“I’m With the Band” Knickers – Part 2

Drafting a Pattern

If you’re going to be drafting your own pattern you’ll need :

  • The panties.  I’m using a new pair from Target.  I recommend you actually use a pair you’ve worn and washed a few times so you know they are comfortable.  ‘Granny’ panties work better then bikinis or smaller cuts since you’ll need a larger shape to fit the band logo you use.
  • Scissors.
  • A marker.
  • A ruler.
  • Drafting Paper, or as I suggested, wrapping paper.

Take the pair of panties you’re going to use and cut the hems at the side.  Cut right on the seam.

Now lay them flat on top of your drafting paper and carefully trace around the crotch section, drawing the portion of the liner.  This is the smallest and last part of your pattern, you’re just drafting it first.  Add 1/2 inch to bottom on the pattern, along the curve.

Now cut the front from the back, again, directly on the seam along the bum portion of the knickers.  You’ll be cutting through several layers of fabric, including the ends of the liner you just traced.

You should now have a front and a back to work with.

Taking a straight edge (ruler), line up the top of the panties (on top of the drafting paper) and stretch them out so the elastic is at it’s fullest, but the actual fabric isn’t pulled or stretched.  You could also totally remove the elastic using a a seam ripper.  Using a marker draw the length of the top of the panties and add about 1/2 an inch to each side for a seam allowance. You could also pin the panties stretched to the paper to make this easier.

Now drawn out the outline of the panties, again, stretching the legs open.  There isn’t any need to add a seam allowance to the legs, when you work with the elastic it’ll all work out in the end.  Add a 1/2 inch seam allowance to the seam at the crotch, though.

Typically I will draw the full top section and the top side seam, and then down one leg and the length of the trimmed crotch.  (This is going to get about a million pervy hits on my blog now.)

I’ll then cut the top and the one side out, folding it in half to cut the other side of the leg out, this ensures the pattern is totally even on both sides as well as mark the very center of the pattern, which will come in handy when you’re laying the pattern out on a printed shirt.  Label this piece the front.

Now repeat for the back, making sure you label the pattern as the back.  The pattern pieces will look much bigger then the actual panties.  This is exactly what you want.  The panties will fit again when you sew them back together and insert the elastic.


6 Responses to ““I’m With the Band” Knickers – Part 2”

  1. Thank you for the idea. I just got done moving and as I was unpacking I realized how many tshirts I have that I never wear. I was going to give them to a friend but now I think I’m going to try this out!

  2. I really, really wish I had a sewing machine. I would love to make dresses out of some of my over-sized t-shirts.

  3. Awesome tutorial! Just had to say. 🙂

    And, I have a question for you, since you stop comments after a while. Uhm… Glittersniffer. I love their colors, and they have tons of feedback, so after reading your review, I bought a ton of their stuff (I’m a sucker for makeup. :<), and now, I hear some rumors they're not eye-safe. Doesn't make much sense to me not being eye-safe when they're … y'know. Eyeshadows/pigments. Do you know anything about this?

    • I doubt the rumors are true. I know for a fact of at least one other ‘major’ MMU company owner who’s keen on spreading false rumors about other small companies.

      • Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. It seems so unlikely that she’s a repacker or puts dangerous stuff in her pigments when she makes perfumes and primers and her chrome serum herself. I’m just very prone to rumours after getting burned by repackers and one chick who put totally not eye-safe glitter in her shadows. And lots of it. That’s why my heart jumped when I saw her glitters. They LOOK finely milled, but … I’m a wuss after having to wear a bandage over one of my eyes for two weeks after a cut from glitter.

  4. and then I used the search and found them. haha