Being Catty

I’ve ordered a lot from Meow. As much as I hate to admit it, that is. It seems that I always have problems. About 75% of the time the cart doesn’t accept my coupon, and I have to end up emailing them after to tell them. Sometimes the cart just sort of… zonks out, so I THINK I placed and order and I never actually did. I know in the past I was upset I didn’t seem to be getting confirmation emails, and while this has persisted, I’ve started screen capturing my orders as I place them.

Why do I keep placing orders? Because I’d been determined to find my ‘perfect’ foundation color. After a multitude of foundation samples, I thought I was pretty confident in Mau.  And then I was pretty confident in Korat. But when I ordered full sized (ok, Midgets) the shades were just enough different that they didn’t work like the samples did. I am, however, pleased that I seemed to find my match.

Apparently I’m a Sleek Abyssinian. I was so confident, in fact, I ordered the full 30g sized jar.  I was back and forth about being Sleek or Inquisitive, but as it turns out, the Sleek is still quite pale and works perfectly.  Until I sat down to work through the Meow samples, I literally had NO idea my skin had such a golden cast to it.  I was perfectly happy wearing neutrals.  With just the slightest tint of yellow in my foundation I look… healthier.  In my latest order I picked the full sized foundation (as I mentioned) a Concealer, and a Skinny Dipper, all in the light Abyssinian shade.   I’m wearing Pampered Puss, the medium coverage, and it’s near perfect.  I apply it with a flocked sponge and I’ve found I get much nicer coverage and a smoother, less obviously powdered application.

As much as I hate some of the names for their new Wild Child line, I’ve been collecting samples as well.  I did get one full sized in WTF, and the full size is actually a 5 gram jar, versus Meow’s normal sized eye shadows, which come in 10 gram jars.  Although I’m sure it’s a gorgeous color, and I’ve seen it on Phyrra so I know it is, I cannot get behind a shade named MILF.  Sorry.  I realize that they have quite a few tongue in cheek shades/names.  Like Monica L., from the ScandalEyes collection.  It’s blue.  I happen to love the ScandalEyes collection, Paris H is a favorite shade of mine.  I don’t know, something just sits wrong with me on that one, though, MILF.

I have no idea what to say about Meow.  People keep asking me if I recommend them.  While yes, I order from them often, and yes I like their foundations, and yes they do reply to my email timely and correct my problems.  There just shouldn’t BE so many problems in the first place.


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  1. I’ve noticed frequent shade discrepancies between samples and full sizes in the concealers and foundations. It can be quite frustrating. I think they need to work on making each batch more accurately.

    I like their foundations and concealers, but I’m still not completely satisfied. Some days I look at myself and think it looks good, while other days I just shudder and try to avoid mirrors. It’s mostly me. I have that problem with every foundation I use. I have a lot of bad face days. *snort*

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. I was going to chalk it up to being mislabeled samples, but some other people and I have been talking since my last post about matching shades and we’ve drawn the same conclusion. Some batches are just off.

  2. Jules Noctambule April 24, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    My only issue with Meow so far (aside from cringe-inducing names putting me off otherwise nice colours) is that the shipping cost for samples seems really high. I ship a lot of merchandise myself, all things that are larger and heavier than makeup samples, and yet my cost is half what Meow charges for an envelope of pretty dust in tiny plastic bags — and that is including my overhead/envelope cost! The sample cost may be low, but I feel like it’s being made up for with the shipping cost.

    Aside from that, I’ve been pleased with the quality of the foundations I’ve tried. They’re much nicer than the AL Glissade I’d considered buying, and I like that there’s a choice of sizes to be had. The eyeshadows absolutely need a primer (or at least the ones I ordered did) but once that’s on they’re really nice.

    • I agree with the shipping, which is why if I order I order enough for free shipping or wait for a coupon. Sometimes I only want a few samples, and I can’t justify the almost 6$ shipping for them, so I find similar shades other places.

      And I get it, they’re trying to be ‘edgy’ and possibly hip. But I kinda sorta thought I was, and I’m obviously not if the names make me shake my head.

      • Jules Noctambule April 25, 2010 at 9:03 am

        I thought the cringe factor was just me being in my 30s, but my 20-year-old cousin feels the same way!

