Saturday Questions

I’m curious…

  • What’s your favorite scent?
  • How do you feel about solid perfumes?

50 Responses to “Saturday Questions”

  1. I have a few favorite scents:
    Hugo Boss Deep Red
    Cleanse Your Soul Over the Moon
    Kenneth Cole Black
    Alfred Seung Shi
    The Body Shop Neroli

    I like some solid perfumes 🙂

  2. I also love
    Bath n’ Body Works Vanilla Noir, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Twilight Woods.

    • And I love Haus of Gloi Satyr and Solstice Scents Coco Mallow.

      I have some solid perfumes of Black Raspberry Vanilla and they’re nice.

  3. My favorite scents are usually dark and woodsy: sandalwood, Haus of Gloi’s Honey Tree… Things like that. I also love Magnolia.
    I like solid perfumes! I don’t use perfume all that often, but when I do it’s usually a solid one.

  4. I have so many lovely perfumes that I can’t choose a favorite. But my favorite blends all seem to be either light fflorals or contain vanilla (I especially love vanilla and sandalwood together).

    I like solid perfumes.

  5. Jules Noctambule May 8, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I like citrusy scents like lemon and bergamot, spicy/rich scents like sandalwood and amber, and less-sweet f-lorals. Solid perfumes are fine; some of them seem too hard for a decent application while others work very well.

  6. I love solid perfumes! I like spicy, I like floral and I like sweet (like chocolate).
    If I could have it all, it’d be fantastic.
    I don’t usually use perfumes, but I like it when I do….
    I’ve been making solid ones… not for long, but I like making them…

  7. I am a complete sucker for sandalwood scents, and citrus scents, though sometimes, I branch out a bit and end up liking others, though I’m very picky. I tend to like the more unique scents.

    My current favorites are Haus of Gloi’s Depravity, and Imp, and Scent by the Sea’s Sandalwood Vanilla, Green Tea, and Patchouli Rose.

    I have actually never tried solid perfumes, so I have no opinion on them one way or another.

  8. My favourite scent is Tocca’s Florence. They make a solid form of it, but I don’t think it smells like the perfume at all and I’m not going to buy it.

  9. Hmmm. My favorite scent? I’m an avid BPAL fan so that is a tough question! I would have to say my favorite is a scent called Frumious Bandersnatch which in me smells like plum, carnations, and soft musks. I love it!

    Solid perfume? I’m all for it!!

  10. Currently, my favorite scents are Haus of Gloi’s Honey Tree, Bath & Body Works’ Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Wiggle Perfume’s Manora. I haven’t tried solid perfume yet, but I want to.

  11. I like f loral and fruity fav is lilac right now.I also like vanilla in winter.I haven’t used any solid perfume yet,but I want to purchase some from etsy.

  12. Jamaican me Crazy from Ben&Jerry’s. Man, I feel sad admitting that. No fancy perfume for me, just ice cream. xD

  13. Runaround Sous May 8, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Currently, I am LOVING Sweet Anthem scents… my fave is “Beatrice” — with notes of Champa, Frankincense, Mahogany, Rhubarb, and Tonka Bean. And another one I love is “Leslie”— with Champa, Grapefruit, Leather, Lily, Sandalwood, Sea Moss, and Yuzu notes. I really get the lilies and leather scent from Leslie… like a new car scent, but sexier. Another of my all-time favorite scents is Aromaleigh’s natural fragrance “Madeleine”— Cocoa Absolute, warm Sandalwood, mysterious and spicy Nutmeg, smooth and vanilla-like Benzoin and top notes of Pink Grapefruit and Lime.

    I haven’t tried solid scents, but I am intrigued by them. I may try some soon.

  14. I love wearing men fragrances especially the ones that have hints of lavender and light tea fragrances to them. My favorite scent to wear is Aqua Diego because it turns sweet when I wear it.
    I like solid perfumes but they usually fade fast on me.

