Ear Plugs

I’ve recently started dabbling in designing and creating my own jewelry, having been massively inspired by the talent on Etsy.  One thing, though, that I rarely find are ear plugs.  No, not the sort you stuff into your ear to drown out the world.  I mean the sort you put into your lobe as an alternative to a traditional earring.

The standard sized hole in your ear when you get them pierced in usually around a 20 gauge, which is about 0.8mm.  My ears have been stretched to beyond a gauge measurement (they traditionally go to 00g, which is 10mm).  The hole in the lobes of my ears are 9/16 of an inch wide, or about 14mm.  So the ‘earrings’ I wear in my ears are referred to as plugs.  Many common plugs are made from ‘organics’ which are horn and bone, or shell.  However being vegan, I avoid those things and prefer glass, silicone, or metal versions.

Recently I taught myself how to make my own, using one of my favorite stone pair to create a silicone cast, I was then able to make these custom resin pieces.  The round pair on the left are filled with vegan candy bits, and the teardrop pair on the right are filled with Martha Stewart craft glitter.

In the coming months I hope to be able to develop and grow a line of vegan jewelry (made without shell, silk, leather, bug, pearl, horn, or other yucky bits) and start making them available on Etsy.


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  1. The pair on the right is gorgeous 🙂
    Wish I wore big plugs!

    • I could easily make you some actual earrings with the same method. I have about a dozen different colors of that confetti glitter. Maybe little teardrops on ear hooks.

      • Aww that would look cute! I was looking at plugs the other day with my gf Lea (also vegan!) because she wears size 0 I think (0 or 2, but I think 0). I could never stretch further than 10 because my ears just hurt too much. I stick to 14 or the occasional 12.

        I really can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  2. These are really cute! I love candy inspired art and you did a great job! Next time I go to a Formula One race, I must get a pair of these :O)

  3. oh wait, DUH, plugs, for ears, like jewelry. Wow, I feel really stupid. I thought “stylish ear plugs” for noisy places.

    Just ignore me.

  4. Pick a color.


  5. The pink on the left is pretty fab 🙂

  6. Those are so awesome! I don’t have a use for plugs, since my ears aren’t gauged beyond what a normal piercing would do, but I still admire how cool the ones you made for yourself are! ❤

  7. Both of the ones you made look great! Looking forward to see what else you create. 🙂

  8. They look great! I will def. have to direct my best friedn to your etsy store once it is open.
    I can’t wait ^.^

    • Thanks! It won’t be for a while yet. It takes a bit to perfect things and get a brand together and all that. But I’ll let you know.

  9. I absolutely adore the candy plugs!! I will definetly buy some from you when you open up a store. Mine are only at a 6g right now, but I’m currently working my way up to a 4g. Its so hard to find cute plugs in the smaller gauges.

    P.s. I have an entire set of Martha Stewart glitter to! Isn’t that stuff just fabulous? I don’t have the bar glitter though.

    • I’m working on molds for smaller sizes from the old stone sets I used when I was stretching. So I might be able to make them in a 4g, but really with the candy peices they work better in a larger plug.

      I have ALL of her glitters, the fine, the confetti, the iridescent, the shapes 🙂

  10. Those look awesome . I’ll diffidently have to order a pair from you . We have a techshop here in Durham and i’m tempted to use the 3d printer to make plugs.

  11. Those look awesome! I’m really glad that you will eventually be selling them. I’ve never heard of plugs made out of resin. Are they comfortable? Are they safe for long-term wear?

    I’m currently at 3.2mm but I haven’t made up my mind on whether I want to go larger or not.

  12. Single Flared plugs please! I can’t wear Double Flared plugs 😦

  13. Oh wow Grey you are just so clever and talented! Is there anything you haven’t turned to and done brilliantly? They look just beautiful. My girlfriend used to make resin jewellery and now i really want to learn.

    • Thank you Lillian! It’s been a challenge, I love learning new things, and I’m usually a really quick study 🙂

  14. I already figured they wouldn’t work out so good in smaller sizes. I’m still in love with them though. I’m sure looking through your shop will end up convincing me to go bigger. I hate being stuck with solid color plain plugs.

  15. Oooh I love those sprinkle plugs. I’ve seen a few other people around the net make those as well but yours look a lot nicer. I’d definitely buy some when you get up and running. I’ve decided to stay at 11mm (7/16″) for a while and need to build up my collection of pretty plugs 🙂

    • I keep going bigger and bigger. I was going to stop at 00g, but my ears stretched like butter. It took way under a year to get them to a full 1/2 inch. Now they are only that one step bigger because I have this one pair of stone plugs that are heavy and stretched them bigger all on their own!

      • I really love those plugs! And that’s exactly what happened to me… I was going to stop at 4g, then 0g, then 00g, and all of a sudden I’m at 7/16th (and my plugs fall out when I sleep so I know I need to get get bigger ones)… I can’t wait for your store to get up and running!

