I finally ran across the Milani 3D Holographic Nail Polishes yesterday, after having been looking for them for a while.  I was looking for an inexpensive alternative to the 12.50$ Nfu-Oh Holos that I love so much.

The display was picked over.  While the store had several colors, they were obviously used, the bottles a mess, and I don’t feel confident buying product like that.  The only color available, then, was514 Hi RES, which is a shade of purple.

This morning I sat down to redo my polish and discovered that the Milani Holo polish isn’t holographic at all.  It’s got the same ‘appearnce’ of a holo shade, that is the floating bits of silver, but they are much bigger and obvious then in the Nfu-Oh Holos.  It takes several layers of the Milani polish to get full opaque coverage, and with the NFU-Oh shades I only need two, using my preferred base, of course.  The shimmer sometimes looks like it’s got a mild rainbow tint to it, but there certainly isn’t anything holographic about that.  It compares to Nfu-Oh 68, which is a non-holographic purple in a much more vibrant and rich shade.  Once dried the Milani simply looks like a shimmery purple shade with absolutely no holographic properties at all.

From left to right : Milani Hi Res, Nfu-Oh 68, Nfu-Oh 63, anf Nfu-Oh 65

Would I purchase Milani 3D Holographic polish again?  No.

  • It’s not holographic at all.
  • It’s not a very good quality, requiring too many layers.
  • For the price (about 5$US) I could get a bottle of China Glaze.

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  1. In fact, if you’re looking for a cheaper Holo alternative to Nfu-Oh, you might want to consider polishes from the China-Glaze OMG collection. I don’t know if you can find them in stores, but you can get them for a little over $3 at discount beauty supply shops online, such as 8ty8beauty, or transdesign. I have DV8, and LOL, and the holo in both is excellent, especially in sunlight.

    • Have you ordered from either of those places before?

      • I ordered from 8ty8 beauty, and while there was a mix-up with my order (mostly because my address is weird, and some auto-mailing services need it to be put in a certain way, or it’s not recognized as valid), their customer service was really helpful, and then sent out another package after I called. Downside is that they overcharge for shipping, and (in my opinion) over-package the nail polishes (for example, the 11 nail polishes I ordered shipped in a large priority mail box), but the prices are quite a bit less than retail, so I’m personally not overly bothered by the shipping costs. On the bright side, once we did get shipping worked out, it shipped pretty quickly, considering it was coming from New York (I think it was 3-4 days?)

        I haven’t ordered from transdesign yet, so I’d recommend looking up reviews for them before ordering. The prices are slightly less than 8ty8, so I was thinking of trying them next, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      • I’ve ordered from both and received my orders pretty promptly.

        I do think the OMG collection is FANTASTIC.
        Also, there’s Color Club Revvvolution if you want a black/grey holo.
        It’s hot!

  2. Aww how disappointing for you. Thanks for this, i was debating ordering some from the states. Definately won’t be doing that now!

  3. I am rather fond of the China Glaze holos, OMG Collection and otherwise. I have ordered from both 8ty8 and Head2Toe Beauty multiple times, and had good experiences with both; I tend to lean towards Head2Toe (I wish their page layout didn’t like to break on me, though).

    I don’t think either one overcharges for shipping, considering that 1) we know nail polish falls victim to US postal regulations, 2) it’s supposed to be packed in such a way that, should one of the bottles leak or break, it would keep in the box or be absorbed by the packaging, and not seep out of the box, and 3) it’s still way cheaper than purchasing them from, say, Ulta, or even Sally’s, especially if you’re getting 8 or 10 bottles.

    • I can’t seem to find the OMG around here, and I’m also not exactly crazy about the name, but eh, I’m weird like that.

      I’ll have to check the sites out!

  4. I hate it when people try out products from items that aren’t testers. ugh.

    And that sucks that your Milani 3D polish doesn’t look good. ): All the other swatches I’ve seen of it look fairly prismatic. What kind of topcoat do you use?

    Amazon also sells nail polish at discount prices, through 3rd party sellers (though I’ve never had a problem). And I’ve heard good things about head2toebeauty.com, but haven’t personally tried them yet.

