L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum

I’m going to pretend that this hasn’t actually been out for quite a while now.  Truth is, I only recently FOUND it in in the store.  I had been keeping my eye out for it for a while.

I finally found it in Target this morning while I was shopping for stripped leggings.  It was only $12.49, for some reason I expected it to be way more expensive then that.

So lets call this day one.  I’m going to start using this stuff and see if it does anything or not.  I’ve purposely steered away from reading reviews in the last couple of weeks, wanting to be able to review it as thoroughly as possibly based on my OWN experiences and not influenced by anyone else’s view.

According the L’Oreal website:

Now, the lashes of your dreams are no longer an illusion! Thanks to our new Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum, get visibly fuller, thicker natural lashes with less lash fall-out when removing makeup. The breakthrough formula contains Centella Asiatica Extract and Arginine to reinforce, condition, and protect each lash. Apply daily under your mascara and at night to bare lashes to transform your natural lashes, and see more lashes in just 4 weeks!*

So meet me back here in 4 weeks and I’ll let you know!


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  1. I’m really curious if this works for you. At $12, it’s definitely affordable 🙂

  2. Jenny Whiskey May 5, 2010 at 11:20 am

    I actually got a full sized preview sample for this and the mascara that goes with it for a consumer panel in November before it came out. Since I don’t want to spoil your test process i won’t go into what I thought, but I’m really curious to see how it worked for other people!

  3. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t–
    But I don’t like L’oreal for the fact that they actually do test on animals. :c
    No offense, just saying.

    • I’m giving credit where credit is due. L’Oreal has put over 2 billion dollars into alternative forms of research and will be cruelty free in as little as 2 years. While it’s not NOW, the only division still currently testing on animals is it’s facial products, not it’s cosmetics. While I’m not reviewing L’Oreal’s ETHICS, I’m reviewing if this Serum works. Or not.

      As a vegan I assure you animal testing and the simple use of animal products is something I’m keenly aware of.

      • I didn’t want to stop you from testing it! I’m sorry if it came out this way, there was no harm intended. I only wanted to inform you in the case you didn’t already know.

    • Can’t wait to see what you think of this- when I worked the counters, everyone had a lash booster, but they were all cosmetic (if anything!) Since Latisse has launched, I’m curious again to see if there’s anything that can physically stimulate lash growth. The whole eye darkening side effect of Latisse makes it a definite no for me!

      Also, thought I should mention something about “cruelty free” cosmetics. The ability to claim that a product is “cruelty-free” is not regulated in the US, and usually means that the FINISHED product was not tested on animals. All individual ingredients have to meet consumer safety laws, and in many countries (including the US) that means ingredients are tested on animals before they’re approved for human consumption. Some countries have changed regulations where animal testing is concerned, but the US is not one of them- meaning virtually anything on the mass-market in the US has at least a few ingredients that were tested on animals. Sad, but true. Hopefully with advancements in human tissue simulation w/ cell cultures, regulations will change soon.

      I only mention this because it seems unfair to me that companies that use mostly established ingredients (ie: those that have been tested by others) can claim to be “cruelty free” but those out there creating new technologies & ingredients (which therefore have to be tested) get a bad rap…

  4. My sister has this stuff and it didn’t really do anything. But she’s kind of forgetful, so I’m thinking she probably didn’t put it on every day or as required for the maximum effect. I’m curious to see if it would actually work, as the more expensive stuff has some side effects I’m leery of (permanent eye color darkening).

    OT, do you know of a way to put blush on top of concealer without the concealer absorbing too much of the blush and making it obvious that I put concealer on? I have a stubborn blemish on my cheek that is taking it’s sweet time fading, and whenever I put blush on top of the concealer it looks super obvious. The only alternative I’ve come up with so far is to not wear blush, but… I want to wear blush 😡

    • I put it on when I got home, and then just now put my mascara on it to run back out, and just as a BASE it’s already doing sumfin’.

      I don’t’ always wear blush. Depends on the look, but if I do, I put it on under my foundation, which is powder. I usually use a primer if I’m wearing blush, which I finds help it look more natural, so maybe primer/concealer/blush? I dunno…

      • Yeah, I always wear a primer now or my face gets super shiny. I use the Too Faced one that you recommended before 🙂 Primer, concealer, then blush is what I’ve been doing. I usually apply the primer and concealer with my fingers, so I thought maybe I should use a concealer brush to see if that helped. Blah! Thanks anyway 🙂

      • Demoness hit the nail on the head- you need to powder after you apply any moist product- creams/lotions/gels. Then you should be able to apply any powder products without them grabbing on to the creams.

        In your case, Primer, Foundation (unless you use a powder foundation), Concealer, Powder (or Powder Foundation, if you prefer) then Blush (assuming you’re using powder blush).

        Hope this helps! If not, you may want to apply your concealer, then powder it and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before you do blush.

    • Perhaps applying a silica powder over the concealer will help add some slip to the blush.

      • I started using this lash serum about 2ish weeks ago. I have been using it religiously day and night as directed, I think I can see a difference in my lashes. At the very least they just appear better over all, darker, shinier, and perhaps a bit longer. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. =)

  5. Could you tell me a bit about L’oreals research? I’m so confused when it comes to what companies are cruelty free.

  6. Oh, I want to know if this really works! 😀

  7. It’s been a while! Just wondering if it worked?