Archetype Cosmetics – A Follow Up

I’ve been keeping my eye on Archetype, and from what I hear is that orders are arriving within a week of being placed.  Indeed, Jess’s order was placed and shipped within days as well, although it arrived with the DC# never having been scanned, which of course caused her to freak out that the hype was just hype.  I was concerned that although she’d gotten shipping notice they hadn’t actually mailed anything.

Imagine my surprise when she came over with a nice sized order!  Again it was well packed and contained several (five if I’m not mistaken) samples.

She ordered :

Fuchsia’s for Simon

Plastic Pink

Glass Coffin

Weeping Willow

Ash Flower

Soap Bubble

Integra’s Dog II


From top to bottom, left to right : Artemesia, Fuchsia’s For Simon, Plastic Pink, Glass Coffin, Weeping Willow, Soap Bubbles, Integra’s Dog II, and Ash Flower

I don’t know if it was because it wasn’t MY order and not the colors I would have picked, but for some reason I thought to look at the swatches on the site and compare them to the actual product.  I’m sure it’s not surprising that many of them were very misrepresented.

Artemesia shows as an intense purple/pink and it’s actually a medium deep purple.

Soap Bubble shows green and it’s actually silvery and quite chunky.

Itengra’s Dog II shows as a nice bright red and it’s actually quite coppery.

Ash Flower shows as a soft wispy purple it’s actually a dingy grey.

I’m actually considering taking the product I have now and adding my own base in hopes to make them more wearable.  As is they are fine, but as so many people note, they also tend to be glitter bombs.  While using PE makes them perform well, I’d rather be able to have them be easier to work with.  The colors themselves are really interesting.  They are multifaceted, but obviously just straight mica and glitter blends.  IMO this makes them more an ingredient then a product.

While orders are being shipped, emails are still not being answered.  I hear ones regarding current orders are, in fact, quickly replied to when it comes to a matter of payment, however inquires about past and missing orders are ignored.  No apology for the past problems or still unfulfilled orders has been made.

After much consideration as well as a few further orders and inquires I would say that I still do NOT recommend Archetype and would suggest if you order you do so knowing full well the problems of the past.


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  1. It’s quite rediculous that they seem to think they can just sweep the problems under the rug and nobody will notice the huge lump.

    • I know. I’m tempted to run an experiment, place an order but mistype my CC# so they HAVE to email me…

  2. i will never order from them. getting screwed over once is enough for one lifetime… but omfg i need fuchsia’s for simon in my life.

    • There are a few similar pinks out there from much more reputable companies that would probably have much better formulas.

  3. I originally was blown away by Archetype because the colors are complex, but they’re … thin, lacking a base, and it’s hard to appreciate the complexity. You can make it better by using Pixie Epoxy, or even a paint pot. The best base I’ve found for them has been the Nyx Jumbo Eye pencils, because they give a colored sticky base. But, after using complex colors from Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh and Dreamworld, I’ve found that you can make complex colors and put in a good enough base that you don’t have to use a jumbo eye pencil.

    I think it’s very shabby that Archetype’s owner won’t respond to written letters and emails regarding past problems. She states on her site that if you contact her, she’ll send you a phone number, but she didn’t do that in my case.

    I would agree with you that some of the swatch colors and descriptions are off, too. I was actually disappointed with a couple of the Halloween colors from my last order because they just didn’t match up with the swatch or the color description and I was upset that because they were LE I’d purchased a small full size as opposed to a sample. I think I was especially disappointed with Bats! as it was described as a soft slightly translucent deep purple with a weird chartreuse glitter, because you couldn’t see any chartreuse (yellow green) in it. It ended up looking slightly gold.

    But, I did really love Lolita’s Lollipop, China White, Jar of Sorrows and Raven’s Feather, so I guess it’s hit or miss.

    • I don’t have any of those colors, of course.

      But I’m going to order from them again until they start answering to some of the issues people have been having. It’s ABSURD they can just blatantly ignore email after email.

      Thanks for the tip on the NYX pencil. I have a few, don’t usually use them, but I’ll pull them out.

  4. I like the colors I got, but agree that they are glitter bombs, and the website pictures aren’t really accurate. I’ve been wearing the shadows for a couple days in a row, and I like them enough. What I really like is the lip products, although I’ve just swatched them and haven’t worn them on my lips yet. I’m going to do a full review in a few weeks.

  5. Reading this has confirmed that i was right to not try them now they’ve actually started shipping orders. The colours are pretty but you’re right, they don’t look as bright as in the website photos and the fact they haven’t even apologised to people they’ve screwed over, let alone offer refunds or anything really is unforgivable to me.

