Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion

I’m not a fan of Urban Decay.  I don’t care for their pencils (they smear all over my eyes) or their chunky eye shadows and their lipsticks are sort of blah (too sheer).  One thing I always have on hand, though, is their Primer Potion.  I had it and didn’t use it for ages because of the really horrible packaging the product comes in.  After I eventually sawed the tube open and depotted the primer into a jar I realized it’s a nice primer, but it’s not a great primer.  I use it mostly for swatches on the back of my hand, since those are most likely going to get washed off quickly after I post the photos.

When my Sephora offered me Urban Decay’s new Eden Primer to test run, I was hesitant.  The new Eden formula is supposed to be more like a Paint Pot.

An eye prep product that provides smoother, longer-lasting, and absolutely crease-proof eyeshadow—and is now offered in a very-wearable, tawny, matte hue.

I’d been using a Paint Pot or TFSI (along with every loose shadow users HG product, Pixie Epoxy) long enough that I thought I’d found the perfect primer combo.

After finally giving it a try with some of my new Fyrinnae Arcane Magic shades I realized that this primer had potential!  The formula takes a little getting used to, it’s creamy, but not really thick, but a little goes a LONG way since it’s matte.  The normal amount of primer or Paint Pot I’d normally use proved to be WAY too much with Eden.

What I like is that like a Paint Pot, it gives a smooth even base with some coverage, making for an even skin tone and base.  In a pinch you can skip the highlighter.  However, it’s not as ‘sticky’ as a Paint Pot.  Lots of loose shadow users have trouble blending over a Paint Pot base.  It gives enough of a base for the vibrancy of the colors to show in your more complex and deep shades like TFSI would, something a Paint Pot doesn’t always provide.

Again, the only hold back was the ‘genie bottle’ design.  So I had to sit and saw the thing open.  When you do this, make sure all your utensils are sterilized, your work space is clean, and you have a fresh clean jar to move your primer into.

Once you saw the bottle open (I used a steak knife) you can see how much product you just can’t get to to USE with the applicator.

Carefully scoop it all out and then cut open the wonky end at the bottle and you’ll find even more product hiding down there.

I depotted mine into a tall profile jar I buy in bulk from TKB.  As you can see, there is quite a bit of product.  Once you get it all into the jar, tap it on the table and it works it’s way to the bottom.  As it sits on a flat surface it will all eventually move to the bottom, leaving the rim of the jar clear.  I’m sort of anal about clean jars.  It’s also easier to see how much you have left using it out of a clear jar.

Once it’s depotted you’ll have to use your (clean) finger to apply it, which IMO is better then using the applicator anyway.  It provides for a smooth even base.

Would I buy Urban Decay’s Eden Primer Potion again?  Maybe.

  • From what I’ve used of it I like it, but I can get the same effect from other products.
  • It doesn’t seem to work any better then TFSI, although I do like the matte even base it gives, making it easier to use then a Paint Pot.
  • You have to use it sparingly, it seemed to crease if you use too much and it’s easy to go over board.

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  1. Im really interested in trying this one, if i can find somewhere that will ship here.

    have you tried the indelible paint pots aromaleigh sells? i’m thinking of trying them as they’re far more accessible to me than MAC.

    at the mo i’ve made up my own primer using half/half of TKB’s versagel and a thick concealer. It actually works really well! teehee.

    • I have one, but I actually don’t’ think I’ve used it more then once. I don’t recall liking it very much. I should get it out and start messing around with it.

      I do know, though, you can only use those under shadows, as in under color, and that you can’t use it to cover your entire eyelid as a concealer, which is what Eden sort of does.

  2. Hmm. My sister loves her UDPP, but then again, doesn’t use a lot of loose shadows… so I was always hesitant to buy my own. I have a MAC paint point in Bare Study, and it works fine for pressed shadows. I wound up making my own eyeshadow primer using equal parts MUFE concealer, unscented glysomed hand cream (contains silicone and glycerin, so I figured it would work instead of the body butter that was suggested in my google search), and some clear aloe vera gel i had gotten from the $1 store to make it sticky. Works well for me 🙂

    • I’ve toyed around with making my own, too. I’ve hear things about silicone liquid mixed with a little of your MM foundation, like you’re foiling it. I’ll have to explore all options, I’m always looking for interesting things to try.

      • Oh yeahhh, that’s what I used instead of concealer when I mixed a bigger batch for every day use. The first time I mixed it, it was the concealer 🙂 Now it has some Loreál MM powder that I bought but wound up never using because it’s too pale for my skin tone. Yay, recycling!

        One of my guy friends was totally weirded out when I started talking about using different primers with his lady friend. He was like “Wow, you have to prime your face, like you prime a house before you paint it?!”

        • One day I’m going to make a bunch of a different kinds and see. I love projects like that.

  3. Jules Noctambule March 11, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Perfect timing on this — I’d been considering buying it and was planning to make a trip after lunch. Looks like it come with either lots of extra effort or wasted product, so back on the couch I go!

    • It’s not bad once you understand you’re going to have to cut the thing open to use it 🙂

      • Jules Noctambule March 11, 2010 at 4:32 pm

        No plastic-slicing for me, I think — I’m accident-prone, and I like my fingers just the way they are!

  4. While I hated the original UDPP, I find that Eden is fantastic. I think it works just as well as TFSI. I think it’s better than a paint pot, because you’re right, they’re not always the best with loose shadows. I do like how it will conceal around the eyes nice and evenly, too.

