Going Grey Tumblr

I started a Tumblr to showcase my jewelry, instead of posting them all on my blog.  If you’re interested, here is the link!

ETA: A few people have asked.  Yes, some of the items on the Tumblr are available for sale and some I’m able to reproduce.  You’re more then welcome to inquire!


6 Responses to “Going Grey Tumblr”

  1. is that alice bracelet available for purchase? 🙂

  2. Pretty! I have a weakness for shiny things, particularly the heart necklace and Alice bracelet. When do you go live?

    • Not sure when. There is a lot to do when starting up a big project like this. Right now I’m doing custom orders and selling one off pieces. 🙂

  3. thebirdofparadise May 22, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Beautiful & exciting! I’m looking forward to buying some of your creations when you are ready.

    Hey! Can you hear that sound? It’s my wallet revving its engine.

    I assume you got squared away with your Inglot quest?

    Enjoy your weekend.

    • Thanks!

      I actually abandoned the search. Looking more into the company I’m not crazy about it. Thanks for the offer though, I think I ended up Googling instead of emailing you!