Mrs. Tattooed Geek – A Review


I ran across Mrs. Tattooed Geek randomly on Etsy.  Most of the time I make discoveries searching random key words, and I think this time it was the word ‘bubble gum’ that found the shop.  What caught my eye was that everything is vegan.  They sell balms, perfumes, candles, and a few other assorted goodies.

The listings are cute, the shop is done with a traditional Sailor Jerry (not to be mistaken with the nightmare that is Ed Hardy) style feel.  I had initially wanted to order some candles, but I frankly just don’t like to burn things.  So I browsed around for a few alternatives in a couple of scents and flavors that I typically enjoy.  When I ordered they carried more lip balms then currently listed.

I ordered:

Strawberry Cupcake Vegan Shea Butter Solid Fragrance Balm

Bubble Gum Soy and Shea Butter Vegan Lip Balm


I placed my order on a Tuesday and it shipped about a week later, arriving about two weeks after I ordered.  I did receive a very nice convo from  the owner telling it it had shipped, though, which I found nice.  Shipping was 4$ for the two items I ordered (a balm and a solid perfume).


My package arrived well wrapped in a bubble mailer and included a free lip balm and purse sized mirror.   There was also a nice thank you note.


Mrs. Tattooed Geek’s balms come in the oval tubes I like, each one labeled with the ingredients as well as a coordinating design for the flavor.  Bubble gum is probably my all time favorite balm flavor, and this one had a nice classic gum taste without any added sweetness. The flavor doesn’t last all that long, though, although it’s not a strong flavor that you notice it disappears, rather it’s a gradual fading.  It doesn’t just wear off.

The balm is vegan, which by nature means it’s softer.  I found it very emollient.  It’s made with soy wax (and I know someone out there has a soy allergy) but it’s not waxy in the least.  The free balm I received, Sugar Skulls, doesn’t really have a flavor, just a mild sweetness.  In general, switching from a vegan balm from one that has beeswax is a little odd, the vegan version is softer and goes on much different.  Sometimes the formula feels greasy or oily.  In the case of these balms the formula is just right, it’s a good blend that’s soft and yet stands up well that it doesn’t turn your lips into a greasy mess.  I would have to say I’m really pleased with the formula.  In general it wears well, I applied it at night and it lasted until morning, and my lips actually felt softer.

The sold fragrance was a little surprising.  The scent is more strawberry then cupcake, but it was very lovely, again almost like a Strawberry Shortcake doll, which I am obsessed with lately.  The scents come in little tins with a screw on lids, the ingredients listed on the bottom.  These are blended on a butter base, which I admit I don’t have much experience with.  Anyone with a mango or a soy allergy, again, should steer clear.  The scent lasted a lot longer then I expected it to, I was able to smell the faint soft scent over an hour later.  It wasn’t a scent that others could easily smell on me, though, which I beleive is the actual purpose of a perfume.  However I was able to enjoy it smelling myself for a while.


Would I order from Mrs. Tattooed Geek again?  I might.

  • I liked the balms a lot, they are vegan and have a great consistency.
  • The solid perfume lasted a lot longer then I thought it would, although it wasn’t very strong.
  • Shipping was a little long, but perhaps I’m spoiled by companies that ship same day.

Overall :PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket/5


8 Responses to “Mrs. Tattooed Geek – A Review”

  1. I love the designs on the labels. I totally adore when companys put in the effort to make pretty labels. But than again I’m a graphic designer so of course its important to me.

  2. I really like the Sugar Skull wrapper, i collect Day of the Dead stuff. I like the sound of the strawberry perfume a lot. Another company for the list 😛

  3. I really like the pic for the bubblegum balm. So cute!

    • It’s adorable 🙂 I usually pull the labels off used tubes and ‘recycle’ them with other stuff, I’m probably keeping this one as is.

  4. Jenny Whiskey May 10, 2010 at 7:24 am

    I ordered from here almost 2 weeks ago, and I’m still waiting on my order. I admit she is very good about letting you know what to expect, but it is kinda of annoying to wait so long. After reading your review, I am really kicking myself for deleting the lip balm from my cart at the last second! It sounds like it’s the perfect texture for me and I don’t feel like waiting any longer for it!

    • Let me know when you get your order. I’m sort of curios about what’s up with their shipping.