  15. I hate to admit this because there are others here who also use Gloi, but Moon Dog. It bit me.

    Other than that, I am into cocoa absolute, real baked desserts, REAL coconut milk and NATALI made by the Morbid The Merrier!!!!!

  16. oh, I haven’t tried solid perfumes, but if it’s anything like rubbing chapstick behind your ears, I think I like the roll ons. It feels more sensual of a process and they won’t melt in your purse or in your car.

  17. My favourite ever perfume is Nina Ricci’s Belles which to me smells of tomato flowers. I don’t thin it’s made anymore but i can still get it on ebay, to me it’s just perfect. I also love Gap’s ‘So Pink’ which smells very grapefruity. Other than that i love foody, fruity smells, particularly citrus and candy-type scents. Florals are also good but not all of them. I really dislike any musky or woody scents and i HATE sandalwood.

    The only solid perfume i’ve ever tried is Lush’s Comfortor. I love the smell but it is really, really hard so i actually find it hard to get on my skin. I think i just prefer spray perfumes as they just feel more glamourous to me, they remind me of Hollywood Starlets. That doesn’t mean i’m put off solid perfumes though 🙂

  18. I don’t have much experience with perfume; most give me splitting headaches, which can last from 4 hours to three weeks. I think it’s mostly synthetic scents; I have an imp of a BPAL scent which is okay – but it totally weirds me out to smell different. =)

    Having said that, I like vanilla, and I like lavender. Solid perfume seems nifty; you can’t spill it by mistake!

  19. My favourite of the commercial fragrances is Miller Harris Fleur Oriental. Of the smaller labels, I’d pick Wiggle Perfume’s Buxom.

    I like the idea of solid perfume, but I’ve never used one myself.

  20. I am absolutely addicted to Haus of Gloi’s “Seeress.” I haven’t tried it in perfume form, but the lotion practically makes me salivate…

    Solid perfumes are alright, but I wish they tended to last longer. I favor oils more.

  21. My favourite perfume is Fracas. I love big, heady, intoxicating white florals….scents like neroli, jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, etc. Apparently, the perfume Carnal Flower is along those lines; the price is waayyyy outta my league, but I think I’ll buy a decant of it and see if I like it.

    I also like woody scents, like patchouli and oakmoss. I think my ideal perfume would involve a combination of jasmine and oakmoss, though I haven’t come across one like that.

    Coconut is another odour I love– the sweet, cream-of-coconut type odour. Yumm.

    Aaaaanndd….I like solid perfumes; I currently own a few from Illuminated Perfume:

    My only issues with solid perfume is that, if they come in really small containers, it’s hard to *not* get it under your fingernails. I like how a lot of companies that you reviewed (that I need to try!) use the lipbalm-type tubes. Really smart.

  22. I’ve fallen in LOVE with Haus of Gloi’s Depravity scent. I got the sample-size scrub along with a few others to try, and I thought it was overwhelmingly coconutty in the jar, but I tried it anyway and OH MY GODS. The coconut fades to a subtle background sweetness and leaves you with the spice and sandalwood and seriously, before I’m going to a stressful class or something, I wash my hands with the scrub so I can just put my hand near my face and smell it, calms me right down and helps me settle mentally. LOVE. I’m saving to get the perfume of it right now.

    I have a solid perfume I bought at a natural foods co-op a long time ago…it’s a jasminy musk something. I like it well enough, but I never wear it. I only bought it because it smelled like my then-long-distance girlfriend. I think I like the concept of solid perfume more than I like the actual result.

  23. I like floral, spicy and some vania scents. I also like herbal scents, like bergamont and mints. Sandalwood is my favorite right now, and I also have nag champa incense cones I love the scent of. I also looove rose scents. My favorite perfume right now is solstice scent’s sandalwood vanilla. I only have a sample right now, I want to get a full size at some point. I aso love the smell of their rosemilk day cream, it smells very rosey.
    My least favorite scents are fruity and citrus-y scents. ;p They make me think of cleaning products.
    I like oil perfumes the best, and I -really- dislike almost all spray perfumes. I haven’t tried solid perfume, but I don’t know that I’d like it, plus I fee like I’d use it up too quickly.

