I Aim to Misbehave.

Every cowboy, space or otherwise, needs a holster.  For practical reasons I’ve chosen this one, made out of a fine suiting in burgundy and olive green.  This sturdy beauty laces up the back like a corset with pockets and buckles and clips to keep all my odds and ends at my fingertips, least an emergency arise.

Playing off the green in the stripes of the holster this leather cuff, fashioned to look like a stack of bangles, is the perfect rustic accessory.  I have no idea why, but everyone needs something sturdy around their wrist.  Especially if you get in a vicious gun fight.

Living in space, back and forth, planet to planet, one tends to pick up the odd bits of this and thats.  This elegant necklace is the result of a little tinkering with those oddments.  In the shape of the proverbial and delicate firef.ly it adds a touch of whimsy and soft charm to an otherwise rough and tumble existence.

There isn’t always time for a hot bath, or to properly brush your hair, I’d imagine, so having a headband to keep your locks out of your face is important.  This beautifully sequined band is both functional and… beautiful.  Because the air in the ship can get a little stale, the perfect scent is crucial.  This one mimics the open air of a summer field, so sorely missed among the stars.

A simple smokey eye is probably best.  Aromaleigh’s Rocks! in Double Dare and Pure Eyes in Lisianthus are the perfect combo.  Pair that with a brown lip with Aromaleigh’s Bette Noir Color Creme in Monique for an easy wearing compliment.  Go bold with your nail polish with Maybelline Express Finish polish in Go Go Green.  Cause really, who in the ‘verse has time to wait for their nail polish to dry?

Captain Tightpants approves.


18 Responses to “I Aim to Misbehave.”

  1. pretty pretty !I love that headband !

  2. So awesome! I really like were you went with this one; totally worth waiting for.

    And sweet merciful Buddha, I love the necklace! Forget the pony and plastic rocket!

    • I’ve gotten SO MANY compliments on that necklace. It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for, too.

      Wait till you see what I’m doing with yours. I’m just waiting on some custom made things. I really hope you like it 🙂

  3. Hellz yeah I love it! 😀 And Firef ly really is the greatest smell in the world. So real! I spray it before I go to sleep and it’s like I’m sleeping in a field lol

    • Was it you who made me buy that one?!

      • yup yup 🙂 I wish I had gotten the perfume version of it, I just have the air freshener (which I spray on me… hahaha)

        • I just have a small bottle of it. Smelling it I got it on my septum ring the other day and I kept getting whiffs of it and thinking, WOW, it’s really nice outside today!!

  4. I thought you were making a reference to Cowboy Bebop instead of Fireffly D:

    • I have no idea what Cowboy Bepop is…

      • Hahaha Cowboy Bobop is about space Cowboy bounty hunters. its an amusing anime.

        Also love firefly and this outfit is amazing. i want that necklace too.

  5. Ooh so pretty. I adore these posts. And i want so many scents from Demeter.

  6. That necklace is so incredibly charming, I love it! The headband reminds me of something Inara might have tucked in a drawer. ❤

    And of course, the obligatory "fuck yeah, Firefly!" 😉