Picks of the Week

This week’s Picks of the Week are MAC Must Haves.

1 – Penultiate Brow Liner

I’m pretty sure this thing only comes in one color, sort of a nondescript brown called Universal.  But it’s in this amazing marker form that makes it work like magic.  Although I totally realize that the light/nonexistent brow might be in, I won’t give up my dark severe ones.  My hair is almost black and my skin so pale I just like the look of a dark brow.

Using this pen I can define my brow, heavier or lighter depending on what I’m aiming for that day, and it’s virtually undetectable.  No harsh brow lines, just soft fluffy brow goodness.

2 – Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker

These are amazing.  I love lip stains in general but these are remarkable.  They apply with a sweet taste, and they seem like they might not sink in, but after a moment and the product dries you’re left with stunning color, nothing too vibrant, it’s a stain after all.  But they last FOREVER and you can wear anything over top, including just a simple balm.  I have Tomorrow’s Coral and it’s actually a gorgeous deep shade of red.

3 – Naked Liner Lip Pencil

This is my basic lip liner, the only one I typically use if I’m wearing one.  It works under EVERYTHING especially my favorite alternative color shades, such as the amazing ones from Morgana and SoBe.


8 Responses to “Picks of the Week”

  1. I’m not big on the nonexistant brow trend either. While may hair’s not dark enough for super dark brows, but I keep mine a bit thicker than most (but not super thick), and fill them with close to my natural haircolor. I’ve had no eyebrows before, and y’know, it’s just not a look that works for me. xD

    • I keep mine a little thicker too. One is actually shaped WAY differently then the other, too and I look like I’m always quirking my eyebrow.

  2. How odd i’ve heard other reviews that say the lip stain markers wear off really quickly! I like the sound of the brow marker, i’ve never heard of anything similar.

    • I was reading some review earlier, trying to decide if I even wanted to get one. It depends on how you care for your lips. Keep them soft and exfoliated and it lasts awhile. I put this on about 3 hours now and it’s still lovely!

  3. I bought two of those lip markers. I’m actually thinking about buying more…they’re the BEST I’ve tried. They’re not super drying, they apply evenly (no settling in the creases of my lips) and they last a good while. And when they *do* start fading, they don’t fade unevenly.

    They deserve to be permanent 😦

  4. I snagged Tomorrow’s Coral at your recommendation. I really love the color! It’s so hard to find a good red lip stain.

    I think I’ll also pick up A Classic or Purposefully Red.