The Day the Earth Stood Still

In the words of Briteny Spears, “This is crazy, ya’ll.”

The other day after I posted my OMGMYARCHETYPEORDERFINALLYCAME update I got a lot of comments that they had a new shipping system, more help, something something was going on, and that turn around time was just days instead of months now.  I was skeptical.  But I figured I owed it to my readers to see what was up, and on March 4th I placed another small order.

It arrived today.  Four days later.

I ordered full sizes of :

Amanita Lip Gloss

Spank Me Lip Gloss

I Hate Pink ES

Ectoplasmic Lover ES

Exquisite Corpse ES

B Movie Starlet ES

Erotic Underground ES

Horror Flick ES

My order was shipped via USPS Priority Mail in a envelope mailer.  Inside my items were wrapped in a bubble mailer, wrapped in a printed gift bag.  My invoice as well as five samples were included.

The jars were labeled with the company name and shade on the top, on the bottom is the weight, the color again, as well as a full list of ingredients.  Each jar is sealed with shrink wrapped.

When I opened them sifters were sealed, however some of them don’t quite fit in the jar right and pop right out and the jars aren’t quite full.

From top to bottom, left to right : Horror Flick, Erotic Underground, B Movie Starlet, Exquisite Corpse, Ectoplasmic Lover, and I Hate Pink

At this point I have no idea what to say.  I love the colors I got (I haven’t tried the glosses yet), and I really want to get some more.  The shadows are sort of sheer, but I expected that, they’re not blended on much of a base.  I can certain work them in with some of the darker and more opaque shadows I have.  Ectoplasmic Lover will look great with Sugarpill’s Absinthe.  Erotic Underground has this amazing and odd duochrome to it.

But I’m not quite comfortable recommending them just yet, you know?  After years, just about, of horrible if not nonexistent service this seems a little too good to be true.  I will say that even though I got my order quickly, I still haven’t gotten a reply to the email I sent on Friday.  I’m tempted to place ANOTHER order and see how they do with that.  I mean, seriously, I’m so confused right now I have no idea…


My cousin Jess placed an order yesterday while we were sitting here.  I sort of dared her, which I realize is unfair.  But she got shipping confirmation already.  And no one’s replied to my now two emails.


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  1. I’m still waiting to a response to one of my emails, or the letter I sent via the mail.

    Glad you got another order though.
    I won’t risk ordering from them again, nor recommend them.
    One of the forums I’m on mentioned that Archetype seems to cycle. They’ll hire new help, their orders will go out faster. They’ll lose help, their orders will slack.

    • I have no idea what to think. This morning was intense and then getting that in the mail I was sort of off kilter.

  2. Mm… I’m glad you’re recieving orders now, but I don’t think I’ll ever risk it. There’s enough pretty at AL and Fyrinnae to keep me happy 🙂 and I’m waiting for my Paypal transfer so I can order from Concrete Minerals.

  3. I just retested some of my Archetype colors but this time over Pixe Epoxy and… oh dear. I love them. The formula isn’t quite as complex and not as good as Fyrinnae, but I dare say I’m enjoying them more than Aromaleigh even though I believe Aromaleigh has the superior formulations out of all three companies….

    I DO seem to have a dilema here. Perhaps I’ll do a small order just to test the waters.

    I really wish the owner would just step up to the plate and say hey sorry for all the crap in the past, can we start fresh please because I have a wonderful product that I think people would love?

    Pretty please, Archetype?

    • They are fabulous with PE. Uggg, see, it’s so hard to figure out whether or not to order more.

      I wish they would, too. Someone needs to address all the issues and just clear orders and bad feelings up and then see where things go.

  4. My 3rd order that I placed on Saturday shipped out today….so far I’m 3/3 in a matter of days from order to shipping. I was going to place a 4th order for more (testing) of this.

    • I’m scared to tempt fate…

      • Yeah! I was too….but…then I thought….what if fate smiled on me? I’m glad I tempted it because I ordered the LE Halloween one called Lurch in small….they sent me a large (guessing they ran out of smalls)! And I’m glad they did…it’s the most gorgeous lavender/blue sparkle filled shadow ever! Very ethereal looking.

        I’m going to place another order (my 4th one) for some of the greens I got samples of they are discontinuing….I just have to re-swatch to figure out which ones I liked lol. I concur with Phyrra though…I can’t recommend others buy them unless they want to take a risk and don’t care….for myself though I can be like a gambler with makeup….I own a lot of stuff I don’t like because of that lol.

