3am Shopping

One night at close to 3am I was laying in bed thinking about Dave-knows-what and I got the urge to order more Sugarpill eye shadows.  So I rolled over and found my iPhone and placed a quick order.

It arrived quickly, shipping only a day or so later, wrapped in the same awesome way my first order was, complete with more stickers.

I ordered :





I was wearing Golidlux the other day at the mall and someone stopped me to tell my that the gold was ‘off the hook’.  Yo.  I conveniently had a Sugarpill business card in my purse to give them, so I have no idea if that was effective marketing on my part or just a coincidence.

From top to bottom, left to right : Bulletproof, Lumi, Goldilux, and Absinthe

Now that it’s been out a while, I’m curious about how many people ordered it and how they’ve been liking it.  I’m crazy about the colors, they work with so much I already have, and the black is so much better then MAC’s Carbon, IMO.  I’m wearing Goldilux on the inner corner of my eyes almost daily, it’s gold, it goes with EVERYTHING, at least that’s what I tell myself.


29 Responses to “3am Shopping”

  1. Absinthe looks like my kind of perfect green. DO WANT.

  2. Honestly I love the colors I have from Sugarpill. I reached for Midori today to add color to my outer lid, because I knew it would be the PERFECT green accent.

    I do love Lumi, it’s great for inner corners/inner v, too.

    Goldilux is fantastic, as well.
    And as you know, Absinthe is such a wonderful, multi-dimensional green. Yum.

    I need to try Bulletproof. I keep thinking I should pick up Bulletproof and Tako.

    • I think you should, too.

      I still am holding out on the citrus colors, the orange and yellow. But when the next line of colors come out I’ll probably get a whole bunch.

  3. I haven’t been commenting lately (ugh busy), but I’ve been reading..especially things about Sugarpill because I’ve been drooling over it since October! And this post made my happiest because “and the black is so much better then MAC’s Carbon, IMO”. I’ve been looking for a black to replace Carbon..and until now it was pretty hard to find one but….YAY!


    • I think the pressed shadows are a lot stronger and more pigmented then anything MAC has. Bulletproof is a GREAT black.

  4. Absinthe looks stunning. I’ve wanted it since I first saw swatches. Not sure what else I want… everything just looks stunning!

  5. Goldilux is my favorite thing ever right now. And I hear you about the 3am ordering. When Amy tweeted at 3am that the palettes were available again, I went in to “OMGWANT” zombie mode and ordered the burning heart palette… probably without blinking. All I could think about was that the gold would look so pretty with a dark purple… and I didn’t have one!

    • I want to dress up like an Egyptian pharaoh sometimes, this shadow is so amazing. Why I associate one with the other I have no idea…

  6. I need to order Midori ,Asylum, and Magpie as they’re just so gorgeous.

  7. Gold DOES go with everything 🙂

    slkjdlaskjldk I need Goldilux and Bulletproof but I really dont need to buy anymore makeup at the moment D;

  8. I was originally just planning on getting the Burning Heart palette (the one with Love+) because those were the main colors I wanted (I’ve been dying for a nice yellow, and if they’re more pigmented than MAC, I can’t pass it up. And Poison Plum may be my excuse for not having MUFE 92. Love+ is just a given because it’s red and I need more red eyeshadow in my life)
    But the more swatches I see of Goldilux, the more I wonder what my life is without it. Or at least the more I wanna buy it.

    Wallet, why must you always be empty…

  9. That gold has been taunting me oh so much. I love a perfect gold, I have a gold craft paint I’ve been clinging to for years for that reason.
    I just need to make a makeup wishlist, as I sit here wondering what other color I should try.

  10. I love it.

    I need a palette. I also need Magpie.

    Oh, and I need money, too.

    Random-yet-related-to-sugarpill-note: I haven’t received something with Lisa Frank stickers all over since gradeschool-age. They make me feel all childish and giddy inside.

    • Magpie is gorgeous. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

      I know!! I love it 🙂 she’s been doing that as long as I’ve been ordering from her!

  11. Stop tempting meeeeeeee…

      • I’m waiting on my Morgana and Aromaleigh, then I have a Fyrinnae order planned… I’ll probably have to hit up Sugarpill after that. And then Concrete Minerals. And then Meow. And then probably Fyrinnae and/or Aromaleigh again because my wishlists are so long.

        Then I’ll be so broke I’ll have to sell all my clothes on ebay 😛

  12. I’m a newish reader but I’ve been obsessively stalking Sugarpill reviews, so here I am!

    I finally gave in and ordered a LOT (I wanted the free shipping for 75$) after spending a good 2 weeks waffling… and then finding out the palettes were sold out! So as soon as I saw them in stock (at 3AM at work, no less) I ordered! And I can’t wait for them to get here 😀 I picked up the Sweetheart Quad, Poison Plum, Goldilux, Lumi and Tiara… but now I really want Magpie and Decora so we’ll see…. I’m hoping I love everything!

  13. I absolutely love my Sugarpill, not only are the colours just beautiful (i too have been particularly loving Goldilux. It’s just so… gold!) but they last amazingly on me. I went dancing wearing only sugarpill last week and after a few hours of sweating and jigging around my makeup was still perfect when i got home! I have decided i ‘need’ all the colours.

    • They last forever. In fact the contrast color I wore today with my Absinthe (something from my recent Archetype order) wore off way before the Sugarpill did. Left my eyes looking REALLY odd!