  24. For this one, I’ll give it a go but I’m totally useless at the same time. Scent is my favourite of the senses.

    And I love solid perfumes just for being so handy.

    Some of my favourite scents:

    Dewberries (my mom got a packet of lotion of this stuff when I was little along with garden mitts so it reminds me of her gardening)
    Anything candy smelling, Lush American Cream, Candy Fluff, Victoria’s Secret Candy Baby body spray, Bpal’s Jailbait.

    Out of my own current stash these are my favs (not in order, that’s impossible!)
    Cast A Spell by Lulu Guinness
    Miami Glo by Jlo
    Heiress by Tacky Hilton(it smells like peach candy!)
    DKNY Ripe Raspberry Candy Apple
    Alien by Mugler
    The Vert by Fruits & Passion but it’s staying power is NIL so it’s more of a body spray.

    And my fav smelling lotions b/c I looooove my lotions even if just for the scents,

    For King & Queens in:
    Nefertiti Honey
    Queen Isabella Cinnamon Orange
    Casper Myrrh

    Citrus Cherry lotion, smells like strong cherry lemonade

    And a lotion my mom made by mixing a couple drops of peppermint, spearmint and a whackload of pink sugar fragrance oils. Minty sugary goodness!

    I wish I has access to a ton of fragrance oils to make my own concoctions. I find it so fascinating. And I love the way it brings back memories for certain things.

    Oh yeah! And Demeter’s Firef ly, even though I only have the room spray and not the perfume technically.

    My fav guy smell, Burberry London and Joop.

  25. I’m always a fan of citrus scents (probably why I’m in love with Dove’s new scents!) but my favorite perfume is definitely Anais Anais which is basically just rose water. My mom gave it to me when I was 12 and it reminds me of getting all dressed up when I was younger. How adorable 😀

  26. I dislike solid scents. I dislike roll ons. I like the little amber bottles. =P

    Haus of Gloi’s Lassi and Satyr.

    I have several from a few other brands, but most of those turn alcoholy or just woody on me fairly quickly.
    Have yet to get my Morbid stuff in, though. Depending on the degree of “tobacco” in Natali, that may also soon be up there.

  27. I always like tropical fruity scents for spring and summer. Right now I am really enjoying
    Escada Marine Groove
    Haus of Gloi Imp
    Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava
    I tried the solid perfume in the Pacifica scent and I was very disappointed. I could hardly smell it on myself after 10 minutes. That experience has stopped me from pursuing other solid perfumes. I like the concept of them but I don’t know if they can be as fragrant as perfume oils or an eau de toilette.

  28. Speaking of solid perfumes, I stumbled across One Hand Washes the Other today and thought it might interest you. They make all sorts of little bath/body goodies — I particularly like the brain soaps, lol. Some products say vegan, but I don’t know the particulars of vegan ingredients so I won’t make any claims on it.

  29. My two favourite perfumes are Xocatyl and Midnight Orchid from the Body Perfumery. Xocatyl is a spicy, heady chocolate scent which makes me think of some exotic cookie that I really want to sink my teeth into. Midnight Orchid is a little more ‘perfume-y’. Very slightly f loral, with a hint of incense and some other things.

    I haven’t tried solid perfume. I would have to find something that really appealed to me before I bought another perfume, I like sticking to 1-2 scents.

    I do really like lavender, honey, vanilla and coffee (not necessarily altogether :P) I might be interested in trying something with strong lavender tones to help me sleep. And maybe something vanilla/coffee-ish for those really icky days at uni.

