Step Right Up!

Ladies and Gentleman, Step Right Up!

This week’s contest is hosted by The Morbid The Merrier and includes three amazing full sized perfumes as well an amazing Harlot lip balm.

What are they?Β  You’ll have to guess!

  • To enter, guess what three scents and lip balm are hidden underneath the gorgeous wrapping.
  • You may enter (comment) twice (that is, make two different guesses).
  • The winner will be who ever guesses correctly or comes the closest.
  • In case of a tie, winners will be drawn at random from the list of correct guesses.
  • Contest will end Friday, May 21st!

TMTM makes over TWENTY different scents

and over TWENTY different lip balm flavors.

There are a dozens and dozens of possible combinations!


69 Responses to “Step Right Up!”

  1. I’m guessing Dessert Absinthe, Black Jack & Gypsy with Peach Cobbler lip balm?

  2. I’m going to guess that the perfumes are Natali, 1891, and Voix De Ville. And the lip balm is Circus Peanuts…? :3

  3. Im guessing voix de ville, absinthe and organ grinder perfumes and Jasmine Tea lip balm πŸ™‚

  4. Guess number two πŸ™‚

    Funnel cake lipbalm

    Perfumes in Gypsy, Funhouse and Athelia

  5. Natali, 3 Ring, Organ Grinder and Circus Peanut lipbalm πŸ™‚

  6. Lip Balm: Circus Peanuts
    Perfumes: Maximo, Dessert Absinthe, Natali

  7. 2nd Attempt:
    Lip Balm: Peach Cobbler
    Perfumes: Black Jack, Dessert Absinthe, Natali

  8. Guess 1: Voix de Ville, Dessert Absinthe, and Cleo perfumes, and Harlot Circus Peanuts and Great Gustavo Kismet lip balms.

  9. Guess 2: Funhouse, Athelia, and Drosta perfumes, and Harlot Sweet Cream and Harlot Funnel Cake lip balms.

  10. Oops – for some reason I thought there were two lip balms. So, I’ll guess Circus Peanuts first, and then Funnel Cake.

  11. Oh fun! πŸ˜€
    Scents: Black Jack, Barnum, Cleo
    Lip Balm: Jasmine Tea

  12. Guess 2
    Scents: Feejee, Gypsy, Kuku
    Balm: Honeysuckle Nectarine

  13. Guess 1

    The Perfumes: Dessert Absinthe, Gypsy, Maximo
    Lip Balm: Harlot Jasmine Tea

  14. Guess 2

    The Perfumes: Black Jack, Cleo, Fortuna
    Lip Balm: Harlot Funnel Cake

  15. Guess number one:

    Perfume: Maximo, Black Jack, and Aurora

    Jasmine Tea Harlot lip balm

  16. Guess two!

    Harlot Funnel Cake lipbalm

    Perfumes: Drosta, Absinthe, Barnum

  17. Jenny Whiskey May 17, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    1st guess:
    Perfume: Natali, Voix de Ville, Black Jack
    Lip Balm: Funnel Cake

  18. Jenny Whiskey May 17, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    2nd guess:

    Cleo, Maximo, Dessert Abisnthe
    Circus Peanut

  19. guess one:
    Gypsy, KIRKOS, and URSA.

  20. Guess 1

    Wow! This is tough!

    Natali, Organ Grinder & Delina. Absinthe Balm.

  21. Guess 2:


    Thanks for this contest πŸ™‚

  22. Guess 1:
    Absinthe, Maximo, and Gypsy with Natali lip balm.

    Guess 2:
    Dessert Absinthe, Maximo, and Funhouse with Aurora lip balm.

  23. Guess 2

    Dessert Absinthe, Maximo & Voix de Ville. Funnel Cake Balm.

  24. ohh I forgot to add my lipbalm guesses! They are:

    1. Caravan
    2. Harlot

  25. Glitter_Wings1995 May 17, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    My guesses are
    Perfumes: Gypsy, Fortuna and Black Jack
    Lip Balm: Jasmine Tea lip balm.

  26. I’ll just guess the ones I WANT them to be, even though I’m sure my guess won’t even be closes! Ahaha.

    Perfume: Black Jack, Athelia, and Lavinia
    Lip balm: Natali

  27. Guess numero dos!

    Perfumes: Funhouse, Voix de Ville, and Organ Grinder.
    Lip balm: Absinthe.