  5. I’m so tempted to place an order with them (I’ve ordered from them once before and got my stuff in two weeks, but it was a tiny $5 all samples purchase), but I’m afraid that now that they’re sending stuff out with a reasonable TAT, lots of people will start buying and bog them down again. I kind of need some of their colors in full size though. *waff.les*

    • That is a COMPLETELY rational idea. I’m sure people who’d been holding off are trying them out now, and they’ll just get swamped again…

  6. i am in shock, you know? However, they still don’t answer to their emails. However, I’ve got enough Archetype samples to be able to say that I’m quite done with them. (unless their intl shipping went down a bit or their colors have better ranges) I think they should have the whole package, but that’s me venting out my ugly battle with them. I hope they gradually treat customers as important.

    I find many of their eyeshadows are shimmer/sparkles bombs and I liked them-past tense. it’s quite annoying to wear them alone though. I think those shadows are great at accentuate parts of your whole look and make your look a bit fun, y’know? I don’t think i need anymore with archetype cosmetics.

    • While I agree they are really glittery, I found using them with PE really make them stand out. It makes them easier to incorporate.

      I really have no idea what to think.

  7. Dangit, I’m so close to ordering! I have a TON of their samples and now might be a good time to get some full sized stuff. I’ll wait until my cashback comes in from so it’s not a huge loss if Archetype gets super disorganized with their queue again.

  8. I’d say recommend them – IF – the owner issues a public apology on the shop site for her former crappy customer service. Yes, her shipping improved, but she never formally acknowledged your multiple emails and who’s to say the shipping won’t go south again if she’s…I dunno, having a fat day or something?

  9. Yeah, I’m still leery. Plus, I don’t feel like I can really overlook her previous, terrible business practices. If she’s improving, great, but I’m with Tea on this one. When she issues a formal apology to all the people she’s ignored, then I’ll consider buying. But until then, not gonna happen.

    • I’m with you two on this one. I agree, I won’t even think about recommending them until they address the customer service issues. Or the NON service issues and make up for unfulfilled orders.

  10. well after that post the other day i was going to say the “OMGWTF are you doing?!” reply but if it is true that they have changed things for the good, maybe a positive can be found in this.

    maybe another small order can’t hurt? i just don’t want to know what will happen if you place a large order though since their history has been less than perfect on that issue.

    • I’m all for second chances. I know things and people change and I believe that.

      I’m still hung up on the fact they STILL don’t answer email and still have outstanding orders. I sent a sort of long email about all of this today, on top of the email I sent last week. So I’ll have to hold my breath, I guess.

      • that’s true. customer service is a big part of the business that I, and I know You, find that very important. if you can’t rely on them and you’re not happy even by the time you’ve received and used the products then i wouldn’t give them any more of a chance. perhaps you can try again in a month or two so that you know they are being consistent. i’m guessing at this point you’re not sure of what to think or do, so maybe waiting a while and you might later be more certain.

        do tell us if you think about buying again =D !

  11. Agghhhh I really hope they’re trying to improve because they do have a great product! I’m so tempted to order but I still haven’t seen hide nor hair of the order I placed on Dec. 7th. I was so sure I’d get it too since the order I placed before came in 13 days!

  12. …I r..Lurking.. and all I want to say is.. o.O??? !!

    Even so.. I’m not sold that my international order will ever arrive …considering orders inside the US never arrived or took months but the temptation is SO great. They have some super awesome colours..

  13. Great to see that the new shipping system is actually working, though I really doubt that the shipping method was the reason for the delays – I just think theyre lazy fucks. Maybe I’ll give them a chance when they actually start replying to emails 🙂

  14. These look so pretty. I’d love to tempt fate and place an order, but I’m currently dealing with HauteLook.. my first ‘ordering disaster’ so far, and I think I’d go off the deep end if I had another company screw me over. I’m horrible at waiting, and long shipping times just make me nervous that they forgot to send my stuff out.. the only thing I’m not freaking out over is my first Fyrinnae order, as I know it’ll be worth it when it arrives. 🙂

  15. I wonder if this means I’ll get my order from a year ago.

    …hm. Probably not.

  16. Oh god, the temptation. Have you tried the color Savage Garden? I wore it today over Pixie Epoxy and… it’s amazing. I want to order a full size so badly but I’m so scared of being BSed again. D;

    …Well their website just disappeared, wtf? Must be my lucky day…

  17. OHHH TEMPTING… honestly, although I KNOW they don’t deserve my business, I will probably place an order Thursday night since that’s my pay day. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m literally shocked to hear that you got an order so fast.

    • I’m worried now that the website is down. Jess placed an order, got a confirmation, but it’s not doing anything.

      I’d be curious to see if the site’s back up by Thursday!

