The Most Happy*

The look of a modern day Anne Boleyn is a little excessive.  Luxurious.  I found this ruched scarf at Target and wrapping it around my neck instantly got the feeling on an Elizabethan ruff.  Although by nature, Anne preceded Elizabeth, I thought the sentiment perfect and used it as a basis for this look.

As I wandered through, I stumbled across these almost damask like lace stockings.  Pairing them with the black peep toe heels was a perfect way to show off the pattern.  The shoes themselves have some visual interest without being too overwhelming to support the lace pattern.  I also found the ornate red ring there as well.  Everything from Target was incredibly affordable.  I’m often surprised at what you can discover.

I ran into Micheal’s and got  thick strand of bright red beads and strung them into three bracelets, meant to be worn together to mimic a thick cuff.  The red is a perfect match to the ring.  Something about Anne screams ruby, although my wallet whimpered back acrylic.

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is Starz Selection.  She often custom makes amazing floral headpieces for me, and this red one was also a custom design.  It features red satin roses trimmed with black gems and netting.  While I wouldn’t say there was anything particular Tudor about it, it’s certainly ostentatious in it’s own way, and yet wearable.

I finished the look with dramatic makeup.  I picked Equality and Kuroneko from Fyrinnae for the eyes, giving them a near holographic and intense look.  I paired it with a deep red matte lipstick from Revlon (#006, Really Red).  I found the perfect scent from Demeter in Holy Smoke, which is the scent of church incense.

* Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, executed May 19th, 1536


6 Responses to “The Most Happy*”

  1. Oooh I have the lipstick 🙂
    Like the jewelry :>
    Love the ensemble.
    Now I want to watch The Other Boleyn Girl again.

  2. Very nice- I was a big fan of the “Other Boleyn Girl” book.

  3. Your stockings are to die for. ; ) And the headpiece is gorgeous. Love it. ❤

  4. I dunno, I’ve always been a bigger fan of Anne Boleyn’s spawn, as opposed to the woman herself. 😉

    It’s an awesome accessory collection, though.

  5. I love and need those stockings. The fragrance also sounds right up my alley too, especially if it really smells like church incense.

  6. Oohh..I’m reading The Other Boleyn Girl right now & I am totally going to start picturing Anne in these sorts of outfits while I read. Makes SO MUCH SENSE for her character. The lipstick, those stockings = gorgeous!