Pink Quartz Minerals – A Review


I ordered from Pink Quartz Minerals on Etsy a couple of months ago now.  I’d been meaning to write the review for some time, so you’ll have to forgive me on the tardiness of this.

Pink Quartz sells a wide variety of products, everything from foundation to lip gloss, although when I ordered they only had veils and eye shadows, so this company has done a lot of expanding in the past few months.  The listings are fairly organized, all of the ingredient info and information about the company can be found in the Shop Profile.  Her prices are fairly competitive, around 6$ for a 5gram jar, although some things seem a little out of line, such as her correctors and her lip products.  Her foundations are priced in line with many indie shops (Meow, Aromaleigh, etc etc).  Most of her products are available in sample sizes as well as refills.  Everything she sells is vegan.

I had to contact the owner regarding the order, there was only one sample listing available at the time and I was interested in more, so she quickly posted a custom listing for me.

I purchased :

5 Sample Shadows

I picked : Tulip, Cotton Candy, Lemon Tree, Mint Dilly, and Golden Gate


Shipping was around 3$, there was no additional shipping and handling fees.


My order arrived within a week in a padded envelope.  Inside I found my shadows packed in a little organza bag along with a few small sponge applicators as well as my invoice.


Pink Quartz sells a wide variety of eye shadow colors, including many mattes.  Just looking at the charts of what’s available as well as certain listings, I’m sure she does some (minor) repackaging.  However, one thing leaning heavily in her favor is that she offers a custom matching service.  If you’re looking to match a favorite shade or want one custom blended she has a listing for that.  I searched her feedback to see if anyone had purchased the service and left feedback, but couldn’t immediately find anything.

Looking at her ingredients I see she does use kaolin in her eyeshadow, which is an ingredient I tend to avoid in shadows. It’s very difficult to foil a shadow with a kaolin base, it turns muddy, so you can’t always  get it very vibrant.  So even if some of her colors are repackaged, she is blending them on a base, even if the base isn’t one I like.  They didn’t really blend all that well, but they stayed on well with a good primer.  Without a primer they are really sort of sheer.

From top to bottom, left to right : Cotton Candy, Lemon Tree, Tulip, Mint Dilly, and Golden Gate

Some of the colors are pretty close cousins to straight micas.  Tulip and Grape Pop, and Golden Gate and Bronzed Gold, for example.  They are not complex shades, that is with iridescent shimmers, duochromes, or contrasting reflects, Pink Quartz colors are mostly flat.


Would I purchase from Pink Quartz Minerals again?  Maybe.

  • The owner was very polite and quickly answered my questions and created a listing for me.
  • Shipping was quick and well packaged.
  • They create a wide variety of products which usually means there is some sort of formulation going on.
  • I wasn’t pleased with the vibrancy or the formulation of the eye shadows.  I’m sure they’d be fine for those looking for more subtle and neutral shades, though.
  • Too many colors are matchable to base pigments for my comfort.


After talking back and forth with the owner, she explained a little about how she blends her colors, etc etc.  I’ve also placed an order for several of her foundations.

Golden Gate is one of my FAVORITE golden shades.


17 Responses to “Pink Quartz Minerals – A Review”

  1. Thanks so much Grey! Your review helped me tons! Thanks for being awesome ^.^

    • You’re welcome. I had bit of it in notes written out, so I sat this morning and finished it!

  2. I would rather see a small selection of legitimately-created colors than a large selection of mostly dupeable to supplier mica colors. It’s a shame that so many of these little indie and Etsy shops believe the opposite.

    • That is my opinion as well. Pink Quartz used to be much smaller, but they seemed to have discovered a wholesaler that sells a lot of premixed things.

      They remind me a LOT of The All Natural Face, which isn’t all that great in my book.

  3. The service to help match colours sound good, but wow, I don’t know how difficult that would be, especially if you wanted the same effects or depth of the colour. I’m on the search for a colour similiar to Absinthe Rock from Aromaleigh D: I love it too much, and in danger of using it up.

