Beautiful Twists – A Review


I ran across Beautiful Twists back in December when I was looking for a gift for my sister-in-law.  Since then it’s broken up into several different shops, each for their different ‘lines’ : Fern Lily , Beautiful Twists, Groovy Spookieville, and Firefly High.

They have a ton of different flavor combos and scents for products like lip balms, soap, perfume, blushes, and lotions.  It took me a while, flipping back and forth between shops to narrow down what I would  order.  Previously they seemed to have everything in ONE shop, and it made things so much easier to browse.  So yeah, I’m not wild about all the different ‘theme’ shops although I do like the different themes.

Last December I ordered a Cherry Vanilla Peppermint Lip Conditioner that I LOVED and used in a few weeks.  I was hoping it was still around, but I couldn’t find it.  One of the most important reasons I was drawn to this shop is everything is vegan!

I ordered from the ‘Spooky’ shop :

Vampire Soccer Mom’s Lip Conditioner

Miss Cotton Candy Pie’s Evil Nutty Set


Shipping was kinda steep.  It was almost 5$, but when I saw the size of the kit I ordered it was totally worth it.  For some reason I was thinking OMGFORTWOBALMS?  One odd thing was I got a convo right after I ordered saying :

I currently have about 36 orders before yours, so your order will go out next week.

I totally don’t mind waiting my turn when I place an order, and I understand every place has it’s own shipping time, but I thought it was weird she told me how many orders were in front of mine.  Never ran into that before.  I ordered on March 30th and my package arrive on April 12th.

A single balm ships for $1.50.


Everything was packaged great.  It was wrapped well in a big padded envelope and inside was a thank you as well as an extra organza bag with two free tubes of lip conditioner.  Very much well worth the wait for the extras.  I don’t’ think my invoice was enclosed at all, though.


I think the first thing worth mentioning about all these products is how detailed and cute the lables are.  Each has a picture that matches the flavor along with a story to go along with it with it’s own matching color cap.

With all the lip products the flavors were really unique, but they didn’t seem to stick around all that long.  Once applied, although the balm/conditioner/gloss was still moisturizing my lips, the flavor disappeared within about 20 minutes, half an hour tops.  The balm/conditioner/gloss itself needed reapplying after about an hour or two.

Vampire Soccer Mom’s Raspberry Fruit Punch

I specifically ordered this gloss because it was slightly tinted and it had a little clip cap.  I reasoned I’d be able to find it in my bag easier.  The color goes on really nicely, however it, like the flavor, it doesn’t last.  I really like how it brightens up my lips when I need it, though, if I’ve been out running errands without lipstick.

Miss Cotton Candy Pie

Cotton Candy pie frosted with nutty peanut butter is not as delicious as it sounds, although it didn’t sound so delicious to me after I ordered it.  I was so focused on the cute pink and the cotton candy part.  To be honest, I just don’t like it, it’s an overly sweet nutty flavor that doesn’t seem to work together.

The Dreamy Ice Cream Soap, though, is dreamy.  The consistency is great, it’s thick like frosting, rather then like whipped cream.  The scent is pleasing in the jar and when you’re lathered up, however it doesn’t linger on your skin as many soaps would (like Solstice Scents).

The set also came with a darling little voodoo doll and a set of pins.  I won’t ever pin him, though, he’s far too sweet.

All three items in the set came in a large black mess bag and tied with a thank you note.

I also received the following free Lip Conditioners :

Lilith’s Favorite Birthday Cake and Ice Cream

This flavor was so hard to place, I actually had to go search to figure it out.  It’s black cherry jam, plum wine & ylang ylang.  Very odd, but not offensive in anyway.  Again, the balm lasts a while, but the scent and flavor fade.

Sweet Dreams and Creme Brulee

This is my favorite.  It’s a simple non-complicated scent and flavor that’s just sweet and lovely and easily wearable.


Would I order from Beautiful Twists again? Yes.

  • Despite the odd flavor combinations, there are some that are just amazing.
  • The formula is fairly emollient although a tad greasy.  It’s not super moisturizing, though or too messy.
  • I think they’d make a great gift.  The over all branding and presentation is so unique and well thought out.
  • They are vegan.

I would, however, prefer the ship a little quicker.

They are a little softer then the balms I prefer and they don’t contain the all natural soothing and repairing ingredients that would make them appropriate to wear under your eyes.

Overall :PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket/5


6 Responses to “Beautiful Twists – A Review”

  1. Black cherry jam, plum wine & ylang ylang sounds fantastic! Lovely review 🙂

    • It’s a odd one for me, but it’s nice!! I have a TON of new balm reviews coming. And I mean a ton, like a dozen.

  2. Great review. The etailer sounds promising. 🙂 BTW, is that a voodoo doll?? It’s super cute. 😀

  3. I have been ordering from this seller for a long time and never had any problems. she always sends one free lip balm per item purchased and though the shipping can be long sometimes she is always good with communication.

    I would really recommend the body sprays and room sprays!

    ps been reading your blog for a while, but first comment lol