Glamour Doll Eyes – A Follow Up

After I reviewed Glamour Doll Eyes last time I was hesitant to order again.  I knew the owner, Vee, was in the middle of creating totally new and unique colors for her shop and working on her formula.  Since then I was contacted by Vee, and I got a set of her new color collection inspired by the Twilight saga. I told her in advance that although I was not a fan of the books/movies I would still love an opportunity to see what she’s been working on.

Visiting the site I see that while the same basic navigation applies, the site has been totally redesigned.  It’s very well coordinated!  She’s also lowered her prices from when I first reviewed her to a much more competitive 6$ for a shadow.

The colors she sent were :

Big Brother

We all know Emmett is a rough & tumble outdoor kinda guy. But you also have to keep in mind he’s really a giant teddy bear inside. Just like the “Big Brother” we all wish we had. This color is a greyish green color

Black Ice

Just like with real “Black Ice” you’ve got to be careful when dealing with Rosalie. She’s a witch and a half & can easily be a frenemy. This is a matte black with a gorgeous silver shimmer.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom” will make you want to write home to yours. At least if your mother is even half as sweet as Esme. This color is soft and pink with a little bit of a purple sparkle.

Family Secret

The Cullens are a nice, average loving family. Well unless you know about their “Family Secret*.” Then you might not want to be a Bob Cat. This color is a pearly white.

Just Bitten

It is no secret that Bella wants to be turned into a vampire (and does), thats why “Just Bitten” is the perfect name for her inspired color. This color is a gorgeous shimmery burgundy with some gold sparkle.

Mind Reader

Mind Reader” won’t cut you any slack. If you think something mean about Edward‘s family I’d watch my back. This color is a matte almost black blue with gold and silver shimmers.

Mood Swing

Jasper is like a little pill of calm. You are sure to never have a “Mood Swing” with him around. Caution: Getting to close to Jasper may result in a missing limb vie one Alice Cullen. This color is a greyish blue with some shimmer.


It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are about to do. In a fight with Alice she’s going to see everything you even think you want to do. “Premonition” makes this one girl you don’t want to bet against. This color is a gorgeous dark greyish lavender.

Skin of a Killer

Edward said it best. They have the Skin of a Killer. You can’t help but be in awe of this family & they will bedazzle you even more when the sun hits them. This color is a pale pearly white with gold sparkle.

The Perfect Cure

Got a bad case of draining your food source? Carlisle can help you calm your murderous tendencies & make you into a vegan with his morals which are “The Perfect Cure.” This color is a medium brown with a low sheen, almost matte, with a tiny bit of gold and green sparkle.

From top to bottom, left to right : Mood Swing, Family Secret, Skin of a Killer, The Perfect Cure, Premonition, Dear Mom, Just Bitten, Mind Reader, Black Ice, and Big Brother

I’m my opinion Family Secret and Skin of a Killer are really similar colors.  I’ve been using Skin of a Killer as a highlighter.  The two darkest shades, Mind Reader and Black Ice are still a little sticky, like her black shadows were in my previous review, however they blend easier now.

I’ve been wearing Just Bitten and Dear Mom together, and they look beautiful.  I use the lighter Dear Mom on the inner coener of my eye and blend in into Just Bitten and it looks great.  I’ve also been wearing The Perfect Cure a lot, just on my lid with a simple liner with a touch of Mood Swing on the inner corner highlighted with Family Secret.

Would I purchase from Glamour Doll Eyes again?  Probably.

  • On top of really liking the colors in this collection, all of which are unique blends (except Family Secret) I can see she’s got a few more new shades that look promising.
  • They have a new line of glosses that look interesting. Phyrra recently posted a review of them.
  • It’s obvious Vee is working on growing her business, taking what she’s hearing from reviews and using that to improve.  I always respect that.

14 Responses to “Glamour Doll Eyes – A Follow Up”

  1. Ordered from some like a year ago. All of them I can say are repacks, with filler added. back then, she did not make claims about those, but now she did. So, I still give her credits for doing that and making her own blends.

    Dirty Girl is a especially popular repacked shade in Etsy….. Cloud coverage as a matte white, but I felt that (or is it just Zinc Oxide?) it is definitely not a a matte texture. More like a filler compared to my other matte colors…. What is Secret ingredient indicated on those pages anyway? (Don’t tell me it’s ‘glee’)

    I don’t think I’ll be ordering from her because I have some really awesome companies to buy from.

    • I see Dirty Girl and it’s twins all over the place…

      • And Dirty girl’s fraternal twin… mica suppliers came up with two – one with shimmer and one with sparkles. And, goodness, I’ve ordered two from one etsy seller. The raging part: photos on the site showed them to be two different colors. (dirty girl’s identical twin is a greener and alternative twin is a browner color) It still haunts me.. now she stopped selling one of them, and I guess people complained? IDK

  2. I’ve been considering ordering her lipglosses- it’s highly likely those aren’t repackaged. I agree with you that it’s good to take criticism and make your shop better.

  3. Vee has constantly impressed me with how she takes feedback, and then works to make a better product.

    Love your review 🙂

    Also, I definitely like Skin of a Killer for a highlighter.
    Premonition is awesome!

    • I really admire a company that takes criticism and acts on it to turn out a better product, and so far, I think she’s doing a great job!

      I might have to order Phyrra. Sigh. I wish someone would name an eyeshadow after me…

  4. I’ve never ordered from GDE in the past. Even though I always saw her company around, the colors never really struck me as anything unique. It did not occur to me that they were repackaged though. The price point was another issue for me. I will be placing an order soon though, as I REALLY want that Phyrra shade, as I love pinks and purples.

    I think if she photographed her colors differently, they might sell themselves a little better.

    • I agree. I think if her colors had more swatches it would help. Today alone I got 12 hits from people searching ‘GDE Swatches’ or ‘Glamour Doll Swatches’ so I know people are looking for them!

  5. Stop making me want to spend money! >.< I have been eyeing up that collection for about a week now and deciding on whether or not I actually need it… considering the sample jar prices are just short of half the price of the full size collection T.T
    Your review on sobe made me spend $70 and your Concrete minerals review is going to make me spend almost $40… I love your thorough and honest reviews, but they are making me broke 😛

  6. I ordered from GDE once, forever ago. I really wasn’t impressed with their shadows and the look of the website really didn’t interest me either. From memory, I ordered a color which isn’t there any more, called Valentine, which was supposed to be white with red glitter. When it arrived the glitter was pink, and the particles were so huge I was too scared to use it on my eye. I also ordered Melancholy, which I tried but back then it was too bright for me. I recently dug it out and mixed it into a really nice navy blue with a hint of sparkle, using TKB’s Soft Black and Hilite Gold. I’ve been doing a lot of mixing lately 🙂 it’s good fun.

    Her site looks a lot better and she’s definitely improving her range of products. I’m not a huge lip gloss person however, and there’s still a few too many ‘*’s on the shadows for my taste.

    • I ordered a long time ago too, not impressed either by their repacked shades. Isn’t mixing fun? I don’t even need a mixer, I can just use a spatula and a spoon, voila! Awesome goodness better than repacked! LOL

  7. Argh you’re making me want some of the Twilight colours, even though Twilight makes me want to punch myself in the face