        • I took a quick poll of my friend Wednesday while I was thinking about writing this, and we agree, some of the ‘geeky’ names are sort of cute, although not exactly what you think of when you think ‘Wild Child’ but MILF just is inappropriate. I even hate having to type it.

  3. The first time I ordered a bunch of samples from Meow, I only liked 1 out of all of them. I just placed an order with a bunch of their Taboo blushes and Wild Child shadows (samples of course) and I LOVE them. I got an email invoice and they arrived really quickly. This experience has totally made me change my opinion on Meow. Although I did think shipping was too expensive.

    • I have one of their blushes, and so far I’ve been lucky with liking it. It’s a Lush Blush in Feline-Be-Mine.

      Some of the Wild Child shades are just crazy glitter bombs…

  4. I haven’t had any problems but the shipping is just too high… So I don’t order often. My favorites are the foundation (Flawless Feline), SunSplashers and CamoCats.

  5. I’ve only ordered from Meow the one time, and while I didn’t have any problems and was satisfied, as time has gone on I’ve become less impressed. I admit, I’ve spent too much time wondering how the heck I wound up with three different greens that are all very obviously based on TKB’s Taurus Orion. The only product I seem to get use out of is the auburn Brow Beater, but now I’ve started having my brows tinted and even that has gone by the wayside.

    I haven’t picked up any jars from Meow so I can’t compare, but I did run into that problem with Evil Shades; my sample and full-size of Acolyte are completely different.

    • I have two samples of their Brow Beater, in Black and Dark Brown and the two of them blended together work great for me, and just the samples will last me a long time. So maybe that was another lucky order on my part.

  6. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! I found my perfect foundation match with Jen’s help and didn’t have to go through a bunch of different shades. I did try 3 shades just in case but Jen’s first suggestion was in fact the perfect one for me. Also after trying other companies ( for example Purely, Lauress, Alima, Stardust..) Meow Sleek Persian is still the only shade I can wear straight without mixing different shades.

    I also really like Equilibrium primer, C3 corrector in yellow, Crystalline-powders and their blushes but I must say apart from Egyptian collection I haven’t been that impressed by their eyeshadows. It seems all the new eye shadow collections are better quality than the older ones since everybody’s raving about Wild Child.

    I never had any trouble with the discount codes or the shopping cart but I do think the shipping cost is way too high and I’ve given feedback to Meow about it. I guess giving feedback works too since Meow’s had so many “free shipping”-campaigns this year. Hopefully they’ll continue having those!

    • I have the Equilibrium Primer, too. And I agree, it’s very nice. I also have the green under eye corrector, although I don’t use it under my eye, I just like that formula better.

      I’m guessing the shipping complaints are really being taken to heart!

  7. Like Apriltini, my foundation match is “close enough” but not perfect. Some days it looks really off, and I usually only wear it in the winter. “My” shade seems to be different in the different formulas, and there is such a color jump to go up a shade that I’ve never gotten foundation for the summer, since the next shade up is way too dark. Since the company that made my HG foundation and blush closed, I’m still searching.
    I did find a Meow Blush that is my HG, and their Finishing Powder is awesome, although pricey. Some of the limited edition shadows I’ve liked, but usually I shop shadows elsewhere. I’ve never had a customer service or cart problem, but like others have mentioned I wait for a sale before I buy.

    • I think they list on their site that there’s a difference in shades in the different formulas. I’m told the biggest difference is with the Flawless formula vs. other shades.

      • Thanks, Phyrra. I went back to the website and found that being mentioned. I’ll get in touch with Jen and see if she can help me narrow the color down more and I’ll try more samples.

  8. I love Meow. I was originally overwhelmed with the choices of foundation shades, and after buying the wrong foundation color (Inquisitive Chausie), I asked for help on the forums. Jen, who is AMAZING, helped match me up to Inquisitive Siamese & Inquisitive Sphynx. Recently, I had problems where my foundation just started looking ‘off’ and finally we determined that I’d somehow gotten paler this past winter (which didn’t happen the previous two winters), so I just picked up some Snow Lynx to help lighten my foundation. I use the Pampered Puss version and I really love it.

