Whimsy Beading

I was recently surprised to find a package from Whimsy Beading in my mailbox.  Bringing it into the house I ripped that sucker open with aplomb and was so surprised to find this simply gorgeous spiral necklace.

Kelly (from Whimsy) and Phyrra had colluded to design this stunning purple necklace just for me, and now I have the honor of announcing that it’s available to everyone from Whimsy Beading on Etsy.

If you have a passion for purple, then Le Gothique is just for you. A stunning 3″ spiral of of purple shades, ranging from the most delicate, lightest crystal purple to the deepest, darkest shade of crushed velvet gown, all highlighted with iridescent purple beads and strung on a glittering silver chain.

12 Responses to “Whimsy Beading”

  1. It is so beautiful 🙂
    And I am so glad you like it!
    Kelly did a FANTASTIC job!

    • I wear it a lot. And that’s crazy cause I’m not a huge necklace person. It’s just that gorgeous, and the beads in the middle do CRAZY amazing things in the sunlight. I keep buying new white shirts just to show it off, it’s kinda silly.

      Thank yous 🙂

      • It’s not silly. It’s the power of the 2X AB crystals. I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I have an entire workbox full of the things.

        I’m so glad you love your necklace. That’s always the goal. 😀

  2. Wow, Grey, it’s beautiful!

  3. Yay, it’s awesome that it’s available now! It really is stunning.

    Right after I saw you post the picture on Twitter of your necklace, I knew I wanted it (I get slightly obsessive when it comes to purples), so yesterday I commissioned one for myself. ❤

  4. So shiney and pretty !

  5. Wow that’s beautiful!

  6. Wow, that’s stunning. I mean really, truly stunning. Thanks for introducing me to this shop! They stand out from the crowd for me, because they do *different* things with their beads rather than just stringing random things together. Very nice!