Concrete Minerals – A Review


I noticed not to long ago that Concrete Minerals started following me on Twitter.  I was curious and I clicked to their Etsy shop. I haven’t done any MM shopping on Etsy in a while, there was a long string of repackagers that sapped all my energy and joy of discovery.

I looked around, but went back to searching for something else.

Well, on a whim I looked again the other day and saw they had a few sample sets available.  Quick, easy, under 10$ and I figured I was due for a new review soon.  Their shop is organized well, the listings are pretty cohesive look wise, I get a definite sense of the company brand wise.  Right now they sell shadows (in collections, singly, and in samples) as well as primer.  I see they are working on a stand alone shop as well.  Prices are pretty reasonable at 5.99$ per shadow.

I ordered :

5  Samples for 4.99$

2 Samples for 1.99$

I picked : Lovey Dovey, Juvenile, Detox, Hearts, Naplam, White Rabbit, and Zealous


Shipping was .99$.  I ordered on March 5th (Friday) and got my order the next day.  In all fairness, it’s a quick drive up 15 between me and the Concrete Minerals mailing address in the Inland Empire.  But it was super quick.


My order arrived in a little mailer, wrapped in bright pink tissue.  Included was my invoice as well as a little thank you note.  There was two additional free sample included (Mad Hatter and Soul Journer).


The samples come in nice sized baggies, a size or so bigger then the usual little sample baggies.  It’s a little harder to use a larger sized baggie, the shadow sort of spreads all over the inside of the bag, but shaking it down for a bit gets it to collect on the bottom, and then the bigger bag is great cause it’s easier to get your brush in.

The baggies contain 1/4 teaspoon of product, which is fairly generous.  The bags are labeled with the company name, the color, weight, and the ingredients.  That’s a fairly unheard of practice as far as samples go.

While they don’t have a huge selection of colors, what they do have seemed really promising.  Nothing I could immediately recognize.  All the shadows I ordered are vegan, and I think only one in the collection has carmine, which is a brown called Blitzkrig.

From top to bottom, left to right : Lovey-Dovey, Juvenile, Detox, Hearts, Napalm, White Rabbit, Zealous, Mad Hatter, and Soul Journer

Lovey Dovey – vibrant pink with gold sparkle.

I’m not seeing the gold sparkle at all.  It’s looks very similar to TKB’s Cloisonne Red, but, CR contains carmine with Lovey Dovey apparently does not.

Juvenile – acid green with turquoise sparkle.

Again, I’m not seeing any sparkle at all.  There is no other color but the acid green in my swatch.  It’s also very close to TKB’s Green Apple, although Juvenille is much more opaque and wears better since it’s obviously not just cake batter.

Detox – seafoam green with silver sparkle.

I love this color.  It’s very soft and pastel, which is so not typically what I like, and there is just a very small hint of silver sparkle.  I would say it’s fairly opaque and not as sheer as some other minty greens.  It got metallic when foiled and didn’t turn muddy or chalky.

Hearts – deep shimmery red.

This is a pretty interesting red.  It’s neither TKB’s Hot Momma nor Rogue Flambe Red, although I’m leaning towards it being a cousin of RFR.

Naplam – smoldering orange with gold sparkle.

There is a hint of sparkle in this one, but again, it’s not very obvious.  It’s close to several other oranges, however it’s more opaque and a very nice formula.

White Rabbit- pale white with pink sheen.

This is another color I really like.  I can’t match it to anything, it’s just a very soft duochrome like TKB’s Angel Wings, but it’s actually a very opaque white.  It’s also sort of close to Hi-Fi’s Sweet Child duochrome wise.

Zealous – vibrant turquoise.

This is a vibrant turquoise.  I’m wearing it today and I’m really happy with it.

Mad Hatter – dramatic reddish-purple with green sparkle.

Again the sparkle is very subtle, but it’s there.  I’m overall liking this color very much and I’m hoping to use it as a liner.

Soul Journer – midnight blue with copper sparkles.

