When I first saw this inspiration imagine I focused quickly on the shear ruffle-like quality of the tentacles.  They were beautiful, soft, and feminine.  I envisioned a look built around the elegance of those ruffles.

The pumps, Anda by Romantic Soles, are the perfect starting point.  The strap swirls around as a soft ruffle, mimicking shapes in the tank.  I paired them with simple opaque black tights so as to not draw attention away from the ruffles.

Seeing this fascinator, from Which Goose on Etsy, I knew I had to have it.  The ribbons and embellishments perched on the top form soft loops, like the many arms of some dark octopus.

Following the sheer ruffled theme and completing the lady like look, I chose these fingerless gloves. I went with a more literal interpretation for the necklace, ordering this die cut acrylic Octopus from Untamed Menagerie.

Switching from the elegance of black I went with a soft, almost icy, blue for the eye.  I used the inspiration of the blues in the tank, picking Aromaleigh Pure Eyes in Bluebell – a sheer light blue frost, Aromaleigh En Pointe in Serenade – a plush deep blue, and Aromaleigh Pure Eyes in Lillith an almost metallic blue lustre.  I’d recommend a heavy, dramatic black liner, however, I’d skip a pointed wing.  The look here is smooth and round, instead opt for wispy lashes.  I chose a golden sheen instead of a blush for the check, Aromaleigh Illuminating Perle Powder in Allure, a soft champagne, to pay homage to the golden hue of the octopus in the tank.  For the lip I’d recommend keeping it sheer, perhaps something with a soft and creamy, skip anything frosty or icy so the focus stays on the blue of the eye.

From left to right : Bluebell, Serenade, Lillith, and Allure

For a bit of whimsy on the nail, use Nfu-Oh in 054.  It looks almost green in the bottle, but applied it a sheer blue with random flakes of icy blues.


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  1. Those shoes comes up to a 12 AND in wide AND in hot pink. Wow. I’m sorely tempted to try them…

  2. Ah, I love the makeup you chose for this look. I can see the end result SO CLEARLY in my head.

    Btw, I want to say thank you for using aromaleigh’s plush shadows so much in your look. I never gave them much thought, but recently picked a few as samples and fell in love. Most of my spring looks revolve around a light wash of “petit fours” all over my lid, and a thick line of black eyeliner– kind of a modern geisha look. They’re really so versatile, and I never would have known if it weren’t for you.

    • I’ve really been into blues for some reason. I’ve been working on WHICH blues for this looks for a week, and I think these three work out the best, no matter how you apply them, they’ll blend and work.

  3. I think that’s a wonderful interpretation of the picture combined with your own style.

    Also, how gorgeous is that nail polish bottle!?

  4. Hey there, I just came across your site about a week ago and I’ve been really enjoying it, so thank you for putting in the time and effort. In my browsing I haven’t seen if you’ve told us where you get your Nfu-Oh polishes from, they are super cute and I’m knd of a nail polish whore >.> lol


  5. I love your accessory choices! I would love to see the rest of the outfit. ❤

    I have an octopus necklace myself, though mine is just a small charm on a thin chain. It's a smaller version of that oversize metal octopus necklace that was really popular on Etsy about a year ago.

    • I have no idea what I’d wear with the rest of it yet. Something black…

      • I was thinking a black dress with plenty of ruffles, maybe some ribbon, and a very full skirt. Sort of in an EGL style, only without the white accents that tend to dominate that particular lolita genre.

        Now I’m gonna play with polyvore to see if I can find a good dress. xD

  6. Those shoes are so gorgeous.

  7. Grey, is there a reason why you took Vi’s comment from earlier down?

    • Yup.

      I let it post at first thinking it was odd to comment with a rant about Aromaleigh under a post about something else entirely.

      Then when I discovered she’s posted just about the same thing in a bunch of other places it went, in my opinion, from an off handed remark to an attempt to start drama. Considering she’d voiced the complaint already several times over, there was no need to keep it posted here.

      • Um, yeah, I noticed too. Yep, that’s me. I thought it was the right place to post because it’s also about Aromaleigh, but you don’t have a review of Aromaleigh elsewhere. I know that in some of your review place, like in Archetype, people also ranted out at them, so… but maybe I should stop doing this since this is your blog and you are the boss. Won’t stop me from reading your blog anyway.

