.  Morgana is also gluten free, for those of you who can’t wear the Amplified colors from MAC!

Fyrinnae’s Lustre is, as always, a joy to wear, the formula unique and easy to wear all day.  It has a very subtle flavor to it that I freely admit I can’t identify.

Both the Morgana and Fyrinnae versions should be available soon!

La Vie en Rose!


21 Responses to “La Vie en Rose”

  1. Would you know if Morgana Minerals or Fyrinnae has a color similar to MAC’s Impassioned? I got it for Christmas and I like it a lot. But, if an indie company has something similar, I’d like to send my money thataway 🙂

    • Impassioned is a very warm pinky-fuchsia…I went through all my Morgana samples and couldn’t find a near-match. BUT, if you prefer your pinks on the warmer side, two nice colours from Morgana are “Watermelon”, a nice, bright pink with a pearlescent (but SUBTLE) green shimmer, and “Coraline’s Kiss”, which is a very orangey-coral-pink.

      • Aww, that was sweet of you to go through that trouble! Thank you 🙂 I think Watermelon was one of the colors I was drawn to when I was looking at the MM site.

  2. Well, how do you like that. The Morgana Minerals one is more vibrant. So much for MAC being the best.

    • More vibrant isn’t always better. Because the MAC colour is very slightly more muted than the Morgana, it doesn’t mean they’ve failed to reach the same colour as Morgana.

      And this is coming from a girl that doesn’t own any MAC, and doesn’t think that they’re the best. I just really like the MAC colour in its own right.

  3. I so cannot wait to receive my Azalea Blue tube (snagged the very last one! w00t woot!). She also has an Azalea Blue lipgloss comign out too…along with a bunch of other awesome shades. I’m ALSO waiting on my Show Orchid lipstick, which I’m still kinda happy to have because I have a “thing” for the Amplified Creme colours.

    • I’m really pretty excited about her new glosses!! I’ve been holding off on a big order waiting.

  4. I’ve been debating on getting new lipsticks and it seems Morgana comes across as the most vibrant. Don’t know if I am ready for that much pink though, Cinnamon stick looks mighty tempting though.

    By the way, pretty please do not get angry…it’s La vie en rose. I get a little OCD about French as it’s my native language even though I make some pretty basic mistakes in English…

  5. Oh, crap. I never even thought about LIPSTICKS being gluten-free.

    I like that color overall….I think I like the Morgana one the best. *note to self: try out Morgana when I have money to spare again*

    • I know! Me either, but some cause problems! I really had no idea, it’s kind of weird, actually. I associate gluten with bread, so I’m thinking my lipsticks made with bread. LOL, so silly.

  6. Thank you SO much for the swatches! I panicked and almost ran out to buy 10 tubes of Show Orchid once I realized they were LE for all non-pro customers, but I’m glad I waited. I actually like Morgana’s color better; it’s a deeper shade, and I could totally alter the color to make it lighter if I really, really wanted to.

    Awesome. 😀

  7. Trickster looks just lovely. Definitely in my next Fyrinnae order, when it hits the website. I really like fuschia with blue as well 🙂

  8. Ok you jump right on up there with Phyrra on my *jealous of* list! I’m DYING to get Trickster! lol

  9. I like that Azalea Blue is just the tiniest bit deeper 🙂 I feel like that makes it more wearable

  10. I may be in the minority, but I’m kindof feeling Show Orchid a little bit more than Azalea Blue. They’re both gorgeous, but I like how Show Orchid’s a little bit lighter. I feel like I need a new pink lipstick like that.

    I know there’s the blue reflects in the two lipsticks, but as far as shade goes, how do they compare to Girl About Town? Ever since Show Orchid became LE (which doesn’t matter as I’m near a PRO store), I’ve been torn between getting that and GAT and I’m not sure anymore…

  11. Oooh so pretty, i love those colours. I can’t wait to get my hands on Azalea blue and Trickster!

  12. I’m dying to get my Show Orchid and Azalea Blue.
    I absolutely LOVE Trickster though!

    I’m so glad you have all 3 and that you love all 3!