  16. Aww, way awesome! Cant wait to see what you create. My dude man wears plugs, so I’d totally buy from you 😀

    Ironically enough, I have/had many “alternative” piercings but I don’t even have my ears pierced, heh. I’ve always wanted to wear plugs, but I just haven’t gotten around to getting them pierced and stretched.

    • Aw, whoo!! I am working on some faux Jade and diachronic ones, as well as some flesh tubes and single flairs, too.

      Also, as far as piercings, although I’m pretty alt, I don’t really go for many. I have my eyes stretched and then a septum. I also have my nips done, but no one sees those, so I’m quite tame.

      • Your eyes stretched? I have to ask what you mean by this XD

        I had lip, nose and ear piercings, but recently removed all of them. In piercings, I don’t do well with metals other than titanium, and since I greatly prefer gold- over silvertone, and titanium that is supposed to look golden just looks yellow to me, I gave up.

  17. there is something deliciously subversive in using martha stewart glitter to make plugs. i likey. 🙂

  18. Wow, that’s so cool! I love the lil sprinkle things, heehee.

  19. Awesome idea! I’ve seen too many people get it in their head that they can make plugs from polymer clay, which, as I understand, is a big no-no because the clay will leach chemicals.

  20. Hi, those plugs are really cute !
    I’m looking forward the pieces you’ll come up with 🙂

    I was wondering, beside creating yourself your plugs, where do you usually buy them ?
    I’m in a terrible need of new plugs but I can’t seem to find shops with cute 10mm-ish plugs in my area, so I’ve thought of ordering online, but I don’t know aof ny good shop. If you could give me a few tips, I’ll be really thankful !

    • bodyartforms.com

      I think it’s the only place I’ve ever bought plugs online from, and I’m sort of a hoarder, so I totally recommend them!

      • Thank you ! There are some gorgeous stone plugs, I was so drooling just watching it., unfortunately the cutest was sold out in my gauge. So I purchased two different and simple ones. Again thank you !

  21. I LOVE these!!! I’m a 00, and I soooo want a pair. Can’t wait til they’re available so I can snatch them up!

  22. You are like a… punk Martha Stewart. I love your “if I can’t find it…I’ll make it!” attitude 🙂

  23. Those are soooo awesome! I looove the sprinkles. 🙂 Too cool!

    I would definitely buy some. 🙂

    • I’m so surprised to have gotten so many wonderful comments. I was sort of posting it to be like, so guys, this is why I’ve been so busy. But wow, you guys are so awesome!

  24. Wow I think this is a pretty great idea!

  25. Wow awesome idea, etsy definitely needs more plug people.

    For glass I use frozenfire on etsy, but one can never have too many pairs!

    • The ones I find on Etsy are (I’m sorry to say this) horrible made, or way to expensive for what they are.

      I’d like to think I can make a quality product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  26. Sounds like a great idea! I don’t usually use earings or anything like that, but I’m sure people who do will love the idea! I like the glittery one!

  27. Hey, we have the same size! I’m wearing black acrylic spirals in them for the summer, and then scalpelling up to 18mm/11/16″. I love my big ears. ❤

    A friend is actually at 48mm now. :p

    • I usually always have the same black rubber tunnels in, they are pretty comfortable. But now I could easily make a pair for everyday.

  28. I’m not a fan of plugs, but that is awesome, Grey! They look very professional.

  29. The sprinkle ones are CUUUUUUUUTE

  30. I just got to thinking. Some 11/16 spirals with the FABULOUS glitter you have would’ve been something I’d definetely pay some amount of money for.
    *hint hint*

  31. I, too, have noticed the lack of plugs on Etsy! I want something unique but nobody seems to make them really. I recently stretched up to a 0g, so I will have to keep a look out for your pieces when you put them up!!

  32. Wow! Those are insanely cute! I hope you can eventually make them in 8g and on up. Mostly because there aren’t enough cute plugs at 8g. 😉
    As a side note, when you do get around to selling, please be sure to make note that the resin plugs are for healed piercings only. It’s a guarantee that someone out there will stretch then chuck those cuties in and have some complications. Also, LOVE the idea of resin over those sculptey clay ones.

  33. Are you able to make ear spirals in niobium, I have 20g holes but can’t find anything but gold or silver to wear, and I can’t leave my holes without them trying to close. When I do that I have to ram a needle or earring through the hole which is not fun.

  34. Are you selling these on etsy?
    I would love to purchase some from you, would you ship to New Zealand?
    thanks! 🙂

  35. hey i love the plugs with the vegan candy in !! 🙂 what size canyu make them too and how do u make them they are amazing ¬¬ ^_^

  36. How did you make the molds for the plugs they’re ahmazingg! 😀

  37. can you pleeeeeeaaase make a simple video tutorial on how you make these? 🙂 i would happily purchase from you, but im half a world away. lol. :DDDD


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