    • What I REALLY want is to find a tinted lip balm with a great mocha f lavor. That would be amaaazing. I haven’t commenced a serious search yet, as I’m on a no-buy… but soon.

  30. I love any rich, exotic fragrances – spicy, oriental, amber. My all-time favorite scents so far are Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Snake Oil and its derivatives, like Boomslang, Snake Charmer: Resurrected and the few others I’ve tried. Oh, and BPAL Midnight Kiss LE. And BPAL Hexennacht 2008. I’m seeing a trend here. ☺
    As for solids, I like them for the convenience. It’s handy to keep one in my purse, but I only get them in stick form, like in a lipbalm tube, rather than a tin or tub. It seems more sanitary, somehow, since I’m not grubbing it out with my fingers.

  31. My absolute two favorite smells are pomegranate & clean linen. I snatch up anything I see in those scents. I usually tend to stick with fruity scents but there is nothing better than something that smells like clean linen. I’ve never tried solid perfume so I can’t say if I like them or not.

  32. I love love love Lush’s Rainbow Worrier. Gorgeous. Sandalwood and vetivert, mmm. I love complex scents that aren’t overly floral, musky, or loaded with patchouli and citrus. I tend to gravitate towards gender neutral or masculine scents. Not crazy about most fruit scents (usually too musky) or clean/ozone scents either (too perfumey).

    Not crazy about solid perfumes! Scents rarely last, and I hate getting fragrance on my fingers. Plus, they’re a mess if you accidentally forget it in a car, etc.

  33. I love sweet and/or foody scents. Haus of Gloi’s Depravity, Absinthe, Vice, Imp, and Erszebet are great. I also like Harajuku Lovers Music. Oh, and Yves Rocher has this tiare flower-scented body wash that’s amazing.

    Not a big fan of solid perfumes. I don’t like wasting the scent on my fingers or getting them sticky. I also prefer tube lip balms to tin lip balms for the same reason.

  34. Rose soliflores hands down, from Creed’s Fleur de The Rose Bulgare and Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose to BPAL’s Rose Red and the Rose. Actually, many of my fav rose scents are from BPAL like Blood Rose, Two, Five, and Seven, Persephone, etc.

    Solid perfumes, not much experience with them. Many of them contain beeswax except for LUSH’s and I’m not absolutely mad for any of their scents.

  35. I love citrus and fruity scents. I also like really woody scents. I can’t wear a lot of perfume though because I’m a little allergic, but I wear some anyway. I really love Kat Von D’s Saint and Sinner scents. They’re amazing put together.
    I’ve never used a solid fragrance, so no comment there.

  36. My favorite scent is my Jason Tea Tree Oil deodorant. It smells so fresh and my mind automatically feels clean whenever I smell it…even if I’m not really that clean.

    I don’t get how to use solid fragrances, honestly! Also, they don’t seem to last too long scent-wise. I like perfume oils because I can put them in my hair and they last a good while in there, and it seems like the oils perfumers use to carry the scent (jojoba and so forth) actually help to condition my hair, too.

  37. Favourites in terms of perfume has to be Versace Blue Jeans (I got a TINY bottle of it years ago and never used it up), David Beckham Intimately for Women and Curve Crush (for men? I’m not sure) by Liz Claiborne. I’m really picky about smells, and I’m surprised to have found two that I really liked within the past few months.

    As for other smells, I love the smell of fresh grapefruit, Jasmine Green Tea and cilantro.

    I’ve never tried solid perfumes so I wouldn’t know, but I wish I can find someone who could capture a scent for me (Like I sent them a teabag of my favourite jasmine green tea, and they turn that smell into a perfume for me.) I would so wear it all the time.

  38. Elizabeth Ardens Green Tea Exotic is my current favourite, just wish it came in prettier packaging!

    never tried solid perfumes, i’d consider it if it smelled really yummy and wasnt available in a spray.