    Honestly, until I found Meow I’d given up on finding a foundation that would match my skin. Everything was too dark and the wrong shade. I’ve recommended their foundation a lot because I like the formula and the coverage.

    I didn’t start really liking the eye shadows until the newer collections. I’ve really loved the Fall 2009, the Egyptian collection, the Halloween collection, the Friday the 13th collection and the Wild Child collection. I seem to actually own a lot of blue, teal and purple shadows from Meow.

    As far as blushes go, the first two I liked were Feline Be Mine and Crush.
    I love Illuminate. The Masterpiece blushes are nice too, especially The Scream, Midsummer’s Eve and So Happy. I really love Canna and Heliconia from the Rainforest collection. I also love Snarky and Hang up from Wild Child.

    The glows are pretty nice, too. I have the original, Morganite, Morpho and Chameleon.

    I definitely love the skinny dippers as they work well for contouring.

    With Meow, when I’ve had problems with orders, they’ve always been fixed without any issue. I can’t say the same for a lot of other companies. Recently I placed an order and one of my items was missing from the order. I let them now and they immediately sent out a replacement. I hadn’t received the replacement so I contacted them and it was apparently lost in the mail (the tracking information they had and shared with me showed it last updating on April 8), so they resent it again and sent me the tracking for the new one. I just got it today.

  9. I’m inclined to agree with your general assessment of Meow. I’ll keep going back to them for my foundation, since I love the formulation, and the shade is perfect, but so far, my experience with their eye shadows has been very hit or miss. I’ve heard their blushes are great, but I don’t wear blush, so I’m not really interested in that aspect of the company.

    • I’m not big on blush, either. But I keep hearing about how amazing they are when you get one that works, and I can never get them to work, so for some reason I keep ordering them.

      Yeah, makes no sense.

      They are pretty hit or miss, but I think I got lucky this round with my foundation.

  10. I’ve only ordered from Meow once, during the egg hunt sale.
    (Shipping was free, & I used a discount code.)
    I went out on a limb and got the entire Egyptian eyes collection, which I really love. I suppose I got lucky with the WildChild shadows I chose though, because you’re absolutely right that some of them are glitterbombs – one of my samples was like that.
    I did order a bunch of foundation samples, but at the moment I’m trying to tan for the summer so it would be a pointless search. I can say that I love their Del Sol bronzer though. 🙂

  11. I’ve only ordered twice, but I had no problems! My full sized foundation I ordered was a little bit lighter than my samples were, but that’s ok because I was going to mix it a bit lighter anyway! (I’m a Frisky Abyssinian. Or a bit closer to Sleek if I go by the first batch. So we have similar skin tones. 🙂 I had no idea that my skin was really that yellow before Meow, but now it’s obvious, haha.

    I loooveee the texture of their blushes so I’m waiting for the next coupon code to strike so I can order full sizes of a few. At least three. >_> The funny thing is I actively avoided blush until I realized how awesome blush was thanks to Meow! It makes such a difference in the look of my face!

    Like other people have said, my main gripe with Meow is the high shipping. It’s why I am loathe to order any more samples again and why I will only ever buy when coupon codes are available.

    • We do have similar skin tones! It’s sort of odd to all of a sudden realize you’d been a little off. 🙂

      I have a few of the blushes now, samples and one full sized, but I’m just not loving how I look all the time with blush. So maybe I just need to prefect my application, or it’s just as simple as not my thing.

      I might order next time they have free shipping, I’m curious about something else, now…

      • It might just be in the application… blush is hard to get right! Or it might just not be your thing. XD Perhaps how much someone likes blush has to do with face shape, and whether or not you already add other products to add depth to your face, like contour, bronzer, or highlighter.

        I for one have full cheeks, so blush has the extra benefit of making my face look better defined, and it’s so much easier and prettier on me than contour shading or bronzer.

  12. Something else I wanted to comment on: those Brown Faux brushes Meow carries are awesome. A lot of people rave about the f-lat top, but I prefer the buffer for my foundation. The rounded top lets me get into smaller areas, and the brush is soft, but not f-loppy. I purchased the small all over eye brush as well, but am not that fond of that one, probably because it has huge competition from a natural hair brush I already own. One of these days I want to get the chubby blender, but that will have to wait a while.

