JamRock !

Jam Rock is a new collection from SoBe Botanicals.  I was lucky enough to get sample set in my recent order.  This Jamaican inspired collection features ten shimmery colors.  The blues are immediately impressive, Lime Cay and Hummingbird were instant favorites.  I also love how the red, green, and yellow are all very representative of the Jamaican flag, the hues near perfect matches.  While the duochrome of this collection if very subtle, it’s very wearable, making them perfect for people who prefer more muted shades.  I’m always impressed with SoBe’s shades, this collection is no exception!

From top to bottom, left to right : Bad Girl, One Love, Respect, Rude Girl, Lime Cay, Girls Dem Shuga, Irie, Rasta, Hummingbird, and Lignum Vitae

★Bad Gal-Black w/ shifting sparkling purple (♪Heads high…kill dem wit it now. No bway can’t tek a you fi pappyshow♫)

★Girls dem Shuga-White w/ shifting gold sparkle (♪Zim Zima, who got the keys to my bimmer?♫)

★Humming Bird-Purple w/ shifting green shimmer (The species known as the Doctor bird only live in Jamaica. It has absolutely beautiful feathers & it’s unique long tail)

★Irie-Green w/ shifting gold shimmer (Resembles some Ting green that make you feel Irie Mon)

★Lignum Vitae-Light Blue w/ shifting sparkle of blue-green (Named after the Jamaican National Flower)

★Lime Cay-Light teal w/ sparkling greenish-blue (Like the crystal clear shore off Lime cay, you have to enjoy a getaway for the day to this Private Island paradise at least once in your life!)

★One love-red w/ a shifting shimmer of lavender (♪One Love, One Heart Let’s get together and feel all right♫ A tribute to the Legendary Bob Marley)

★Rasta-Gold w/ shimmering red (Ya feel the vibe?)

★Respect-Brown w/ mysterious shimmer of copper, red & lilac (Big up to all Yardies, nuff respect! The values of old time Jamaica is the respect for others)

★Rude gurl-Black w/ shimmery shifting blue (♪Pull up to my bumper baby♫)

I’m also really excited to announce an amazing new giveaway hosted by SoBe coming soon!

If your order from Sobe’s main site use the exclusive code LeGothique20 for 20% off your order!


25 Responses to “JamRock !”

  1. I think the names are cute and the colors are lovely 🙂

    • I really do like SoBe’s collections. I think I have most of them, they blend so easily, makes my life simple 🙂

  2. Exciting! Oooh…a giveaway sounds awesome. I hope I can enter; my “daily reading” will probably suffer soon because I am lucky enough to be leaving for a vacay in Turkey in a few hours!

    But I am bringing my laptop, so I will check in because I can’t stay away. 🙂

    • By the time you read this you will be in Turkey and I will be jealous.

      Of course you can enter!

  3. Another purple with green shimmer! Aah! Must have!

  4. Those are gorgeous! May I ask, what primer do you use to swatch?

  5. I just got my order from Sobe and I cannot wait! I really hope I can enter even if I’m in canada…. I will pay shipping!
    I just love Sobe, and Lex, gosh darnit she is amazing!

  6. Oooh Girls Dem Shuga is so opaque *___*

  7. Oh wow, these are some really fantastic shades. “Hummingbird” and “Lignum Vitae” are right up my alley…

    And the shadows that are named after songs I recognize from back when I lived in south Florida are like a very sunny walk down memory lane!

  8. Very pretty! And such cute names 🙂

    • They all have just a bit of a duochrome to them that I coudln’t get to photograph for anything.

  9. I like Rasta and Hummingbird! Could be used for an interesting combo…

  10. I want all of them.

    • They are really affordable, so at least some of them should be do-able!

      • Wonder if she’ll put up a custom listing with all the colors + some lipsticks for me. I’m lazy, okay. :<

        • Of course she would!! Convo her and ask!

          • You’re such an enabler, Grey. x)
            I just convoed her. Five GothLip Stix and some new shadows won’t kill my wallet. And that’s ALL I’ll be buying this month! Promise. x)

  11. They are gorgeous! Thanks so much for the swatches and the code!

  12. I ended up ordering a full set + some lipsticks with your coupon. ^_^