Picks of the Week

While I’m not all that crazy about Hello Kitty, when I saw the new collection of goodies at Target I picked up a few pieces.  I have a younger cousin with a few Hello Kitty tattoos and so I thought this would make a nice addition to her Birthday gift.  I know she lives far from any Target, so it’s not likely she’d get them herself.

The cosmetic bags come in a set of two, there were also a duo in black and pink, but the print wasn’t as cute.  I saw the nail kit and thought it was adorable.  They are press ons, so I’m assuming you can take them on and off, but they come with a few little gems and stuff.  The nail art pen is just like the one I posted for my last Pick of the Week, the same sort of little tipped pen.  And since I love those I thought she’d love this one.

I paid under 20$ for all three items, so the collection is fairly well priced!


13 Responses to “Picks of the Week”

  1. OMFG I have to go to target NOW =O so glad they’re done building the supertarget =D

    i might die with happiness haha

    • They are in the middle of remodeling my close one, too. But there are three more in various other directions all pretty close I can go to. But my close one is supposed to have that new ‘expanded’ cosmetics section soon!

      • woot! I gotta say, I absolutely love Target heh. There’s just something about them… I hope their expanded cosmetics section is full of awesome!

  2. You know what, I’m not all that into Hello Kitty either. If I want kitchsy cute, childlike, girly stuff there’s plenty of retro stuff from my childhood.

  3. Someone lives more than a stone’s throw away from a Target? Impossible! On a related note, rumor has it the mall nearest me is getting a Sephora at long last. No more driving 200 miles for primer!

  4. Hey there! Love the blog. Can you do a pinkquartz minerals review? I really love their stuff, but am on the line of if they are a repacker or not.
    That’s their etsy shop.
    Thanks ^.^

    • I’ve ordered from them before, late last year. I was kinda pleased with their stuff, I never got around to writing a review, although I might now.

      They sort if repackage.

  5. The cosmetics bag is quite cute =] Shame we don’t have Target here…

  6. I’m so obsessed with Hello Kitty amongst other Sanrio stuff, and Mameshiba! Thanks for this review – I think I’m going to have to pick up those cosmetic bags now 😀

  7. Oh god I love Hello Kitty and I haven’t been to Target in a while to see these! Must have the makeup bag *_*