  28. My guesses are Cleo, Black Jack, and Delina for the perfumes, and Jasmine Tea for the lip balm!

  29. I will guess and say
    Perfume: Black Jack Leather, Maximo, and Kirkos
    Lipbalm: Harlot

  30. I will guess again and say
    Perfume:Dessert Absinthe, Voix De Ville, and Fortuna
    Lipbalm: The other entry I forgot to specify that it was the Harlot Circus Peanut one For this entry I would say Funnel Cake

  31. Hm, I’m guessing Drosta, Athelia, and Organ Grinder for the scents, and Peach Cobbler for the lip balm.

  32. Or, Black Jack, Kuku, and Absinthe, and then Circus Peanuts.

  33. Ha ha how fun!
    My first guess is:
    Caravan lipbalm and Barnum, Natali and 3 RIng perfumes.

  34. Second guess:
    Sweet Cream and Honey lip balm and Voix de Ville, Delina and Kirkos perfumes πŸ™‚

  35. Scents: Cleo, Gypsy, Kuku
    Balm: Funnel Cake

  36. Guess One:
    Depravity, Absinthe, Voix de Ville

    Balm: HARLOT – Sweet Cream and Honey Lip Balm

  37. Guess Two:

    Scents: Barnum, Maximo, Fortuna

    Balm: Absinthe

  38. Tricky tricky!

    I’m gonna guess:

    Cleo (that was my kittehs name so I’m biased :D)
    Dessert Absinthe

    lip balm:
    Circus Peanut

  39. Guess 2!


    Cleo (yup still want it to be my kitteh!)

    Lip balm:
    Absinthe lip liniment

  40. Guess #1

    Perfumes: URSA, Gypsy, Dessert Absinthe.

    Lip Balm: Jasmine Tea

  41. Runaround Sous May 17, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    First Guess:
    Perfumesβ€” Barnum, Natali, Kuku

    Lips β€” Circus Peanut

  42. Runaround Sous May 17, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Second guess:
    Perfumeβ€” Ursa, Black Jack, Organ Grinder

    Lips β€” Sweet Cream

  43. 1]

    Perfume: Black Jack, Organ Grinder, Voix de Ville

    Balm: Circus Peanuts

  44. 2]
    Perfume: Natali, Dessert Absinthe, Black Jack

    Balm: Caravan

  45. First guess: Voix de Ville, Black Jack, Maximo and Sweet Cream and Honey Lip Balm.

  46. Second guess: Funhouse, 1891, Kirkos and Absinthe Lip Liniment.
    Awesome contest! ☺

  47. Ooooh, this is such a clever way to do a giveaway! My guesses:

    Guess 1: Natali, Absinthe, and Black Jack, and Funnel Cake balm.

    Guess 2: Gypsy, Fortuna, and Maximo, and Caravan balm.

  48. ok. lip balm: honeysuckle nectarine. the scents: barnum, delina and feejee

    alright, guess two will be coming shortly πŸ˜›

  49. lip balm: natali. the scents: cleo, ursa and athelia

    fingers crossed here ^_^

  50. scents:Ursa,Fortuna,dessert absinthe
    lip balm:jasmine tea

  51. scents:Cleo,Voix de ville,Funhouse
    lip balm:funnel cake

  52. 1st Guess

    Lip Balm: Jasmine Tea
    Perfumes: Dessert Absinthe, Funhouse, Natali

  53. 2nd Guess

    Lip Balm: Circus Peanuts
    Perfumes: Black Jack, Voix de Ville, Feejee

  54. Dessert Absinthe, Natali and Black Jack for perfumes, and Circus Peanuts lip balm.

  55. Ooor, Maximo, Fortuna and Clea for perfumes and Peach Cobbler for lip balm.

  56. I’m going to guess with the ones I would love to try – if I’m right then AWESOME!

    Lipbalm – peach cobbler
    Scents – Absinthe, Kirkos, Jack Black Leather

    Good luck everyone!

  57. my guess
    organ grinder
    black jack leather
    harlot jasmine tea

  58. Glittermuffin May 19, 2010 at 1:15 am

    i guess kuku, athelia and barnum with jasmine tea lip balm

  59. It was hard to choose because all of the descriptions were distinctive, but I’m going to guess…

    Scents: Maximo, Dessert Absinthe, and Gypsy
    Balm: Caramel Apple (I really want to try this one!)

  60. And for guess #2!

    Scents: Voix de Ville, Natali, Funhouse
    Balm: Circus Peanuts

    Thanks for having the contest! πŸ™‚

  61. scents: Cleo URSA FEEJEE
    Lip balm: Honeysuckle Nectarine

  62. 2nd guess
    scents: Cleo Gypsy 3 RING
    Lip balm: Honeysuckle Nectarine

  63. I’m horrible at guessing games.

    Guess #1:
    Lip balm: Funnel Cake
    Perfume: Delina, 3 Ring, Organ Grinder

  64. Guess #2:
    Lip balm: Absinthe
    Perfume: Voix De Ville, Fun House, Gypsy

  65. Perfumes: FeeJee, Barnum and Kirkos!

    And for the Balm: The Great Gustavo Lip Liniment Fortune Absinthe Lip Balm
    (Wow thats a mouthful!)

    Guess #2 is on its way!

  66. Annnnnd Guess #2!

    Perfumes: Natali Chocolate Orange Unisex Perfume Oil, Ursa, and Delina!

    And finally, the balm: M-Balm Peppermint Clove Lip Balm

    I’d be happy with ANY of these guesses! Congrats to whoever wins!

  67. I first guess is Circus Peanut, Black Jack, Natalie, and Maximo.

    My second guess is Sweet Cream, Ursa, Natalie, and Organ Grinder.


  68. Guess #1: Feejee, Poison Apple, Delina, Circus Peanut