    Because of the high shipping, I wait for coupons, just like everyone else. Meow really needs to have a separate, sample only shipping price that’s reasonable. I’m not asking for it to be free, but reasonable, which it certainly is not at the moment.

    • I agree those brown faux brushes are the bomb. I bought the eye set from another seller and they get used daily. I ordered the chubby blender at the last Meow sale, it was on back order, but I got a shipping notice for it today and I can’t wait to try it out.

  13. I haven’t ordered from Meow yet, international shipping is WAY high even for samples! I love the look of the Egyptian collection and a few of the Wild Child shadows.

    I don’t know if I’d try foundation from them as I love the soft coverage and fab oil control that the veil from Joppa Minerals gives me (got a full-size coming in the mail soon). Also matching my face is ridiculously hard… usually everything that’s dark enough is way too orange.

    • I’m going to have to check out Joppa!

      • I’ve heard really good things about Joppa too! I can’t wait for you to review them 🙂

        • They do have a really nice selection of basics. I ordered a full sized Mineral Finishing Veil and some charcoal face soap and I got free international shipping with it, which I thought was pretty cool.

          They do fantastic sample sets, you can try pretty much all their face products for suuuper cheap and they throw in an eyeshadow sample as well. I haven’t used the one I got, it was a green which was really similar to some of the others I have from AL so I was kind of ‘eh’ about it.

  14. Your posts are so timely. I am sitting on the couch sifting through a big stack of Meow foundation samples I got Friday. I, like many others apparently, waited for a free shipping code in order to make the sample purchase worth it.
    I think I’ve figured out that I’m a Frisky Siamese, at least according to the “match foundation to wrist in natural sunlight” test. However, knowing that there is a frequent disparity between samples and full size is kind of making me nervous about taking the plunge and buying a larger jar…
    Something I noticed–all my samples are f-lawless feline, which is supposed to be heavy coverage and matte. But, they all have sparkles! Like, eyeshadowy sparkles! Is this normal?

    • The sparkles you may see in your foundation don’t show up when you wear it, at least in my experience.

      Also, it may just be because I wear the lightest level, but I’ve never had a difference in my Inquisitive Siamese or Inquisitive Sphynx in the Pampered Formula. Every batch has matched what I had left in my old jar.

      • Phyrra, if I may ask, what primer do you use? Your skin always looks so smooth in photos!

        • Hi Erin,

          I rarely use a primer but if I do, I list it on my blog under the Face section for what I’m wearing.

          The primers that I primarily use (tee hee) are:
          Camellia Rose V 2.0 Skin Smoothing Primer
          Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer

          I also like Benefit’s That Gal Brightening Primer, but I hate the price, so I’ve only used samples of it.

          I was interested in trying Too Faced Primed & Poreless​ but I don’t see it on their site anymore.

          Hope this helps 🙂

  15. I’ve not tried them and i’m not too bothered about their shadows and things but i’d really like to try their foundations. It’s a shame you’ve had such a bad experience with them 😦

  16. I’ve been using Meow foundation for 2 years now and I really love it. But their shipping is indeed way too expensive for me so I haven’t been ordering from them for a long time. And I’m not really into their eye shadows – full size are a bit expensive for the amount, and testers are really poor. :/ But, I also love their blushes, those are really lovely and great!

  17. Hi Grey,
    Thanks so much for this post as I’m really determined now more than ever to make Meow’s foundation work for me. From your rec I’m going to try it this AM w/a flocked sponge.

    I’ve also had an order lost in the mail and their CS was just freaky-good; they replied back to me immedialty (man, I REALLY LOVED that) and then they reshipped immediatly w/no questions asked (another awesome jaw dropping happy WOW-WEE)!
    I honestly don’t mind paying more for shipping when the CS is so friggin’ fast and hassel-free.

    As for the edgy names, well, I just skip over those because IMO Meow’s quality is 100% top drawer/world class mmu. But if I did ever purchase one that I couldn’t bear to look at on the label, I think I’d just put a piece of tape over it and rewrite/rename it myself! LOL!

    …..and am currently stalking their website for the beautiful Caribbean’s re-release……