    • I wish I could find someone who’d USED it, you know, see how good she actually is, how close she comes, etc etc.

  4. I don’t like the defensive attitude she has on her shop profile. It’s all “THIS IS WHAT I DON’T HAVE IN MY MAKEUP NEENER NEENER CAPS FOREVER”, very irritating. It automatically makes me wonder what she has to hide.

    • the shop profile is what turned me off from ordering weeks ago when someone suggested their lip balms. it’s all “omgggg look at all these scary ingreeeediiieeennnntttss!!!” some of her claims are really sketchy too like “Protects skin from everyday pollutants and even protects your skin from irritations due to touching finger oils to your face”… sounds like your basic every day unscientific beauty marketing to me. also, the old “i make everything myself” claim next to eyeshadow colors that are hauntingly familiar.

      it seems like every other sentence ends with an exclamation point, it’s kind of aggravating and unprofessional.

    • I know. Some companies play off the OMGTOXINS fear that goes around. While I don’t particularly think it’s fair, too many people believe in that sort of theory for it to just go away.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I was thinking of ordering from them but the colours which you demonstrated definitely look too ‘simple’ to be of any unique appeal.

    • Even if some colors are custom, they are just straight blended mica, no effects. And I love the effects!

  6. Still, that mint green looks pretty hot. Is it actually that clear on your skin, or is the photo/light doing it some favours?

    • I think it’s just a really lucky/good picture. It’s not nearly that opaque, I sort of had to layer it on. And you can’t really tell in the last picture because my hand is so angular, but it’s just about the same green as TKB’s Green Apple Pop!

  7. I knew she was probably one of those repackers to close to… in one of the free sample she sent me is exactly the same as another etsy’s repacker’s. So that put me off buying….. Wanna know something? Last time I used several of repacked colors and mixed them together, awesomeness! Two things I do remember using is GDE cloud coverage (repacked with filler, but is it just zinc oxide?) and a TSS color. I don’t think TSS added kaolin to their shadows, but probably put a lot more titanium diaoxide in them since they don’t feel teh same as my other clay filled colors…

  8. Hi,
    Wow, I just finished emailing Grey and I’m surprised at the comments! I’m not a repacker. If you want to go to my Etsy shop and look at my sold items, yes you’ll see I started off on Etsy in 2007 with 13 foundations, 41 eye shadows (11 of those were matte), 2 concealers and 6 blushes.

    I specialize in custom foundations and have just the base range listed, but will work with you to formulate a foundation that is a perfect match for you.
    I have now over 170 eye shadow colors, more blushes, bronzers, and I have expanded into lipstick balms, lip balms, gloss etc. As to be expected as someone who has been doing this full time for over 3 years.

    As I explained to Grey, I don’t use micas that contain ferric ferrocyanide, carmine, boron nitride, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Silica,glycidoxphenol) propane/
    bisaminomethylnorbornane copolymer and other such ingredients which are a lot of what is in color changing, duochromes, etc.
    The reason is I only use 7 ingredients in all my makeup. I have super sensitive eyes and a lot of those other ingredients irritate them, so I don’t use them. Perhaps I don’t have the brightest, shiniest colors, but the shades I make do not irritate sensitive eyes/skin.

    I didn’t intend to make makeup for a living, I just wanted a foundation that worked for my sensitive skin, and it expanded from there.

    Thank you again for taking the time to review my eye shadows. I’d love you to try out my foundation.

    As far as the color matching, I am very explicit that I will do my best to match a color using only the ingredients that I use. If I get a sample and it has duochromes or other color changing micas, I’m very clear that I cannot exactly match that effect. If they want me to try then I do, if not I refund.

    If anyone has questions, my email is

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, I’m always very happy when a company is willing to explain and be open about their company!

      I did just order a few foundation samples, I’m curious to see how well they’ll match!