Scent by the Sea – A Review


I found Scent by the Sea through Integgy.  I read her blog/Tumblr and saw that she’d ordered some samples, so I wanted to try myself, she sounded so pleased with them.

Looking at their listings, I admit, I was over whelmed.  I first ordered from them a while ago, before I’d really gotten myself hooked on perfume and new scents and I was still holding steadfastly to my ONE SCENT theory.  They had SO many options, although they only sell one thing, perfume.  The listings are straight forward, they offer a pretty good idea of what the scent is without too much overly flowery descriptions.

I ended up ordering it all, so to speak :

Deluxe Perfume Sampler, A Garden of Earthly Delights

Deluxe Perfume Sampler, A Bouquet of Lovelies

Each sample set was 12$ for a total of 10 scents a Sampler.  A full sized bottle of perfume is 9$.  Either way the products are competitive.


I actually ordered twice, getting the first set and then sitting down and ordering the second.  Each time shipping was 2$.  Which is incredibly good.  I got my package within two days or ordering, in both cases, although it be fair they are in Redondo Beach, which is almost walking distance.


My samples were packaged together in an organza bag, well wrapped inside a bubble mailer.  No other samples were included, although booth orders included a thank you note.


Each bottle is 5/8th of a dram, a dram being 1/8th a fluid ounce, so it’s a fair amount of applications in each bottle.  If I’m reading it right, the full sized bottles are 1/8 of a fluid ounce, so you’re getting nearly a full sized amount of ten different scents for 3$ more then the price of one full size.  Someone check my math.

From the full sized Lolita listing (for 9$):

It is blended with fractionated coconut and jojoba oils and packaged in a 1/8 oz. glass screw top bottle.

From the Garden of Earthly Delight sampler listing (for 12$):

These 5/8 dram apothecary bottles are slightly larger than our usual sample bottles and contain enough perfume oil for several wearings.

The scents are blended in a combination of oils (fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernal oil, aloe vera), and the staying power is quite amazing.  This is one of the longest wearing blends I’ve run across where after some time OTHER people could smell the perfume on me, and I coudln’t just  catch the trace of it on my own wrist.  The scents are not all that complicated, usually only a few notes, so there is not much of a complicated, what IS that going on.  They smelled fairly true to themselves as they faded, too.  Nothing got weird that left me wondering where the raccoon had died in my house.

Earthly Delights

Cinema Rouge

I love this one.  It’s sweet vanilla with a touch of mellow amber.


This is a sweet strawberry scented perfume.  It’s not 100% berry, it’s a mix of a few more tropical scents as well.

Egyptian Honey

This actually smells like honey, a little musky, but honey.  I don’t eat honey, but I do think this is a beautiful scent.

China Rain

I can’t really place this.  It smells a little ‘fresh’ like maybe ozone or one of those sort of scents.

Sandalwood Vanilla

Sandalwood is apparently one of my favorite perfume ‘notes’.  I adore this scent.  It’s like a less complicated Depravity, which is my favorite scent of all time.

Fiori di Roma

As much as I don’t like florals, I really like this scent.  It’s fresh and light and has just a hint of citrus.

Cote d’Azur

The first thing you smell is lavender and then a waft of coconut.  It’s rather unique, although I’ve never been a huge fan of lavender.

Middle Earth

I had to smell this a few times before I got it.  It’s a fruity sort of pine smell.  I’m not all that crazy, but it’s nothing I’ve really smelled before.


Right away there is a soft magnolia floral scent, that sort of mellows.  While I like the smell, I probably wouldn’t wear it.


Strong floral/gardenia scent.  This one was too much for me, I’m not crazy about florals.

A Bouquet of Lovelies


Do real violets actually have a smell?  Anyway, I love this scent. It’s a soft almost dainty floral, and I’m not crazy about many florals!

Patchouli Rose

Rose and patchouli.  Simple and if you ask me, lovely.

Sweet Hashish

I Googled hashish to see if it meant what I thought it meant.  It did.  That being noted, I’m not sure WHAT it actually smells like.  Apparently it’s amber and smoke.  Maybe with a hint of fruit.

Green Tea

This smells, predictably, like sweet green tea with a little yuzu.


To me this is a woody rosey sort of scent, but it’s more complex then that.


Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.  Morpheus is an odd concoction of lavender and something powdery and I’m not crazy about it.

Night Blooming Jasmine

Just jasmine.  Not too strong, but defiantly powerful.

Dark Patchouli

I’m almost ashamed to say that I like this.  It’s just straight up patchouli.


This is a great chocolate scent with a hint of lemon.  Almost like a Chocolate Orange, but tangier.


Lolita reminds me of a carnival. Like walking past the cotton candy machine.  It’s sweet and a real mix of foody type scents.


Would I order from Scent by the Sea again?  Yes!

  • They ship really quick, probably same day, and their shipping charge is low.
  • Their blends, while quite simple, are very clear and bright.
  • Their scents last quite a while.

Although I’ve got most of the scents in fairly generous sized bottles, there are a few I would consider getting full sizes of, plus it looks like they have a few new scents out as well.

Overall: /5


29 Responses to “Scent by the Sea – A Review”

  1. Grey,

    Lovely review, as always. This is going to be a bit of a tangential question, but…why did you delete your Stardust Cosmetics review? I was looking it up to see what your impression of the products was, only to find that it was deleted. Does this mean you’ve taken a side in the drama?

