A Little DIY

I know I’ve mentioned more then once I don’t wear crew neck shirts.  Well, I don’t wear printed shirt in general.  But I do have a collection of band shirts and stuff from haunting the merch tables.

What do I do with them then?  This…

I turn them into knickers.

Since a cotton T is a little different then the usual lingerie fabric I have a pattern drafted that sort of works best for me.  I usually place the band logo on the bum, unless it’s a little crest and then it goes on the front.  It takes about half an hour to pull the shirt apart, re-cut the pieces, and sew it back together.  Would anyone be interested in a tutorial?

Frilly lace.

Who are the Dear & Departed?


21 Responses to “A Little DIY”

  1. Oh my gooooooosh, those are adorable! Tutorial yes please!

  2. Seconded! I would love to see a tutorial on this, it’s a fabulous idea.

  3. Agreed! I have some wayy to small band tees that would work perfrectly!

  4. Um Yeah! I’m in a band, and i often get a lot of shirts from when we do merch trade with other bands…

    I’ve also been turning them down a lot lately since i have so many i never wear! This is right up my freakin alley

  5. Oh oh oh please please do a tutorial! I don’t really wear t-shirts ever but have a lot of cute ones. Anything other than knickers you can make?

  6. Those are adorable! A tutorial would be awesome as I also have too many bandshirts that I rarely wear. @Lillian- There’s a lot of different DIY ways to transform t shirts — tube tops, tanktops, halters, skirts, quilts, purses — just think of them as a pretty piece of fabric!

  7. Definitely yes to a tutorial!

  8. A tutorial would be fantastic! Finally, I’d have something to do with the various t-shirts I keep accumulating.

  9. I 40398th this motion! I have a bunch of tshirts that I don’t know what to do with, and this is a cute-as-hell idea. Beavis & Butthead on my bum? Appropriate and adorable.

  10. Hahahaah! Cute! I almost never buy band t-shirts, but I luv the idea.

  11. i would love a tutorial! Cute and crafty =D

  12. Runaround Sous March 30, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Please, tutorial, please!

  13. AHH! Those are so cute! I want to see tutorial please!

  14. Kitteh on teh BUTTTT!

  15. I would love a tutorial!

  16. Yes tutorial! I wanna learn how to make my Sisters of Mercy Shirts look cute.

  17. o.m.g I could have a whole dresser full of nintendo undies if I did that! Genius! 🙂

  18. Tutorial please :O My mom is always trying to make me learn to sew, I would if I knew how to do this.

  19. Maude Lynn Bones March 30, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Please do a tutorial! I generally never wear crew shirts or printed shirts myself, but can’t help buying shirts as a momento when going to shows. This is such a cute and clever idea!