Eat Cake!

I’ve had an odd fascination with Marie Antoinette ever since visiting Versailles many years ago. Until that point I didn’t get the true opulence of the palace and her lifestyle. And while it’s true, during the reign of her husband, Louis XVI the household budget was slashed dramatically and much the the palace left to fall into ruinous condition, the early years of her life were marked with extreme extravagance.  I pulled this small collection together based on  the confectionous phrase, “Let them eat cake,” which she very likely never actually uttered.

The ring was a serendipitous find.  I searched all variations of Marie and the quote and was utterly delighted to find this ring from The Heart Hunters.  It arrived in perfect condition well wrapped in whimsical packaging.  It’s the perfect color, in the perfect font, and it looks adorable on, although probably not suitable for everyday.

The second piece I found was this resin necklace made with heart shaped cupcake sprinkles from SweetLove4U.  It was a little upsetting it arrived in pieces, the beading not quite all that quality.  Thankfully I’m old hand at jewelry making and it took no time to fix, making it a beautiful and fun to wear necklace.

To tie them all together I ordered a sweet ruffled headband from Gem Drops, a local Etsier.  I can order something from her on Friday and have it on Monday.  The satin pink ruffles are the perfect touch and the headband with it’s elastic back is comfortable and easy to wear a variety of ways.

For my eyes I experimented with a lot of different looks.  I finally  decided on Love+ from Sugarpill and Drunken Kiss from Hi-Fi Cosmetics.  Two totally perfect and equally fitting shade named to finish off this pink and red look.


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  1. I agree with you, I have an odd fascination with Marie Antoinette. I think its that she really was that oblivious to how much she was spending, and was so young.

  2. I love this. I too, love anything pre-revolution Marie Antoinette. The recent movie wasn’t very accurate, but is such so wonderful to look at. All those pastel colours and luxe fabrics. I would love to see what that ring looks like on the hand, its so unique.

    • I liked the movie only for the costuming, the book it was based on, however loosely, is one of my favorites!!

  3. Lol, I specialize in Marie Antoinette so to speak. I find it interesting how people portray her as an evil, stupid queen while (though she was rather poorly educated) she knew the value of fashion as a tool and knew that the french luxury industry almost entirely depended on her to make luxe “cool”.

    At the same time, she was spending money on a fake farm at Versailles so she could play peasant. Obviously, she had no idea how the public lived and how she was portrayed against that. An interesting women. I feel quite badly for her children though. Read about them, they had quite a sad story after the revolution.

    • I did a whole semester on the French Revolution, I’ve read about her family extensively, that era is one of my favorites, behind Tudor and Georgian.

      If I remember correctly, she popularized the color Puce, originally named after a flea.

      • And “caca-dauphin”. Literally Poop of the Prince. I’d like to see anyone try to pull this these days lol.

  4. Hey Grey!
    I love Marie Antoinette too… such a fascinating life.
    Anywho, I was wondering if you had tried out any makeup from this company?

    Looks like repacking to me but I can never be sure anymore!

  5. My sister bought me “The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette” for my birthday a few years ago, so while I was reading it I was enamored with everything Marie Antoinette and Rococco. Even occasionally drawing on a mouche 🙂

    Also, I have a really bad habit of watching films and movies about royalty even if they’re boring… just for the costumes.

  6. *watching period films

    derp, derp, derp!

  7. I have a big obsession with rococo and baroque times, so Miss Antoinette is great in my books. I love the ring! Bet it looks great all together.

  8. I’ve always been quite fascinated with her life as well. 🙂

  9. I love the eighteenth century! Britain and abroad.

    I hated the Sofia Coppola film for its historical inaccuracies, but it was beautiful to look at. I’d love to have a Marie Antoinette themed party! Maybe for my birthday…

    Have you seen the BBC Casanova with David Tennant? Also gorgeous looking but not entirely accurate.

  10. Great collection, I love the movie and always in the search for kool accessories. I love that Eat Cake knuckle Duster ring, sweet find! In my wish-list I have a couple of items from:

    She has very cute Marie Antoinette inspired accessories.

    Eat Cake! Be Happy!