“I’m With the Band” Knickers – Part 1

The Ingredients

For this tutorial you will need :

A sewing machine that sews both a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch.

Thread for the machine and bobbin.

A seam ripper and a sharp pair of scissors.


Lingerie elastic, thicker for the waist and thinner for the legs.

Elastic is available all over the place.  If you go into Joann’s or Hobby Lobby, or wherever, you can ask for it and someone who works there should know enough to point it out.  You can also order it off the web. Sew Sassy sells a lot of basics.  You can also search for it on Etsy and get a lot of novelty possibilities.

A Pattern

There are two ways to get one.

1. You can buy one already drafted. Kwik Sew makes a bunch. Look for something with a solid front or back, some patterns have seems up the back. If you’re using a shirt with a big print you’ll need one solid back.

2. You can draft your own. To do this you’ll need a pair of your favorite cotton knickers to sacrifice. They must be made out of cotton, not a cotton lycra blend, or lace. Just straight cotton. Find a comfortable pair and then get ready to kiss them good bye to cut them apart is Part 2. If you go this route (which I recommended) you’ll also need drafting paper, or a roll of wrapping paper with one blank side.

A Shirt

Either a band shirt, or a shirt from some club, or a shirt with some witty inside joke.  Any t shirt with a reasonably sized logo on it, nothing TOO big or over sized.  You may end up having to cut some of the logo out, so keep that in mind.  The rule of thumb is the shirt must fit you to cover your bum.  So a too small shirt won’t have enough material to use to make into knickers that fit you.  Some shirts you can work with creatively to get them to fit, but not always.

Up next, Part 2 – Drafting the Pattern



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