    • It simply means I don’t wish to participate in the drama. Neither company in the ‘dispute’ have reviews posted here.

      • Wow, lightning fast reply! I didn’t even think to check on Aromaleigh, because I looked up your reviews for that company a few weeks ago.
        Thanks for responding, Grey. 🙂

    • Wow. That reply made me seriously confused and attempt to recall if I actually remembered what I did today. I’m not use to other Ellies.

      Their shipping seems really decent. $4.50 to Australia.
      I was contemplating buying the Garden of Delights set, but upon refreshing, discovered someone has beaten me to it. Not to mention, I should wait for my TMTM stuff to arrive before I go buying more.

      The downsides of actually saving and putting away money. You can’t use the “But I don’t have the money” excuse when you want more things. >>

  2. Glittermuffin May 12, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    I wish they offered single samples or at least a set without f lorals as I don’t like these, too. The formula sounds great, but I won’t spend 9$ on a product without testing (or samples I won’t use) :/

  3. Glittermuffin May 12, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    They do, indeed. Thanks, I had totally overlooked that.

  4. Sandalwood Vanilla is my ABSOLUTE FAVE. I actually like it more than Depravity, but I think that’s because I favor more simple scents. Green Tea and Patchouli Rose vie for second place in my affections, but neither can beat the Sandalwood. I loves it. Once I get back to California for the summer, I’m probably going to try to commission them for a full sized bottle of Sandalwood Vanilla, and see if they’ll let me pick it up (shipping would be a bit of a waste at that point, since they’re only a few blocks away from my parents’ house xD).

    • There is something about Depravity that reminds me of pipe tobacco, which is why I adore it so 🙂

      I’m jealous! I’d actually wonder if they’d give you a little tour on hos things are made?

      • I dunno! I’m almost certain that they run their company from their home (judging from their shipping address, and my knowledge of the area), so they probably wouldn’t be comfortable doing that (which is also why I don’t know if they would let me pick up an order from them directly, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to convo them to ask).

  5. Seriously tempting. I’ve been sort of out of the habit of using perfume lately, but I keep meaning to check out companies that aren’t BPAL (I like them and all, but they’re SERIOUSLY overwhelming with their selection).

    • I personally cannot stand BPAL. I have a few, but they literally wear down to smell like garbage on my skin. ALL of the little samples I’ve tried smelled the same, too.

      • My experience with BPAL is that none are just okay. They’re either wonderful on me, or horrible, with no in-between. I don’t always have the patience to sift through and find the wonderful ones either.

        What scent company/companies do you tend to wear most?

        • Lately I love Gloi, Solstice Scents, TMTM, Wiggle, and You Stink. But I have a few more I love, but I’m trying to work through what I have first.

          • And until I’d started reading your blog, I’d heard of none of those! I’ve branched out with eye makeup, time to branch out with scent as well!

  6. Grey, how does China Rain compare to Gloi’s Seeress?

    • They are oddly similar.

      Seeress is cleaner, I think, less perfumey smelling, more natural. China Rain is sort of air freshener like.

      ETA: I just had to wash the China Rain off my skin, like SCRUB it, it was making me sick 😦

  7. I’ve got to admit, I’m now very curious about Lolita. Because I don’t have enough candy-sweet perfumes, oh no. Now if I could just find the perfect chocolate perfume …

  8. Does the Night Blooming Jasmine smell like straight jasmine flowers / tea? I’ve been looking FOREVER for a single note jasmine scent that was just a pure jasmine tea scent and not something funky.

  9. Lolita, Frangipani and Cicciolata sound absolutely delicious! Could you maybe tell me just how musky Egyptian Honey is? i love the smell of honey but hate musks 😛

    • It smells more honey in the jar, but once applied it’s more something else, but it’s not all that musky on, it’s more some random floral scent.

      My favorite honey is Honey Tree from Gloi! Very honey sweet!

  10. Thanks for the review.I’m a huge fan of florals so I think I really try this store too:) Lolita sounds yummy!

  11. Hi all! This is Kim from Scent by the Sea. Thanks so much Grey for your insightful review and thanks to all the posters for your thoughtful comments! Just wanted to answer a few questions–

    * regarding mixing and matching scents—no problem! If you hate certain types of scents let us know through an Etsy convo or email, and we can do a custom sample set for you with the fflorals replaced with other samples.

    *regarding the sizes–sample set bottles are teeny and hold enough for a few wearings—the full size bottles (1/8 oz) are much larger and last a long time

    *Y’all are welcome to pick up in person if you are local, just contact us and we’ll set it up. Local pickups work like this: you tell us the day, and we put your package on the porch of our old beach bungalow and let you pick it up whenever you can stop by—we’re in and out a lot during the day and that way there’s no need to coordinate schedules.

    *Tours of the workshop are unfortunately not an option–it’s a work in progress, getting bigger all the time, and practically exploding with bottles and jars as we work on our soon to be released third sample set. Besides, the Lair of the Perfumer (aka our tumble-down garage/atelier) is one of those places that’s better in your imagination than in person!

    Thanks again to all of you for your interest and feel free to email if you have any questions:

    Kim & Kel

  12. i ordered the bouquet of lovelies set on friday and it came in the mail today!! i love all the scents, especially jasmine and patchouli rose…thanks, greyfor this review! i find the best companies through you!