Hoppy Easter!

For Easter I wanted to do something soft and pretty and very Spring.  Because I’m only going to be out long enough for church, I don’t want to really dress up, so I was aiming for something easy.  I worked with My Sugar Skull on Etsy to design this adorable resin Easter Bunny Necklace.  I convoed her with some basic concepts and she was able to come up with this sweet design.  The end necklace is gorgeous, she does an amazing job ‘finishing’ resin pieces.  I’ve ordered a few with some rough edges and scratches, but this necklace is perfect!

I’ll wear it with a white dress shirt and a pink plaid skirt and some pink lace gloves.  Putting the rest of the look together I ran across this soft pink polish from Essie called Pop Art Pink.  It matches the soft shade of the bunny necklace perfectly.  That along with My Favorite Pink Dazzleglass and both Prude and Detox from Concrete Minerals and the over all look is perfect!


4 Responses to “Hoppy Easter!”

  1. ZOMGZ wow sock dreams has a new site!!!

    I love lovelove that place. I’ve been a long-time customer, and have gotten my whole family hooked on them as well. BEST customer service, and fantastic socks, too.

    That bunny necklace is so creepy-cute!

  2. Happy Easter….I know you felt that earthquake…I hope everyone and everything is ok. Our house is a total disaster. I live just north of mexicali and we felt it a lot. My parents lost a lot of family heirlooms and antiques. It’s terrible. Take care.

    • We had some broken glass, pictures fell off the wall, some of my dishes fell out of my cabinets. It’s been shaking on and off all night, our cable and internet and cell service keeps blinking.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your parents 😦