Gaultier for Target

8am this morning found me in my Target parking lot, sitting in my car in the rain, waiting for the lights of the store to pop on so I could venture in with the other dozen or so woman standing in line in front of the doors.

The Gauliter Collection for Target premiered today, and it did so, in my opinion, to glorious failure.

I wasn’t expecting to be so disappointed, although an advance glimpse of the Look Book made me realize this might not be the collection for me.

My Target had a large collection of the sheer ‘tattoo’ look shirts and leggings, which IMO are unnecessary since I have my own art, thank you very much.  They also had a lot of the swimwear, which features heavily in the collection.

One thing that looks very promising was the retro styled dresses that seemed to be available.  According to the manager at the store I was at, certain pieces are only available at Target Flagship stores, the closest one to me being in the OC.  The dresses that most stores would get were sadly not what I wanted.

They defiantly have Rockabilly possibility, but the price tag for something that is more of a novelty for me (since I’m not Rockabilly) was too steep.

What I was most disappointed with where all the shirts that were basically in tatters.  The Rodarte collection was ‘deconstructed’ but the Gaultier collection looks like rags.  Sleeves aren’t sewn, motifs are ‘woven’ into the raw back of the shirts.

There were a few ‘standout’ pieces in the general collection.  A gold lame wrap around bathing suit and a cropped leather type jacket.

Neither of which interested me, one was too Gaga the other too King of Pop.  I think the trip was a bust.  Of the woman also waiting in line for the collection, only one bought anything, and it was one of Gaultier’s signature tiny pinstripe skirts that would no way have covered her bum, but I refrained from cringing.  The only redeeming thing about the early morning trip was I found the Rodarte Thoracic sequined dress on clearance for under 13$.

ETA: I have one medium, one small, and one x-small Thoracic dress available if you’re interested.


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  1. God, I am SO JEALOUS that you were able to get the thoracic dress for $13. Pretty much all Targets near me had sold out of it. 😦 Congrats on getting one!

  2. Seriously?? Man, that would totally rock, Grey. 😀

    I’m an M. I’ll, of course, more than willing to pay you for the dress + shipping and send some goodies your way!

    • I’ll go back tomorrow, I know they had a few, so if they’re still there I will let you know!

      • Hey, Grey,

        If the M is still there, please shoot me an email. ❤ I'm just checking back and forth, so you don't feel like I'm leaving you hanging!

  3. Target disappoints me with their clothing. I’ve stopped buying any clothes there because the shirts are tissue thin and often see through, and not worth my money. They seem to be targeting the teen crowd now, which probably explains the weird designs and poor construction. I used to shop there a lot when they still carried Cherokee shirts.

    • I really like the Merona line, which is nicer quality, more adult stuff. It’s usually sort of ‘trendy’ but there are always a few workable pieces.

  4. Holy jesus on toast, I’ve been looking for that Rodarte dress everywhere; I almost bought it on ebay for $90!

    I’d love to buy one off of you. I’m a size XL, but I can settle for a size smaller; if the dress is on sale, I don’t have any qualms about reconstructing somehow so it can fit me.

    • I wanted one bad, too. I just about fell over when I found a rack of them. There was nothing but mediums, smalls, and a few x-smalls. So I was sort of lucky.

      I can’t wait till I have someplace to wear it, I’m on Etsy accessorizing it right now…

      • Hmm well if no one has reserved one yet, I want to buy a M or S one.

        Ooh, and the possibilities of the dress… I love that you could go so many different routes with it. Plus, it’s short enough that you could pull it off as a long tunic, not just a dress.

  5. Echoing the jealousy on the Thoracic dress score. I was so disappointed that the Rodarte for Target line didn’t make it to plus sizes, because that dress was the one thing I wanted more than anything else.

    • I’m surprised that they aren’t doing a plus line. I know it would sell, but hell, no one at Target listens to me…

      • I don’t think any of the designer/Go International lines ever go to plus sizes- very frustrating. I’m almost relieved to see I don’t think I’d want anything from this Gaultier line anyway.

      • It’s because stores don’t “see a market” in expanding plus lines, but really, more fool’s them, since there’s a huuuuge untapped market for trendy plus size clothing. Target’s plus line is usually pretty good. At least, better than most for keeping somewhat on-trend for mostly decent prices, even though their sizing is incredibly wonky (I’m about 2-4 sizes larger in Target sizes than my general size is. o.O).

        But really, I should stop before I start ranting, since this is your blog, not mine. xD As a plus size woman near the top of most plus size ranges (I’m around a 26), and completely sized out of a majority of retail stores, this is a bit of a touchy point for me.

  6. Thoracic thing! i think i need one of that in my life!

    XSmall is gone already?

  7. If it’s not too much trouble, could you post a pic of the thoracic dress from head on? I’ve not seen it yet… although judging from the shot you have, it may be the answer to my “what to wear with white patent boots” conundrum.

  8. Oops, I didn’t even notice the link! Since I already own those sunglasses, I may be morally obligated to own that dress….

    • Depending on what browser you use the links in the posts are sort of hard to see, I think.

  9. Oh wow! The Rodarte dress is fab! Love at first sight for me ( we don’t have target over here in Sweden, so it really was a first look for me). Gorgeous!

  10. Hey Grey,

    I know this is late, but is there any chance you still have that M dress?