Picks of the Week

Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush

Love this stuff.  I had been using my other scrubs daily, but I really wanted to give this version a try.  I actually think I like it better…  My other lip scrubs leave sort of a balmy/greasy feeling on my lips, which I realize it’s supposed to, the contain a conditioner as well.  This Lush one is JUST a sugar scrub, so if I’m using it in the before I apply makeup I don’t have to WASH the other stuff off first.  So it’s perfect for in the morning.  And it tastes like candy and I always want to eat it.  It’s 4.50£ from the UK site, which is about 6.75$.  It’s not available on the US site.

Nail Art Pens

I got mine at Target.  I think one was 6$ and the other around 7$.  Either way they were worth it.  After you prime them a few times they have little felt tips and you can write really carefully on your nails.  I’ve been drawing little skull and hearts over grey polish.  Once you’ve got your design, just seal everything with a top coat.  As much as I LOVE my Konad, sometimes I don’t want to mess with the set up, so these little pens are a great alternative.

TAZO Wild Sweet Orange Tea

I can’t have anything with caffeine.  So that rules out a lot of the fancy teas I used to love and it leaves me in the enormous tea aisles here in Wholefoods reading boxes carefully.  Some Herbal teas DO have it, some Greens don’t, and amount it a White is almost minimal… it’s pretty confusing.  I was excited at my last trip to find this TAZO version to be caffeine free.  It’s a juicy blend of lemongrass, citrus herbs, licorice root, and orange essences.  It’s tangy and delicious and I’ve been drinking it all the time.


22 Responses to “Picks of the Week”

  1. My favorite one is the Mint Julips scrub, but I also like the Chocolate Orange. 😀 (I got mine when BNever made them.) They used to make one that had chili in it…!

    Lush NA will be getting them, but it’s just a matter of time, but it’ll be cheaper at the UK site, esp. with VAT removed, woo!

  2. That tea sounds really nice. I have a lot of Tazo teas that I get from spas and I don’t think I’ve ever tried any…

    I would consider the lip scrub, but that’s…a lot of product. Which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m so used to the amount I have to use with Sobe’s lip scrub that the Lush one sounds almost intimidating. Nevertheless, I do like Lush’s exfoliators. I miss using Ocean Salt every so often.

  3. That tea sounds really good! I’ll have to be on the lookout for it to try sometime.

    • You should, I generally stick to one or two flavors, but this one really caught my interest.

  4. Those lip scrubs leave me in a quandry. They smell great and i do need to exfoliate my lips as they’re practically always chapped. But it’s just sugar, flavour and some oil. It would be SO easy to make my own for about 10p. But can i be bothered? Hmmm.

  5. TheTeaTable.com has a lot of awesome caffeine free teas! Though they are loose-leaf teas, but still SO yummy ❤

  6. How long do you usually steep your Sweet Wild Orange tea? because I tried it once (after steeping for about 10-20 minutes), and I couldn’t stand it, but my coworker says he usually steeps it for several hours, and it’s delicious.

    • OMG, for like 4 or 5 minutes tops!! Wow, I like my tea strong, but that’s a LONG time for tea. I’ve never heard of steeping tea that long! In general I use this little chart.

      Green Tea 1 – 3 minutes
      White Tea 4 – 8 minutes
      Oolong Tea 1 – 8 minutes
      Black Tea 3 – 5 minutes
      Herbal 5 – 8 minutes

    • Whoa, several hours? I’ve only heard of doing that if you’re trying to make a “tea” by steeping ginger slices in a crock pot. If you steep your tea for too long, you release tannins that will make it bitter. Loose leaf teas you can get away with steeping for longer periods of time. Because the bagged versions (will not make sexual innuendo joke, will not make sexual innuendo joke, will not make sexual innuendo joke) have been pre-ground, they have a higher tannin content, and you shouldn’t steep those for longer than a few minutes.

      Peppermint tea is my favorite tea 🙂 It’s caffeine free, freshens your breath, and is great for de-bloating if you’re trying to fit in to a pair of pants 🙂

  7. That tea is the best tea I have ever had and every time I go to the store to buy it is sold out.

  8. Ooh, tea! Something I actually know about! 😀 For six years, I worked at a tea shop located around the corner from a hospital; we got people in every day that couldn’t have caffeine. The top three ingredients to avoid are yerba mate, camellia sinensis (true tea), and cacao nibs. Beyond that, you’re dealing with trace amounts that most people tolerate well… If you’re ever unsure, feel free to tweet me!

    Bagged tea doesn’t necessarily contain more tannins, but since they’re more crunched up, the tannins leach out quicker than in an equivalent whole leaf tea. (Also, bags were historically lower quality than loose, so they included old/overfermented leaves and were generally grosser tasting. Also also, if a bag is made with cheap paper, it’ll impart it’s own bitter, tannnin-y quality.)

    And yeah, several hours seems a bit OTT, but whatever f.loats your boat, I guess. I’ve forgotten about cups of WSO & come back a few hours later; it *is* good after that long, but not much different than after 10 minutes.

    • Is it true that white tea naturally has very little caffeine? Any little bit and I’m crazy sick… But my favorite tea was this white and cherry blend.

      • Coffee=about 100 mg caffeine/8 oz
        Black tea=about 30
        Oolong=about 20
        Green=about 15
        White=about 7
        Red=0, because it’s not Camellia sinensis at all!

        Keep in mind, all this depends on how long you brew, whether you’ve got whole or broken leaves, water temp, etc. Was your favorite blend bagged or loose? If it was bagged, it’s possible there wasn’t very much white tea per serving, and you couldn’t see it.

  9. If you like red teas at all, the ones at MountainRoseHerbs.com are all listed as caffeine free. A few of the other varieties are as well. The red rooibos is great, sweet without being overpowering.

  10. When I saw this photo, I gasped (internally) and was like “I recognise that tea packet!”. I pulled open the drawer next to me and saw the empty Wild Sweet Orange sachet that I’ve been saving ever since I enjoyed the tea. I got one tea bag, randomly in an ephemera swap I did on Craftster with someone in the US. I loved it so much I Googled it straightaway afterwards, but couldn’t find anywhere in the UK that sells it. I’m happy to order eyeshadow from the US, but not tea, really…

    I just looked again and now I’ve found a online store in the UK that I can order it from! Yay!

  11. I got introduced to the new lush lip scrub after the swedish shop assistant recognised me as the girl who bought a lot of snowfairy at christmas.

    I love how simple it is, and the flavour…. really need to make sure I don’t eat it though…