Blog Reading

I was in the middle of trying to perform some apparent feat of impossibility this afternoon when I deleted my entire blog roll list.  So I screamed.

Now as I’m trying to recompile it I’m going to ask for help.

Tell me:

  • Your top 5 blogs to read.
  • Your favorite way to keep updated, ie Google Reader, Blog Lines, etc etc.

ETA: Bonus points if you include links 🙂


25 Responses to “Blog Reading”

  1. Well the only other makeup blogs I read are phyrras, anastasias, and the tkb blog. So I’m afraid I’m not much help.

    I keep updated through the email alerts. Since I use my phone for the internet its the only non complicated way for me to receive updates.

  2. I use Blog Lovin’ to follow blogs.
    My top favorites are yours, A Brilliant Brunette, Musings of a Muse, Scrangie, Temptalia, TheShadesofU, Body&Soul, Nouveau Cheap, uhm, I could go on and on 😉 (I also love Ana’s blog but she’s not updated for a while)

  3. Hmmm.

    The Soap Bar (soap porn, soap reviews, handcrafted art and their artisans….) – yeah, I write it….:P

    I’ll give you a bunch, but I’m not quite sure what kind of blogs you are looking for…..


  4. The Soap Bar!
    (soap porn, soap reviews, artisan features)
    yeah, it’s my blog….

    I’ve been reading Sugar and Spite recently

    I have more…. I’m thinking….


  5. I haven’t actually thought to use an application to keep me updated, I’ve just been visiting the home pages and seeing if there’s a new post 😉 I’m open to suggestions though!

    As for blogs I like, well yours (duh), Phyrra’s, Lipglossiping ( – these are the 3 that I visit daily, there are others but I more glance than anything. I’m also in a slow process of starting my own. 🙂

  6. Are you looking for makeup related or non-makeup related? My (non-makeup related) faves are:

    Jezebel –
    FourFour – (I love Rich’s ANTM recaps)
    Hyperbole and a Half – (delighfully bizarre and hilarious)
    I am Maru – (the adventures of an adorable Japanese cat)
    Tiger Beatdown – (kickass feminst writing from Sady F-ing Doyle & Co)

    I lost my blog list when my PC died a few months ago. I know there’s ones I’m missing, but I can’t remember my less-frequently read ones.

  7. -Lolita Charm (
    -Cocoa (
    -First-Person Shouter (
    -Lipsticks and Lightsabers
    -this one

    I like keeping up with my favorite blogs through Twitter. I wish they had a way to directly subscribe to blog feeds without having to hack around with Twitterfeed or what have you. I guess for now I’ll have to rely on bloggers who tweet about their new blog posts. *gives you a meaningful look* 😉

  8. I *just* started a blogroll yesterday. I’m using google reader.

    My fave blogs: (I’ve been going off her reading list…)
    yours (seriously) (She’s so down-to-earth and fun!) and (okay, two blogs, but same person – totally vivid) (*sniff* so sad so long since last update) (fun nail polish!)

    And various indie people, for updates & such:

  9. I follow blogs the old way. with bookmarks lol

  10. Favorite beauty blogs, or just blogs in general? Aside from yours, there’s:

    – Amy’s
    – ONTD (
    – Kyle Cassidy (
    – What The Hell Does A Vegan Eat Anyway? (
    – Late Night Feelings (

    I use Safari’s top sites function + twitter to keep up 🙂

  11. Google Reader!

    -Lipstick’s and Lightsabers (update! please)
    -Shimmer Like Gold
    -Yes and Yes
    -More Magic Always
    -Click, click, went the needles
    -Lovely Undergrad

    Those are my favourites! Some makeup related, some not.

  12. I must 2nd Hyperbole and a Half, it’s such a hilarious blog.

    I also like From Head to Toe as a beauty blog-

    Violet’s blog is also amazing, she’s amazingly crafty-

    I follow through google reader

  13. I follow 75 feeds, all in Google Reader. I keep them in four categories, so I’ll just give you the top couple from each:

    From the “Important” folder (feminism, politics, gay rights, etc.) – Shakesville for the absolute everloving WIN, Sociological Images for awesome analysis of visual culture, and The Border House (full disclosure: I’m a contributor, though infrequently) for gaming news and discussions with a feminist/progressive bent.

    From the “Inspiration and Development” folder – Erin Pavlina’s blog, a psychic medium I’ve had a reading with and whose writing I quite enjoy, Leonie Allan’s blog (Goddess Leonie is absolutely a heartlifting joy to read, also she just had a baby!), and the ever-popular Zen Habits.

    From the “People” folder – Dooce, Snarky Navy Wife, and Margaret and Helen (infrequently updated, but a hoot!).

    And from the “Entertainment” folder – PostSecret, Questionable Content (a webcomic), and XKCD (the best webcomic in the history of everything everywhere).

    Hope this helps!

  14. Besides your blog, the following blogs i like are:
    i know i’m breaking the rules here but this girl is amazing!!!

    Non-makeup related

  15. I mostly read friend’s blogs but they are all in portuguese…
    To be honest I think yours is the only make-up blog I check everyday…

    But I also read Phyrra’s ( and Lillian’s

    I keep track of them through blogger….

    I used to read Anastasia’s but she stopped posting…

    I sometimes read other blogs but not much….

  16. Lately, I am in love love love with Karla’s Closet. This is such an inspiring site for me because it’s so nice to see a seriously hip fashion blog run by someone who isn’t either fairy-tiny and impossibly thin or model-tall and impossibly thin. She gives me confidence.

  17. Well I guess since everyone else through in some non makeup related blogs than I will as well since my list was pretty pathetic. (the man is brilliant and an amazing photographer.) (for anyone that’s ever worked in retail this one is a must.) (all things related to body modification.)

  18. *unlurks* I tend to just use google reader 🙂 Some of my favourites are:
    Fashioned in Finland
    Lillian Funny Face
    Fresco Phyrra
    And about a squillion others too!

  19. Google reader and these are the blogs I read the most:

    Milk Glass Mao (my best friend)

    Indy Grrrl

    Agent Lover:

    Frock and Roll:

    Yes and Yes:

  20. I’m loving laquerized http://www, – she’s got amazing articles at the moment on nail polish finishes, comparisions and how to spot opi fakes. Plus her abilities at painting are to die for,

    I also adore fashioned in finland – she’s such a lovely update monkey as well

    Lovely Little Deer –

    Phyrra, but who doesn’t 🙂

    Finally but not least another nail blog. 🙂

    There are loads others I follow on googledashboard – like lillian funnyface <3, choosing 5 only sucks!