Cupcakes for Everyone!

All the entries are in for my Very Happy Unbirthday Giveaway!  The winner will be chosen at random tomorrow, I’m spending most of the day today going through Twitter and find all the re-Tweets and getting all the entries written on little slips of paper to be drawn TOMORROW 🙂

As a little gift to you I’ve collected all the entries and made them into a cookbook you can download as a PDF file!

*If your recipe isn’t included, I apologize.  Some were duplicates and for the sake of space I only included the first one posted, but you were entered into the drawing!


3 Responses to “Cupcakes for Everyone!”

  1. thanks grey (and everyone else) and happy unbirthday. i’m going to print this and make some probably to cheer everyone up! 🙂

  2. I’ll have to make cupcakes next weekend, I see. :p

  3. Oh the cupcake cookbook PDF is so lovely 🙂

    Thanks so much!