    • I didn’t use a topcoat. I typically don’t on the holos, they don’t really look as nice.

      I tried to play with the light a little to get some reaction and got nothing. 😦

  5. I have the blue Milani one, and I agree that the polishes are very sheer. The blue actually turns out to be a holo when certain light hits it. I get more of the holo effect underneath the sun than I do in artificial light.

    I had to do three coats and even still, no full coverage. :/

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one with a poor experience! I sort of wanted to try the blue, but the purple was the only one not mangled.

  6. I’ve been happy ordering from 8ty8, I haven’t tried Head2toe. Better selection and prices are better (even with shipping) than buying at Sally. Disappointing about the Milani. I tend to avoid buying anything that isn’t packaged or sealed from drugstores since I find so many opened bottles.

  7. I bought that purple one a couple weeks ago. My first and only “holo”. I agree, it’s really sheer. I think I did four coats and decided that was as far as I was willing to go with it. I like it well enough, but I don’t have anything to compare it to, so what do I know. lol

    I’ve ordered twice from Head2Toe, and am very satisfied with them, for the most part. The first order came UPS, and took forever, but my second came via USPS, and was here in just a few days. Decent shipping cost considering that it’s polish, no extra charges, good packaging, and good prices.

  8. Damn, blogs like Temptalia and You’ve Got Nail made them look awesome 😦

    • I know! I went and looked at them and I have NO idea what they did, cause I don’t even have a photo-editing program on my computer to even mess around with brightness or anything, so I’m wondering how ‘tweeked’ those are.

  9. After reading reviews on several nail polish blogs, I’ve decided that I’ll order from Victoria’s Nail Supply if I ever decide to haul some holos. I swear I’m not affiliated with VNS; I’m just sufficiently convinced that it offers the best value, customer service, and turnaround time among the popular nail polish etailers. I did identical test carts of my wishlist with Victoria’s Nail Supply, Head2Toe, and 8ty8, and VNS was the cheapest for both merchandise and shipping. My mock order was mostly China Glaze with some Orly and some Color Club. VNS’s website is the easiest to navigate while the Head2Toe and 8ty8 websites offend my design sensibilities. It irks me that 8ty8 doesn’t provide an automated shipping quote and states that you need to call them if you want a shipping quote before they charge you. Head2Toe and VNS both offer immediate shopping cart shipping quotes with UPS. Even though I had the exact same cart for both, Head2Toe quotes $11.06 while VNS quotes $10.34. Sure, not a big difference, but VNS has ongoing Gifts With Purchase whereas H2T and 8ty8 only offer occasional discount codes for 5% off (maybe at most 10% off). The flexibility of an ongoing GWP appeals to me more than the feeling of “OMG must spend $$$ now to take advantage of the discount.” The current GWP at VNS is the “choice of Color Club’s Vivid Top Coat or Color Club’s 0-60 Top Coat free with any order. Enter code MBS1356 in the coupon box after adding your top coat choice to your order. Expires 3/31/10.” Past GWP choices have been the choice of 3 free pairs of OPI Toe Separators or a bottle of Color Club’s Milky White base coat. It’s strange that I advocate so strongly for VNS when I’ve never ordered from them. Would you like to be my guinea pig? (I’m kidding! I’m kidding!)

    • I’ve actually ordered from VNS before. I got a load of Color Club, the Japanese Glitter Polishes, from them, as well as some others. I was pleased with the service and the shipping and the price, all of that. In general I try to avoid companies that ship via UPS, it’s a crappy slow and way overpriced system, so my order did take a few more days to arrive then I would have liked, but it was well packaged and all that.

      I was just sure to order enough polishes to make the shipping worth it. I think I got a dozen.

      • And oh hey, look at that. I just went to pull that box out and I actually have the Color Club Holo color, Worth the Risque. Wow….

        • Ooh, thanks for your feedback about VNS. I appreciate it.

          It’s time for a showdown between Color Club Worth the Risque and the Nfu-Oh holos! 🙂

  10. I forgot to say: Thank you for striking the Milani 3D Holographic polishes off my wishlist!