    I still hate the container it comes in. Love your tutorial on how to open it 🙂

    • I was never happy with it, hence why I only ever used it on swatches, since those were not for wear, but for show, so to speak. It never stayed in place.

      I’m not sure if that’s the ‘proper’ way to do it, but hey… it worked.

  5. Ooh, a nicely review, so this eden is better than UD orginal one? And from Enkore on youtube, he suggested putting the rest of the UD primer in a click-pen applicator. His dried out after some weeks and he said that the applicator is a more tighter, but i don’t know since I did not use any UD primer. Do you think that a paint pot is better for oily lids than UD or Fyrinnae? Thanks!

    • That’s odd. Mine original had been in a little jar for MONTHS and it’s still fine.

      But those click pens have the same issues, wasted product…

      The PE isn’t a primer, you use that in addition TO a primer as a fixative. You should ask Phyrra about what she uses, I know she has oily lids, where mine are almost dry!

    • The original UDPP works well for me and my lids/skin in general are really oily – it doesn’t crease on me. If you can nab a sample from someone, it’s worth trying out. I’ve depotted mine, inadvertantly though. The bottle of my bottle cracked when I dropped it on Christmas Eve, and I got a pile out of it. It’s thickened a little bit, but that’s not really a problem, it still works perfectly.

  6. I found that stepping on the end of the bottle (very gently, with gradual pressure) will make the end “pop” off, making it even easier to scoop the stuff out. With mine, I had dropped it and it landed on it’s end a few times, and noticed a crack… I got myself some 5 gram jars and then just applied a little pressure and tore off the very bottom of it. It’s really easy to get the bottom off IMO. Then for the rest, it’s just a little elbow grease, serrated knife and being really careful 😛

    I tried Eden in Sephora, though only on my hand. I like the smooth, matte finish. Not sure if I want to invest in it, though.

  7. Primers are a tricky thing. Some are good for this..others are good for that. TFSI makes the shadows more vibrant but it creases on me. I think I’m going to pick up Eden next time.

    I’ve yet to find a primer that does it all.

    • I usually switch mine up depending what I’m wearing. I’ve been using the Eden exclusively for about a week just to see how it performs.

      I might need some more time.

  8. Thanks for this. I’m still looking for a nice eye primer and was considering UD. Now I really don’t think I’ll spring for it. I’m sure I’ll eventually find the right one.

  9. That’s interesting that storing it in a jar like that hasn’t made it dry out! I’ve heard glass jars or old fluid line and paintpot jars are better for holding the Primer Potion but if that jar works it’d be a nice alternative!

    • I just used it the other day, it’s still juicy and nice and it’s been depotted since, likeeeee… Halloween?

  10. I’ve been using alternating between Fyrrinae’s light primer and Ben Nye stage foundation in Pale Biscotti (it’s not like I’m ever gonna act again) with PE; both seem to be working pretty well, but I can’t compare it to the major brands. I’d love to try TFSI or either UDPP, but I live over a hundred of miles from the nearest Sephora, and I don’t want to drop $17+shipping on something I may only use once. *sigh*

  11. Hm. I’ve been wondering about this one.

    The only products from Urban Decay that I have and really like are the Pore Perfecting Primer and (if I can get them on sale) the eyeshadows.

    I bought a lipstick. Once. Now, the colour is pretty and all (Gash), but the lipstick tasted AWFUL. It’s not a rancid-y taste or anything, it’s just a horrible chemical taste and smell. I bought the lippie several months ago, so it’s too late to return, but I’m seriously thinking about calling UD up anyway and asking them if that’s normal for their lipsticks. I mean, how could you even think about kissing anyone when you’re afraid that the TASTE OF YOUR LIPSTICK would be a huge turnoff???

    Do you find your UD lipstick funny-tasting/smelling?

    • I only have one little Urban Decay lipstick, it’s a sample (I’d never have paid for it) but it doesn’t taste like anything.

      I did like their Primer Potion, but of course, I was only using samples, I never did buy a full sized…

  12. I actually really like UDPP, although I haven’t gotten around to trying TSFI yet. I’m kind of upset with Urban Decay though. I can ONLY buy their products online, and Eden is not on the website 😦

    • I think once you do try TFSI you’ll see the difference. I was always like, “Wellll, it can’t be that much better”, but IMO, it is much better for vibrancy!

  13. Hey Grey I have a question. Would you be able to do a section of blogs stating colors that work amazing on certain eye colors? hazel, brown, grey, blue etc.
    It would be greatly appreciated from a few of your alberta, canada readers!
    A group of us are really curious if you would do this for us!
    Thanks ^.^

    • I’m sorry! I’m not a makeup artist or anything, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t be qualified to say.

      I only know what works for me, and even then I don’t stick to many rules 😦

    • Fyrinnae have a page on their site that has eyeshadows sorted by skintone and eye color. Personally I don’t go for that sort of thing, I like to wear whatever the heck I feel like:)

  14. I use UDPP and I never realised how impractical the packaging is until I read this. Thanks for the advice on how to get it open 😀

    • I thought, for the longest time, my tube was empty until I read someone else complaining about it. I was going to throw it away, figured it wouldn’t matter if I sawed it open, and there was a TON of product left in it I was about to waste!

  15. Thank you for the tip about sawing open the UD PP container and depotting it! PP works great for me, but I was sure my tube was running out and I needed to go purchase some more. Nope, a huge amount in there!

    Which led me to gaze speculatively at my tube of MAC Prep & Prime SPF50 (my favorite primer ever), and then take the razorblade to it, too. Voila! Tons and tons more of it, now in a jar.