        And a “bunch” of places is a few, I did not degrade her in anyway, but I expected. i did not post it in Aromaleigh forum. Things happen to other people always seems faraway, but when it happenes to me, it’s a different story.

        Please don’t delete this one, I am not starting drama or fight here, just staing m honest opinion. My Live Dialog was erased, BTW… nowhere in sight. Please don’t take this personally.

        • I would think it’s far more appropriate to post anything about Aromaleigh in the Aromaleigh post regarding the lip products (which if I understand is what you’re complaining about in the first place) just a day or so previous to this.

          • oops, I didn’t see that. However, I will not bother repeating what’s been done. miss K came to resolve this and I shall have the courtesy to end this dispute. I do not wish this to go on forever. people make mistakes and it’s normal. See ya

  8. Vi,
    That was a private message that I sent you- I dont’t know why you think it was public, but it was a private dialogue- not something others could see.

    I did not call you out in public, I did not attack you. You are over-reacting and do not understand that was just between you and I.

    You were very blatantly pushing readers to Silk Naturals in the lippie alternative thread, which I deleted. Your push for the brand was very strong, and in light of the fact that I am trying to clear my lippies, and just spent 5 days of very hard labor pouring thousands of lippies from my remaining ingredients, I felt it was not only a violation of forum rules (don’t push competing brands) but also disrespectful to me.

    I pay for the Aromaleigh forum, and it’s my choice to disallow blatant recommendations for other brands, which yours was.

    That is why the entire thread was removed, and why I DM’d you (and the originator of the post, as well as some others) to remind them of that forum rule and how it especially applied to this situation.

    I think you are confused and think that our correspondence is public- I assure you with all confidence, that it was not.

    I am sorry that you did not like being told to please have respect and follow the forum rules, but your post was so clearly testimonial/advert for another company that I felt it really crossed the line and to be honest, it ticked me off.

    Now that you understand that the dialogue was private, I hope that this sheds light on the situation for you- because contacting every beauty blog that has written about Aromaleigh and posting inaccurately about what was a private dialogue with good reason, is not necessary and some readers may see your actions as trolling.

    I was going to moderate your posts, but chose not to. I decided that the private message reminding you of the forum rules was enough.

    I hope you understand better now.



    • Miss K

      I want to thank you for explaining this. But the thing is, you told me to (omit)please(omit) have some respect, and while I later aplogized to you, I think your tone of voice in this post is just right. I don’t expect you to be ultra nice because I just know that as a human being, emotions got the best of us and I’m one of them.

      Regarding that lip brand, I thought I was doing a favor to the poster and I listed some properties. Little did i know, I made a mistake. If without people making mistakes, people would not learn about it. I learned that I should choose my words more carefully. And I’m SORRY again if you feel that I’m hurting your business, but was never my intention. I think, may I suggest, your forum rules needed a bit revamping. Nor am I trolling either, I’m merely venting out my feelings and I did not degrade you.

      I’ve learnt a valuable lesson from this and I knwo our little dialogue is private. In a business, however, there will always be negative experiences and comments. i can assure you are not the first and you are not the last. Don’t you worry, I won’t post in another blogger’s post about this. (I’ve only posted a couple, not a whole bunch.) Another thing, if you were saying that you moderate my post (as in that thread) I would not be more desperate. Now that you’ve reminded me the forum rule, I will rememeber it at heart. Thanks again for writing it out to me in time.

  9. Those shoes are terribly cute – I really like your sense of style, you pick out such great things that seem to go together so well, even though one wouldn’t normally expect them to. I also like the necklace, and, coincidentally, now you’ve tipped me off to where Petrilude got the necklace I saw in one of his recent YouTube videos.

    The eye look intrigues me, and I’d definately like to try it.

    As for the nail polish, I’ve seen Nfu-Oh come up in beauty blogs, but it’s a splurge I haven’t made yet. How would you rate their application, wear, etc?

    • I really like the Nfu Oh. This bottle is yours, which is why it wasn’t on my nails or swatched 🙂

      I havn’t had any problems with it, I use a nice base and it goes on smooth. The Holos you can’t really use a top coat and they sort of wear off before they chip…

      • Really? *insert crap-eating grin here*

        I had completely missed that there was any sort of prize when you put the contest up – I just really wanted to see if maybe, just maybe, you’d be inspired by something that inspires me.