Getting Medieval

Today I got a FULL sample set of Morgana Mineral’s new collection, Get Medieval!

From top to bottom, left to right : Lady Godiva, Fortress, Joust, Guinevere, Shining Armor, Beowulf, Concubine, Gauntlet, and Stonekeep

From top to bottom, left to right : Axe to Grind, Chartreuse, Mordred, Alchemy, Lapis Lazuli, Agincourt, Lady of the Lake, Byzantium, Winifred, Drafty Castle, Joan de Arc, and Chivalry

  • Shining Armor – Metallic silver made with cosmetic grade aluminum powder. A very brilliant silver. Fun to mix with other shades for a unique color. Not for lip use.
  • Joust – Bright lemon-gold with an intense gold sheen.
  • Goblet – Wine with shifting sparks of gold and silver.
  • Guinevere – A rich coral with a pink sheen. This color replaces the previous color Guinevere from last year.
  • Stonekeep – Metallic olive with a golden sheen. Sparks of gold and copper catch the light beautifully.
  • Agincourt – A luscious strawberry red with a pink sheen.
  • Chartreuse – Very vivid, semi-matte yellow with a hint of green.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Vivid, slightly metallic blue with flecks of gold.
  • Alchemy – Fuchsia with aqua sparkles.
  • Lady of the Lake – Vibrant teal with subtle shifts to blue and green. Topped with twinkles of turquoise.
  • Winifred – Lilac with a blue sheen & shifts of blue-green/violet.
  • Fortress – Russet-plum with a bright, silvery blue-green sheen.
  • Gauntlet – Plum with a blue sheen and sparkles of blue and brilliant silver.
  • Chivalry – Lavender with a vibrant green sheen. When you see this in person, the vibrancy will wow you!
  • Lady Godiva – Plum on a charcoal background with violet-pink sheen & sparkle.
  • Axe to Grind – Grape w/ silvery twinkles.
  • Concubine – Maroon with flecks shifting gold, copper, and red.
  • Beowulf – Deep, sparkling navy shifting to a dark purple. Shifting sparkles of silver and gold add brilliance to this dark shade.
  • Joan de Arc – Slightly metallic, bright green with rainbow sparkle and subtle shifts of peach/rose.
  • Byzantium – Metallic cinnamon brown.
  • Drawbridge – brown
  • Drafty Castle – Metallic orange with a subtle pink sheen.
  • Mordrid – Deep, metallic bronze.

22 Responses to “Getting Medieval”

  1. I LOVE the swatches! I can’t wait to get mine 🙂 Alchemy looks divine!

    • I love them so much, even though I have all the samples, I’m totally going to be getting a ton of them in full sizes.

  2. I love the Lady Godiva and Gauntlet…big fan of dark, rich purple shades. I love pairing them with grey shades and eggplant eyeliner.

  3. purple shades look really gorgeous.thanks for the swatch:)

  4. Wow. I wouldn’t mind owning most of these, but I think my favourites are Joust, Axe to Grind, Joan de Arc and Mordred.

    Thank you for the swatches!

  5. oOo Winifred looks so pretty! And Concubine looks intense!

    • Concubine swatched SO much nicer then I thought it would looking at it in the baggie. These are all so pretty!

  6. I ordered some sample from this collection and I can’t waaaait to get them! These swatches made me even more excited.

  7. Fortress, Beowulf, Stonekeep, Mordred, Alchemy and Chivalry are my favourites. Maybe I’ll get the full set anyway.. I like full sets.

    • I’m wearing Alchemy today, it’s sooo pretty.

      • Hmmm.. :p
        I think I’ll wait till payday anyway. My poor boyfriend has spent enough money pampering me this month. But definetely grabbing some of these come payday.

  8. Does Drawbridge have any shimmer? I cant tell and the description doesn’t help 😛

  9. Oh so so pretty! I love the look of Joust particularly.

  10. Wow! I think I need some, especially Chivalry!

  11. I love the swatches!! Do you think that there are some must have in the collection? I like joust, concubine, stonekeep… So many of them in fact!!


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