Latherati – A Review

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife”, Pride & Prejudice


I stumbled upon Latherati searching for Jane Austen.  When one of the Latherati listings came up I was stopped dead in my tracks.

This shop sells lip balms, perfume oils, lotions, and soaps all blended and inspired by books and the theme of the shop is really well branded and put together.  Running through the listings I could see my favorites all reflected int he titles.  Each scent is inspired by a book and has a corresponding quote.  I spent a good deal of time just flipping through the listings reading them.  It was truly hard for me to pick only a few things to order.

Balms are $3.50 and the perfume roll-ons are a very affordable priced at $4.50.  Bar soaps are $5.00 and the lotions are $7.00 (I didn’t order any lotion because I’m loving my stash from Haus of Gloi).

In the first order I ordered :


LONGBOURN lip luster

MATCHMAKER Roll-On Perfume

LIBRARY handmade soap

PRAIRIE Roll-On Perfume

Once my order arrived I sat down and placed a second one within minutes.  In the second order I ordered :

SINISTER lip luster

Book Endz

TARA Roll-On Perfume (this looks like it’s sold out)


The first package was $6.50 the second was $4.50.  However they both came Priority so shipping was actually very reasonable.  I ordered and received my packages within DAYS, so orders are no doubt shipped the day they are received.


Everything arrived beautifully wrapped in white tissue paper sealed with a Latherati sticker.  Included in both my orders where bookmarks (how appropriate), business cards, and a free sample of something.  In one it was a lotion and a soap, in the second it was a balm.  Neither had an invoice.


The scents that correspond to the books and the quote were, IMO, dead on.

BARTON COTTAGE – Sense & Sensibility, Jane Austen – delicate rose with green ivy notes

LONGBOURN – Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen – Sweet honeysuckle with green leafy grass notes smoothly blended with zesty lemon and herbal undertones

MATCHMAKER – Emma, Jane Austen – ripe strawberries, orchid and a touch of plum

PRAIRIE – My Antonia, Willa Cather – golden notes of hay & bergamot with a fruity floral blend of sunflowers, apple, fig and lemon; mellowed by rich undertones of oakmoss, musk, amber and vanilla

SINISTER – Something This Way Comes, Ray Bradbury – Fall pumpkins, black licorice, carnival cotton candy and a hint of spearmint.

TARA – Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell – plantation cotton, southern magnolias, lemon balm and a touch of spearmint

The Balms

As much as I am hesitant to admit it, I love this formula.  It contains beeswax, which makes it non-vegan.  But it’s smooth and emollient and moisturizes for a good lone time without being greasy or thick.  Each tube is labeled with the name and the flavor as well as a full list of ingredients.  Although the balms are tinted, they leave no color on your lips.

Longbourn has a faint sweet lemon flavor that is actually detectable for quite awhile, although it’s not strong when first applied.  It’s not at all an overwhelming or bright flavor, but it’s clear and constant.

Barton Cottage is a unique vanilla rose flavor.  It’s very pretty and it’s feminine and I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I do very much.  It’s definitely more vanilla then rose.

Sinister is an odd blend of black licorice (anise, which I love) and cotton candy.  The balm itself is almost black.  But it’s delicious and sweet.

The Soaps

The first amazing thing you’ll notice about the full sized bar soaps is they come in little boxes that make them look like books.  While it’s just a novelty and not practical, it’s unique.  The shop has a very unique branding that carries through out all the products.  Even as creamy as they are, I’m pretty sure they are totally vegan, they don’t seem to have any sort of milk product or anything bug in them.

Library is an unscented soap with chunks of the other soaps mixed in.  It’s really a wild concoction to smell, but you get a good idea of what all the other scents are like.  Using it, although I’m not a huge fan of bar soaps, I was really happy with how it cleaned and didn’t leave an odd film on my skin.

Book Endz is a collection of little round sample sized soaps from various books.  My collection included Matchmaker, Gloom, Orchard, Ethereal, and Barton Cottage.  They come stacked in a neat little pile wrapped with ribbon with a little note tucked in with what each scent is, top to bottom.

The Perfumes

I can’t say enough that $4.50 is an incredibly good price for these perfume rolls.  They are blended in an oil, cyclomethicone, which is actually a long lasting silicate.  Each scent is unique and not at all muddled.  A lot of scents I try are ‘A and B with a hint of F and G, with under tones of Z’.  And then all I can smell is like A and nothing else or else it’s just  a strong mess of SMELL with nothing discernible. These each have a very clear and bright scent that is definable and yet subtle.  Each roll on is labeled with the scent’s name and is nice and clear, so you can see how much of your product is left.