The blue in this is VERY intense and deep and inky, and the sparkles again very subtle.  It reminds me of AL’s Dominion.

The colors were fairly well described, however in several cases I couldn’t see much of a sparkle and some seemed to be missing it’s contrasting sparkle all together.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the small sample size I have, but any blended shadow should be fairly consistent.


Would I order from Concrete Minerals again?  Maybe.

  • Their full sized jars are apparently 10grams, although I only ordered samples.
  • Some of the colors were not what I was expecting from the swatches on the listings.
  • I can see that there is some growth going on with the company, ie a new site, etc etc.  I’m assuming that means improvement all around.
  • Nothing was repackaged, although I found some ‘cousins’, that can be said with a lot of smaller MMC.

Overall : /5

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28 Responses to “Concrete Minerals – A Review”

  1. I just found them the other day, and I really like these swatches you’ve done. I too got that sense of brand identity looking at their stores, and right off the bat I thought that this didn’t SEEM like a repackager (although you never can tell). I’m going to order and do my own review soon. Thanks for posting this!

  2. SEE? THIS is what a non-repackaging company should be like. Sure, their colors are similar to others, but they aren’t just repacks! It’s so easy to tweak colors, why doesn’t everyone do it!?
    This makes me happy =)

  3. I’m eyeing Detox with great interest. I’m thinking of placing an order for full-fized colours, but 10-gram jars are huge! :O I can’t even finish sample sizes….

    • It’s a nice shade, but it’s one of those hard ones. It’s, by nature, a very pale color, no matter how pigmented. But it’s not as sheer as say… TSS’s mint shade was.

      It’s pretty!

  4. It’s a shame the sparkles didn’t show up from the samples, what probably happened is they clung to the inside of the baggy. I have several full-sized products and the sparkles show up extremely well in all of them (even the primer is shimmery!) I hope you give CM another try 🙂

    • Hhhmmmm, that doesn’t seem to be the case. When I do a review I really check the product out, and there doesn’t even seem to be sparkles in the bag. You can see looking at the photo of the bags themselves, nothing is clinging.

      I’m always open to seeing how things go 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for this review! CM_Official started following me on Twitter, too, but there wasn’t much info on the products anywhere. I’m not sure how I feel about that type of guerrilla-ish marketing… Personally, I’m not going to buy something just because the owner tries to make fake friends with me. I want to put my money towards a product that works well, not some intangible notion of personality. I’ll keep my eye on them, though!

    P.S. Got my iPhone. Yours was the first site I visited on it! You’re right… now that I’ve gotten used to having it around, it’s never out of arm’s reach!

    • That’s sort of what I thought, but then again, if a MMC is following me they should KNOW what kind of reviews I do and be ready! So I figured I’d see. They followed enough of my friends that I had a few people ask me about that, and well, it’s sort of my job 😉

      I LOVE MY PHONE. See, can’t live without it. I have Scrabble on it and I can sit and play when I’m stuck in traffic. I also have Quordy, which is like Boggle. I have a lot of games, actually… but I can check Twitter and read my email and keep up on things no matter what kind of crazy errands I’m on! I’m so glad you like yours!!

    • I had them follow me on Twitter as well and then unfollow me pretty quickly thereafter. Wondering if they’re just following me to get me to look at their website…?

      Glad to see that Grey did a review. Looks interesting enough but I”m so spoiled by all of the other companies that Grey has turned me onto!

  6. Hi ladies (and any fashionable gents), my name’s Emily and I started-up and own Concrete Minerals. Grey, I can’t thank you enough for this review. YES, I definitely knew of you and without kissing your ass too much, I respect the hell out of your opinion and crossed my fingers that you might take the time to sink your teeth (or your brush as it might be) into my products 🙂

    I’m actually really concerned regarding the sparkle-issue (like had to sit down with a glass of wine and ponder why this was happening concerned) and I would’ve suggested the same as Nicci which is the sparkle was getting stuck in the bag, because although I’m still at the tip of the iceberg with sales, I’ve had phenomenal feedback, primarily regarding the sparkle! Personally I’m not really into sample baggies because I really truly want to represent my products in the most professional way possible (which is why I initially didn’t offer them), however I do really dig that I can make it available at a much lower cost. Obviously I’m glad I can make a new potential fan this way, but I’m also much like yourself and have been scorned by one too many re-packers in my day (oh the horror of opening that much-anticipated package to something I already eff-ing own!) and I’m much more apprehensive of paying for a full retail unit from a brand-new company.

