Spell Lip Pots

Perusing the Spell website not to long ago (it looks like it’s been reworked a bit, it’s easier to navigate) I discovered they recently released Spell Lip Pots of Colour.  A quick search through some of my favorite blogs and I found a few swatches so I knew I wanted to order a few.

From left to right : Bellini, Devotee, Chanteuse, and Sweet Talker

I ordered :


A smoldering metallic cabernet in a creamy gloss.

Sweet Talker

A vivid jolt of candy in a creamy gloss.


A glistening berry plum in a creamy gloss.

The pots are HUGE.  When I looked at them on the Spell site I really didn’t have a concept of how big a 1/2 ounce pot is, but they are quite substantial!  I’ve been really loving how pigmented and glossy they are.  Since they are in pots it’s best to use a lip brush with them, they are too pigmented, I couldn’t get the application nice and smooth with my finger.  They look amazing on, the red is a favorite, it’s a metallic, which I almost never wear.  They stay in place, although I honestly haven’t worn them for more then a couple of hours at a time, so I can’t vouch for how long they’ll last.

They are 8.99$ each, but when you register with the Spell site and create an account you get an additional 25% off, so each lip pot was around 6.75$ which is a great deal.  There is also a special offer on the site, under the New Releases section that included free samples or a free full sized product.  At the time I ordered it was for a full sized shadow in Belinni,  a soft peach shade.

On a personal note, and I know I usually don’t blog about personal stuff, but I thought I should mention that I didn’t swatch these on my lips this time round because I have a fat lip.  We have been having a pretty rocky time here.  There was a major earthquake not too far away that it caused some things to break around the house and the other night I was in the garage picking up stuff that fell off the work bench when a box slid on knocked me in the face just right.  It might be quiet around here until I get things reorganized!

14 Responses to “Spell Lip Pots”

  1. Runaround Sous April 6, 2010 at 10:31 am

    Wowza! The glosses look very pretty and pigmented.

    Sorry about the lip. Ouch! Hope you are all OK down there… I hear that more aftershocks are still expected, too. Hang in there!

    • We had a little bit of a shake this morning!

      It’s not as bad today as it was. I think I actually bit it more then the box doing any damage. It was such a comedy of errors 🙂

  2. The glosses look awesome; well, at least they do here. I can’t see them on the Spell site, because the site is giving me ALL KINDS of problems atm. The links within the catalog don’t load at all, no pictures will come up. Is it only me, or is the site actually having problems?

  3. The pink gloss looks so pretty. >.<
    I'm glad your ok I was worrying about you when I read the tweets about the Earth Quake. I'm sorry about the box though and I hope it heals quickly.

    • They scare the bejebbers outta me. But I chose to live here, so I have to deal with them!

      The pink is amazing. Phyrra wore it on her blog 🙂 I should find that post and link it.

  4. I have Sweet Talker and I like it. I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation 😉

    • I’m pretty sure that’s where I saw it. They are great!! And I’m loving the metallic, which I typically don’t.

  5. These are so pretty! Devotee and Sweet Talker are my faves 🙂

  6. Ugh I regret not getting any of these when placing my order for some obvious glosses. At the time I was like ‘ewwww I hate lipbalms in pot form and I’m too lazy to carry a lip brush around’ but I’ve been seriously reconsidering that statement.

  7. Sorry about the lip, hun. My parents got the shakes and aftershocks as well, though since they’re up by L.A., they didn’t get it nearly as bad as you did, since you live so close to the fault line.

  8. They look really nice, i had big problems with the Spell glosses i tried before they revamped them.
    And so sorry to hear about your lip and everything being disorganised in your house. Naughty earthquake.

  9. Oh ouch about the lip, I felt the earthquake while I was buying food and suddenly I was standing quite off kilter and wondered about why the soda machine wasn’t working.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I hate sites that have music playing automatically in the background, it kind of bugs me that Spell has that on their intro page. I’m glad that they have a button to stop the music, but it seems a bit unprofessional