Once applied the scent lasts a fairly long time.  While I wouldn’t say all day, it was longer then I expected.  They are not strong, but they are noticeable, I’m not sure if that makes sense.  It wasn’t an overpowering perfume, but rather a gentle scent that lingered.

I wasn’t all that sure I’d like Tara, I admit I bought it for the name, Gone with the Wind is my all time favorite book.  But the scent is really light.  It smells like minty laundry, almost, but for some reason it works.  It’s a very fresh scent, maybe a little soapy.

Matchmaker smells like a Strawberry Shortcake doll.  And I totally love it.  It’s a very clear strawberry scent that’s not at all like you have jam someplace on your shirt.

I have, I think,  found a new favorite scent in Prairie, and no one is more surprised them I am.  I have a scent I’m going to review from Solstice later this week that is a dead second, but Prairie is just stunning.  It is sweet and spicy, a little crisp with apple, but the perfect blend for me.


Would I order from Latherati again?  Yes, I already have.

  • The theme of the store and the scent of each inspiration (book) are unique and creative and well thought out.
  • The balm formula is spot on.  I’m a little sad it has beeswax, but I will use these and not give them away like I do many things I test with non-vegan ingredients.
  • Shipping is super fast and everything is amazingly well packaged.
  • There are new books coming out, so new scents and products to try.

Overall : /5


22 Responses to “Latherati – A Review”

  1. Nice! The products sound great. I really like the Book Endz soaps. It’s like a sampler pack, which is awesome. I really want to give this place a try. Probably n ext month, ’cause the money’s f-lying out the door this month.

  2. Oh, goodness, be still my beating heart. I’ll be stalking this place quite a bit, I think. It’s a shame I’ve put myself on a no-buy, though. >.<

    The only scent I think isn't quite appropriately named is Dust Bowl, since that term calls to mind Grapes of Wrath far more than To Kill a Mockingbird. I do believe that I must have Longbourn, though, I simply must. And perhaps Isle of Skye as well. ❤

    • I agree. I didn’t look at it all that closely, but it is sort of ‘wrong’, huh.

      It’s some great stuff, I’m mightly happy with it!

  3. neon6apocalypse April 23, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    Oh! I just got a package from Latherati a few days ago– lip luster, soap, and perfume in Sinister. I’d just finished my thesis on Ray Bradbury, so it seemed right. It was a great buy! I’m glad you reviewed this one– it’s my new fave.

  4. *placing an order for herself plus a present for a friend*

    Whenever you give someone five stars I end up broke. Why is that? 😐

    (Haha, I love you <3)

  5. Looks lovely! I just ordered 2 lotions for my mom for Mother’s Day and a pair of roll-on perfumes for myself. 🙂

  6. I read this review last night and immediately placed a review. I can’t pass up a place that has a fragrance based on Gone With the Wind. Luckily they had a soap in it. And she sent me a convo telling me it was getting shipped today. Great recommendation, Grey!

  7. Oooh this is an awesome review. I totally plan on buying from this place tomorrow morning. I’m trying something new with bar soaps. I usually just use the Dove that my mom buys, but I’ve really been wanting to try out bar soaps from etsy. 🙂

  8. I placed an order last night after reading your review.I bought orchard and isle of skye perfumes.I had a little trouble with my paypal,I couldn’t be able to pay.I asked the buyer for a day for fixing th problem.She was nice and understanding,she said that she will prepare my order.Great customer service.I really want to try matchmaker,celebration,tara,longbourn perfumes and sinister lip balm too

    • That’s awesome!

      Paypal was really weird on me earlier today, too. For some reason it wouldn’t let me do anything but send an e-check.

  9. Grey, Thank you so much for the amazing review! You made my day.

    I’ve read all the comments and would love to offer this…help me rename Dust Bowl and I’ll send the “winner” a free lip luster. 🙂

    owner/designer, Latherati Soap Foundry

    • Maycomb County Treadmill!

      or Stark raving mad (just a phrase that stuck with me after reading the book), or maybe A new kind of clown (The one that laughs at the audience!)

      ..Ahem, it’s one of my favourite books. :p

  10. Oh the packaging is just so beautiful! I love the book shaped soap boxes. Sigh, another one for the list.

  11. Why didn’t I see this post before? XP I seriously must own everything in Sinister…my favorite book ever is Something Wicked This Way Comes, so naturally I have to get it! 😀