  18. Well their website’s still down… Being international I have to be more careful ordering from companies with a bad track record, they tend to screw up international shipping more than domestic, so I don’t think I’d order anyway.

    Think I’ll stick with Fyrinnae, and make my first order with Aromaleigh.

    • Going into March 10th here in the US, and yep, the site’s still down. I heard that people were saying that orders were shipping out consistently now with the new system, but geez.

      I’m extremely torn. If people are getting their new orders now, I would like to place a small order of samples to see what happens, but the page that comes up when you visit the site looks like one of those “you didn’t pay your bill/your domain expired” pages, and, well, that doesn’t give me any confidence in them.

  19. Site is back up now it seems, not sure about the not paying their bill thing as I had my site say that a few times when my domain server was down for maintenance (when I had a site) …so might be that also.

    I just received my 3rd order today that I had ordered Saturday night and they included 2 extra samples for me too. I didn’t have these ones so it was cool. 🙂

    Another problem they *might* run into I think in the future if they peak everyone’s interest again is that a ton of people might order again and bog them down. I’m not sure if I’m going to place another order right away…mainly because I’m still trying to figure out which ones to buy full size of….they all have something unique about them minus two purple shades that to me look identical…

    • Tell you what. I received my second order few weeks ago, and that’s 3+ months. No apologies and no extras or any communication. Now that she might be up her shipping time. I am not so quick to jump on this though. I’d say, give it a rest for now and order from them like a month from the date and see how they’re doing.

      I think for new system, it’s always working so great at first, then problems come out and judging by Archetype’s past performances-and they’re still not answering to emails. My experiences with them just left a big ugly scar and though pretty their colors are, it doesn’t tempt me as much. Well, good that you got your orders, people living in US is luckier than us Internationals. le sigh

  20. Okay, I really have no idea how to react. I placed a second order at Archetype after reading about your recent good fortune, and somehow my payment didn’t go through … and I found this out because Holly actually EMAILED me. And when I responded to the email, and sent the payment again, she emailed me again and told me the turn around rate is currently two-three days with priority shipping.

    So, in other words, you completely nailed this on the head. This IS crazy, ya’all.

  21. I could no longer resist. The die is cast. I really hope I get as lucky as the rest of you.

    • I just got another email (14 minutes ago!) informing me that my package will be mailed tomorrow.

      … I am speechless lol, but I hope that your order goes as smoothly as mine appears to be!

      Good luck! 🙂

      • …oh noes! I’m sold now :/.. especially since I don’t want to make another huge order off fryinnae (just yet) since they seem to be super busy and I’d feel bad making them lose sleep.. :p
        I guess i’ll have to try my luck..

        • i’ve put off buying fyrinnae too because i feel bad about the busyness, but now it doesn’t help that they are going to put up the price. i think i’m going to regret waiting :S

  22. Oh noooooo I can’t believe I’m actually reconsidering buying from her!
    Last time I ordered from Archetype it was a disaster, it took forever to arrive, sent like 12 emails and got no answer and when my order finally did arrive, about $10,- of stuff was missing.
    Again emailed about that, never got an answer about that either…

    But her pigments are awesome, I have to admit that.
    Perhaps a small order to test the waters this time is in order.
    But I won’t order $90,- worth of stuff this time, just in case.

  23. I caved and placed a 4th order?….I lost count….ordered yesterday and already shipped out today hopefully anyone else who is ordering is having the same good fortune.

    • ..Did you get an email confirming shipping? Or just paypal status changed? Tbh I feel bad about the order I placed.. (It was a totally unreasonable amount of samples and I didn’t realise how many until I checked the paypal and was like WHHAAA?..even though it WAS 3am and I WAS half asleep..)..I guess it might be a good test.

      But it’s the 13th, and my order is marked as “shipped” ..on the 14th. Not sure how the mail system works in the US. I’m hoping to get an email tomorrow.

      • I have been using paypal for all the order, just makes it easier for me. Some of my other orders were marked as shipped on a different day that was later on but she actually had gotten them out earlier so I think it just depends. That or it might not have updated? One day it said my order was set to ship on 03/06/10 but that was the day it actually got delivered to me. 🙂

        • yay! I was worried for a little while there but I also thought it might have been what you described. I was expecting some sort of email though when it was shipped since the pigment page said she’s shipped out through the 11th. I pretty much went through the entire list and picked the ones I wanted, (most of them), so I was worried the order would be refused (since it WAS outrageous).
          The samples are so cheap.. but international shipping made up 33% of the order.. so I thought might as well get them all in one go so I can get larger sizes later.

          Here’s to hoping :/