Picks of the Week

Sinful Colors Nail Polish

I’ve been collection this polish, little but little, tossing one into my basket when I wander through Walgreens.  The other day they were having a special, buy three get one free.  They are normally only 2$ a peice to begin with, but I ended up getting eight colors :

  • San Fransisco
  • Gorgeous
  • Forget Now
  • Call You Later
  • Courtney Orange
  • Hottie
  • I Miss You
  • Dream On

The colors are really nice and bright, and if you’re in the mood for something ‘different’ and don’t want to waste a ton on OPI only to find out you hate the color on you, Sinful Colors are the way to go.  With a good Top Coat, like Seche Vite, they last a couple of days chip free!


20 Responses to “Picks of the Week”

  1. I love Sinful Colors. Their black is one coat and perfect and I LOVE the colors “Rich in Heart” and “See You Soon”. When they are occasionally on sale BOGO, you can’t beat $1 a piece. “Daddy’s Girl” is nice over another purple or black too.

  2. I LOVE Sinful Colors nail polish. I have a lot of the colors. They have sooooo many beautiful colors and most of them don’t require a ton of coats to get the shade on the bottle. I bought a couple a few days ago, “Cream Pink,” and “Nail Junkie.” Both gorgeous shades. =)

    • They are very opaque! I just did my nails (they are drying as I type) and it was only two coats!

  3. I adore Sinful colors! My fiance bought me every color for my birthday last year. I love the glitter ones because after a couple coats they’re totally opaque and of course you can’t beat the price.

  4. I love sinful colors the price is great and so is the polish. You must pick up Nail Junkie it is great for layering it is a glitter one it has green blue and orange glitter in it. It is very original. I found that See you soon which is a darkened teal with Nail Junkie on top = sparkly mermaid underwater nails haha. Lets Talk is also a lovely color I have received many compliments on it. Its a vibrant purple with pink undertones. Now I want to go to Rite-Aid or Walgreens. Unfortunately the closest ones around me have a limited selection. Im also glad you mentioned these, Sinful colors tends to be overlooked.

    • I just bought Nail Junkie and I love it. I agree it’s a very mermaid-ish color. I wore mine with Mint Apple underneath. Very pretty!! =)

      • It is one of my favorites if not favorite glitter topcoat. I have been searching for Mint Apple like crazy. I need better drugstrores in my area. There is a multi glitter pink jelly looking top coat I cant find it at the moment to get the name but over pinks its a very happy birthday looking type of nail color. Haha if that makes any sense. I will be sure to try that combo once I get my hands on Mint Apple.

  5. $2! Man we get ripped off here lol. I think I saw them in the drug store here for $5.99 and no wicked good buy x get x free 😦 I was so tempted to get the pink sparkly one and the blue sparkly one

  6. They have some really lovely shades, like Fiji and Gorgeous 🙂

  7. Another really awesome cheap nail polish brand is Mode Cosmetics, we get them here in Aus for $2.45 and they last 3-5 days on me without chipping – this is during uni and work with copious amounts of typing and writing and moving things! Huge range of colors, too. I have 9 of their polishes already 🙂

    Grey! I’m placing my first Sassy order right now!

    • oh jade thanks for bringing up the Mode polishes! i’ve seen them in all of the pharmacys over here “new zealand” and loved the color range but wasnt sure on the quality. i’m deff going to give them a shot now… there are a few greens and golds calling my name!

  8. Sinful polish. Cheap. Cheerful. Great trendy colors. I love that stuff. When I don’t want to pay $8.50US for a polish I head on over to Sinful.

  9. I’m going to Walgreens tonight, so I’m going to pick some up. I’m sad, because I can’t really wear nail polish in my line of work – I don’t think anyone wants chips of it in their lip balm. 😦


    Seche Vite? I’ve never heard of it. Where can I find it?

  10. those colors are so pretty

  11. how is the color pay off with the darker colors for some reason darker colors never have a high color pay off

    • It’s excellent! You can see from the various comments left you typically only need one or two coats!

  12. do you know of anywhere you can buy them online that ships internationally?

    i recently found some LA Colors nail polishes at “uncle bills wholesale club” and picked up a few bright colors… loved them and bought 5 more from makeup mix shop. Love love love the “green satin” color.

    6 months ago i had 3 nail polishes…. i now have over 50 haha i think i have a growing problem!