  6. I really wish people woudn’t buy from her at all. What she is doing is ILLEGAL – taking people’s money and then not keeping up her end of the transactions. People should not deal with her until she posts an apology for her disgusting business practises on her web site, contacts all people who have been waiting months, apologise personally to them, refund their shipping and send out their freaking order with free samples and coupons. There are that many other amazing companies out there, with great products and who actually understand customer service, that I don’t see why it’s necessary for anyone to go back to Archetype.

    The more you buy from her the more she feels she can get away with these utterly appaling misdeeds. If people stop giving her business, then she might actually change. I will never buy from her, even if she does get her act together and start acting like a business owner actually should, rather than a small child who doesn’t want to put their toys away.


    • Agree. Looks like she’s selectively choosing to answer emails. It sucks that some people still haven’t gotten orders from her. yeah, it’s true, now she’s more organised in getting her orders out. However, with such ignorant responses to past problems is uncool and cold. I do not think all those people’s orders got “lost” (maybe some do) just because they were sent first class intl mail. priority shipping or not, her biggest problem is ignoring her past clients’ need for communications in need to know what happened to their orders waiting months after months or even years.

  7. Not sure about the Paypal rules, but the merchant service companies who process credit cards will revoke a merchant’s rights to accept credit card payments if there are a large number of disputes/complaints, which may be behind this sudden onslaught of orders actually showing up on time. As much as I would have liked to order the past several years, I’ve held off supporting such terrible customer service.
    In my years of mineral make up purchases, I’ve seen this happen too many times. Orders stop getting filled, usually the post office gets blamed, then when there are disputes/complaints/threat, the company starts filling orders again, customers are happy, they post about how please they are. More people order, the merchant takes the money and runs. Archetype is following the footsteps of Botany, Mineral Boutique, Barefaced Minerals, and Pure Luxe, to name a few.

    • I hadn’t heard anything about Pure Luxe 😦

      • I happened to mosey over to the Delphi forums and that’s how I found out about it. Apparently she moved her shop and isn’t answering phone calls or emails (this according to her own forum). The ones who are publicly complaining are getting their orders without explanation or apology.
        I had an odd experience with an order from her last summer. But I did get my order several weeks later ( a swirling bowl that was apparently on backorder with the supplier) so I said nothing since I’m not a regular customer.

  8. Sorry, I’m not buying from this company just because ordered are actually being shipped. I’m still waiting on my Hi-Fi (three weeks, darn it!) order and have yet to experience some goodness from more reputable etailers.

  9. Bleurgh I was tempted to order, but now I won’t.

    So theyre not blended on a base at all? =/

  10. grey, when will you do a review of Dreamworld Minerals? I find that Dreamworld’s eyeshadows are similar in quality to Archetype’s except, Dreamworld’s have better adhesion and bases. not just glitter bombs. I would love to buy from Dreamworld’s once they open again. I don’t really want to buy from Archetype again because I am afraid that they will run with people’s money so i don’t want to later become a scapegoat and all that for recommending them. LOL

    Jayne Dough, there’s this biggest scammer in MMU company ever: Calypso Minerals. I’ve found tons of people complaining about it. Turns out the etsy shop was closed by Etsy team because the owner just does a crappy job at responding to customer and actually ran with customers’ money. one of them includes someone who spent over 100AUD (or more). Search it on google, Calypso Minerals Scam is the first category in the dropdown menu.

    • I have reviewed both Dreamworld as well as Calypso!


    • Julia, fortunately the Calypso minerals scam detonated before I even knew they existed. I’m new to blogs, and read about them that way. Now that I’m finding my way around the blogs, I’m checking reviews before I consider buying from anyone.

  11. I’m so glad you’re still not recommending them. I just can’t give (more) money to a company with such a bad reputation. She’s not even trying -that- hard to fix it. She’s just sending out orders. I need more than that. I also need it to KEEP happening. I haven’t recieved an email, refund, apology, or my order from a year ago. I’m glad people are getting their orders, but I don’t trust that company anymore.

    Also, now that you said the colors are misrepresentations, glitter bombs (which I HATE), and don’t have a base I’m definitely not. All of that mixed with horrible customer service is just a nooooo.

  12. Well..I got my international order. Ordered on the 11th arrived on the 23rd. It’s about the same time my fyrinnae order took after it was shipped.

    in total I ordered 65 items mainly pigment samples and minis (the shipping was almost more than the order itself so I thought I might as well get them in one go). I checked the invoice and everything was included except one sample which was missing. I did get 5 included samples one of which I had already ordered but four unique ones. So I guess I lost one and gained ..three unique one replacement and one dupe sample?

    I’m not really sure what to say except I really do like most of the colours.