So what are you? The Flying Nun?

I have to apologize for being MIA this week.  I havn’t kept up with my posts, my Twitter, or my replies.  I’m exhausted.  It’s been a hectic week and today, I have to admit, I’m a little bummed.  I was going to make myself sit down and write today, but I’m holding a moment of blog silence for Corey Haim.

Coming up, I’m…

…revisiting Glamour Doll Eyes, High Voltage, and Concrete Minerals.  Lots of new swatches.

…reviewing the Unii Palette.  You can win one in this months giveaway!

…reviewing Demeter.  Whoever told me about this company owes me 100$.

…posting March’s three challenge looks.  This has been a little trickier then I expected, but I’m excited!

…posting a few hauls including Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae.

…reviewing Haus of Gloi’s new Peach Mama products.

…reviewing a ton of Etsy shops.

I also have a ton of other stuff I’ve been working on in the line up.  I’ve been trying new products like crazy, all I need to do is find the time to sit down and write.  And then the weather has to cooperate and be sunny for pictures.  Someone’s been doing a very effective rain dance here in So Cal.

Seems like time gets away from me, I sat down to write this and then wandered away…


13 Responses to “So what are you? The Flying Nun?”

  1. Can’t wait to see the reviews and hauls! Get some rest *hugs* ^_^

  2. I can’t wait to see the reviews and hauls. Especially the fyrinnae haul

  3. In light of the balms being discontinued at Aromaleigh, do you have any recs on a replacement? I have a couple I’m currently using and am storing some others in the fridge, so I shouldn’t need any more right away, but I’d feel better to have a line on something, ya know.

    • Well, why don’t you try Silk Naturals lip products? I think they’re probably the best MMU company that does it. Creamy, pigmented and long lasting (if you don’t really drink/eat too much) and they leave a stain like finish. They now also carry vegan lip products, so check out their website. They have some non-colored lip balm-it’s in the lip care sub-category under their lip section. Awesome stuff and they are reasonably priced!

      • Thanks. I’ll check them out. I love AL’s balms ’cause they actually moisturize my lips, unlike most other balms I’ve tried that just sit there. I use them several times a day, every day, and under nearly every lipstick I have, they’re that good.

        • glad that I could be helpful. One thing though, some of SN lip stuff doesn’t contain fragrance/eo, so the smell might be a little waxy. I do not find it strong on me, but people differ. I’d suggest you buy 1 at least to test if you like it. From their lip care section would be nice. their lip stuff is soft in texture too.

  4. Im excited for the Demeter review purely because Im a MASSIVE Greek mythology nerd >_>

  5. Jules Noctambule March 11, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Oh, Demeter! I used to love their stuff, but fortunately for my wallet I haven’t had an easy time finding them since I moved. I know there’s a website, but with my body chemistry it’s better to try things on first. And I second the above about good replacements for Aromaleigh’s discontinued lip products — her lip colours are some of the best non-traditional lipsticks I’ve tried (and that’s a lot), and I’m disappointed that she’s taking an all-or-nothing approach with them after all the effort of developing the product in the first place.

    • again, go check Silk Naturals! i am not advertising or paid to, but i felt that their lip products have to be mentioned. they also carry vegan ones (no beeswax), so yay for that!

  6. mwahahahaha that would be me with the Demeter ! If you have a JR near you they usually have it at super low prices .

  7. I personally really like Demeter cologne sprays, so I’m very interested in your review. Some of their scents are quite peculiar but I love Cosmopolitan and Bulgarian Rose. The best prices for their colognes are on eBay IMO.

  8. I was dying to hear a review on Gloi’s Peach Mama. They stopped selling small sample jars for the past few days and I wasn’t sure i’d like the patchouli in it…. but after like 3 days i eventually broke down and bought a full sized scrub and perfume. I can’t wait for these lotions and new spring scents they’ve been talking about