    Anyway, back to sparkles… don’t know what’s going on there. I’d love to ship you out a couple of full-sized units to see if that fixes things 🙂 As far as Juvenile’s concerned, I personally LOVE that color, but to be honest, even in a jar, the sparkle’s not hugely prevalent. No matter how long I worked with that color, aqua just didn’t want to attach itself like I wanted it to, but overall I still really loved it and heard great feedback on it. The others have always offered a decent amount of sparkle for me though!

    Let me know what you think, I’d love an opportunity to turn your “Maybe” into a “Yes”. Either way, I truly can’t thank you enough for your time on this review. I love this company and I want to ensure our fans feel the same way. I’ll take all feedback into consideration.

    Thanks kindly,


    • If you’d like me to try out the colors in full sized that would be great. I always encourage the companies I review to discuss their concerns with me! I’m glad you’re open to that and not taking my issues personally but as an opportunity to see where change might be needed.

      I can see you’re going to be successful!

  7. I’m wondering if they read your blog, since they’re so good with listing ingredients and not repackaging 😛 Mad Hatter and Soul Journer look AWESOME

  8. I think i’ll have to give them a try when i have money, some of the colours look very pretty.

  9. Well, 5 samples for $5 sounds good to me… I’ve been wanting to try a turquoise and a red for a while, and Fyrinnae’s taking sooo bloody long to finish updating! (I know they’re busy boys, but they’ve taken my absolute favourite color off to rename, and I’m NOT placing an order without a full-sized one o’ those in it).

    Harlequin looks lovely. I’ve been trying to find something to match my weird olive-y gold-hazel eyes for a little while now, and it looks like it may do the job.

    • Me, too! They’ve got Iris off renaming it and my sample is running low, ahhh! I sure hope that they get caught up and soon!

      • That’s the one I’m talking about!!! I emailed them after they took it down to make sure they weren’t discontinuing it. They said they were just renaming and that the color had never been a great seller but had become “oddly popular” in the last few months.

        I’ve been too scared to use my sample in case I run out before they put it back up :S

      • AHHH IT’S BACK! Iris is back upppp except it’s now called Herbivore.

        There goes my money…

  10. Nice to hear of another promising company 🙂 I’m trying to branch out and discover new ones at the moment so I will definitely make a note to buy some stuff from Concrete when I have funds.

  11. I’m wearing Concrete’s Prude today and it’s a lovely subtle highlighter. When I was looking at the colors in the bags, they all seemed pretty, but I couldn’t see the sparkle in Juvenile. I figured I’d give it a try over Pixie Epoxy tomorrow and see if it shows up 🙂

    Love your swatches and review, as usual 🙂

    I never mind ‘cousins’ for colors. I just hate identical twins.

  12. Looks promising 🙂 I wonder how close Swamped is to MAC’s Humid. The packaging/graphics on their Etsy page looks a little too… 13-year-old-girl-discovers-the-dead-kennedys-and-wants-to-be-up-the-punx, but I like that the owner seems to be taking a lot of your “What Not To Do’s” to heart and is making a genuine effort.

    • Ah, I totally agree on the branding! Still, I understand how others find it attractive, I guess… and a good product trumps a wonky brand image for me any day.

  13. I spotted them on Etsy too! Napalm gets me hot, heh. Nice branding too! And one thing I cant stress enough is great photography, hers is amazing.

  14. curiouskumquat June 19, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    I have similar feelings towards Concrete Minerals. They are good but not great.