  39. I’ve quite a few scents that I really like, actually.

    Harajuku Lovers in Music and Love
    Emily the Strange: The Day Everything Went Strange
    Versace Red Jeans
    Britney Spears’ Fantasy
    Michael Kors’s Very Hollywood
    Salvador Dali’s Dalissime and Laguna

    As for solid perfumes, I find them very convenient for work, actually. I can carry them in my pocket or purse for a quick touch up should I need it, and don’t have to worry about bottles breaking or and liquid leaking.

  40. I like citrusy scents, and things that smell like dessert (cinnamon, cardamom, sugar, peppermint, chocolate). I can’t be around perfumes most of the time though, unless I’ve taken allergy meds, so I don’t have very many. Actually I use the roll-on oil I use for my migraines as a “perfume” since people always compliment me on how good it smells:

    It has peppermint and lavender oil, which I love the smell of anyway; so alleviating my migraines is a bonus. In the Philippines, Johnson & Johnson have a bunch of different baby colognes that I used to love smelling before my allergies got really bad. You can find them at most Filipino stores. They smell really light and floral. “Heaven” is my favorite of the set. There’s also a Philippine brand called “Nenuco,” and I love the original version.

    I used to be addicted to Bath & Body Works’ cucumber melon body spray, and that was what I was known for smelling like in high school. I can’t stand the smell now, because my sister used it on my niece when she was a baby, and now I associate the smell with diapers. Right now I switch between my migrastick, and this Barbie cake scented solid perfume I got as a gift. So I either smell minty, or like cake 🙂

    P.S. Wizard of Ass.

  41. I’m partial to earth, patchouli, sandal, incensey stuff. Not a huge fan of florals, but quite like foody smells, if they’re not too over the top. Chocolate? YES! 🙂

  42. Jenny Whiskey May 10, 2010 at 6:42 am

    Oh god I have so many right now, I am really fickle with smells and can’t settle on just one. I tend to like sweeter scents that are fruity or dessert-y without being too literal or edible smelling. I also like florals w/ fruit scents, and I adore roses, but sometimes it can come off smelling like old ladies! I like solid scents, but i prefer them in stick form rather then a pot since it’s annoying to have one perfumey smelling finger after you reapply it or when you get it stuck under your nails. My faves:

    -B&BW Black Raspberry Vanilla
    -Haus of Gloi: Peach Mama
    -Haus of Gloi: Erszebet
    -Super Bad: French Model Breakfast
    – The Morbid the Merrier: Dessert Absinthe
    -Super Bad: Fireflies and Pixies
    -Wiggle: Persephone

  43. Big name commercial scents: Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Saint by Kat von D, Viva la Juicy

    I also like Moonlit Path & Strawberries & Champagne from Bath and Body Works

    Simple scents like lilac and rose are high on my list, too.

    I like solid perfumes but I find they’re far more difficult to make noticible and last more than 5 minutes. I have Mayan Gold from Gudonya Too and I love it but I can only smell it if I press my nose against my wrist or wherever I put it.

  44. I like citrusy, spicy smells. Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. perfume is my favorite perfume. Followed by DKNY Be Delicious (green apple) and Kat Von D’s Sinner. Saint is just too sweet for me.
    As far as solid perfumes, I use Olive Branch from Lush. I love that smell. I wish it came in more than shower gel and solid perfume, though.

  45. I have to admit 1) I’m a fragrance whore. 2) I’m a I’m obsessed with Haus of Gloi Picaroon and Elevenses, Jenn loves Moon dog…

    In general I guess I like the odd “non -girly scents”
    but also crisp clean, but deep fragrances if that makes any sense.

    Solid perfumes tend to not last very long for me but that depends on the formula I suppose, my favorites are perfume oils; the roll on ones for ease of application and convenience.

  46. I’ve only tried one or two solid perfumes. I feel like they don’t last as long. I love warm cinnamon type scents. I also like sweet pea and Harajuku Love. I just can’t get enough of either of them.